How To Find A Boyfriend: Best Dating Advice on Top 5 Ways to Conceal Your Desperation and Find the Right Man

How To Find A Boyfriend: Best Dating Advice on Top 5 Ways to Conceal Your Desperation and Find the Right Man

If you’re a lady desperate to know why no man has ever shown any genuine interest in you, we assure you that the answer lies in this very sentence that you’re reading – you’re desperate.

Desperation shows clearly in your demeanor and actions, and men are biologically attuned to pick on these signs and work them to their advantage.

That’s the reason why the only men you’ve met, are those whom you end up sleeping with (and having them disappear on you the day after).

In the end you find yourself in a vicious cycle of not being able to find someone who would treat you seriously.

Fortunately, you’re in a position to fix this, and here are some of our Top 5 Suggestions on How to Get a Boyfriend – Enjoy!


How To Find A Boyfriend – Top 5 Best Dating Advice to Land Your Mr Prince Charming


1. Start exuding some confidence – (#1 Top Dating Tip on How to Find a Boyfriend)

A confident woman radiates poise and elegance and often, these are traits that are desirable to men.

Moreover, she also gives off a vibe like she knows how to take care of herself and that she doesn’t need a man but rather, want a man in her world.

Some ways to amp up your confidence, is to dress up in clothes that fit you well and make you look amazing.

For instance, you can embrace those curves and wear a dress that flaunt your assets, yet play down your flaws.

Recognize that women come in all shapes and sizes, and the first step to being confident is accepting and loving the skin you are in.

Ultimately, this will lead you to finding the man of your dreams.


2. Don’t rush into it

Do not rush hastily into a Serious Relationship, just because you think it’s about time you got yourself a boyfriend, or if your friends and family are pressuring you to settle down with a partner.

The saying goes ‘everything in its time’, so it’s best to take it slow and find the right partner before your commit yourself into a Committed Relationship.

A Romantic Relationship takes a huge amount of time, effort and commitment from both parties, so you would definitely not want to take it lightly.

Go slow and maintain the standards you have for a potential boyfriend when socializing with men. When the right one comes along, go with the flow and things will naturally take its course.


3. Occupy yourself with activities

We know how this one may sound counter-intuitive, but trust us, get out there and live your life!

Instead of moping around all day, lamenting why you don’t have a boyfriend, go outdoors and play your favorite sport!

Travel with friends, pick up a hobby or two. Get active and do things you love and are passionate about.

Who knows – someone great might come along when you least expect it (from your neighborhood park or even your rock-climbing group)!


4. Don’t close off your chances

There’s a myriad of places where your potential boyfriend may appear; at the grocery store, a coffee shop or even at your co-worker’s wedding.

Be open to these spontaneous opportunities and as long as the circumstances don’t threaten your safety; always be polite, smile and be friendly.

Also, make an effort to look decent and presentable even when you are running errands.

Because, your prince charming may just be around the corner waiting to bump into you!


5. Flirt with him – (#2 Best Dating Advice on How to Find a Boyfriend)

When interests peak and you sense that there is chemistry between you and a guy, a little flirting and teasing may help to ascertain, if there’s hope for some serious romance between the both of you.

This can be a gentle brush against his hands or even you playfully hitting him when he’s teasing you.

Flirting is a whole ton of fun. And there’s nothing to be shy or embarrassed about, especially since you are single.

Enjoy and good luck!


Concluding Advice on How To Find A Boyfriend

If you attempt to work on the areas above, you can at least be certain that you’ll stop running into opportunistic men, who are just interested to get into your pants.

Get rid of your ‘desperate’ label first, and all else should fall in place nicely with time and a little bit of patience. You can do this!


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