Online Dating: 10 Exclusive Secrets on How to Get a Date & Succeed in Online Dating

Online Dating: Here’s 10 Exclusive Secrets on How to Get a Date & Succeed in Online Dating

According to, the “Dating Services” marketplace will grow from $2.5 billion in 2015 to an estimated $3.2 billion by 2020. You already heard countless success stories and may be wondering, if it is so popular, why are you still not able to find a date?

Read this article, and be sure to score a date over any Online Dating platform when you follow these 10 Proprietary Tips!


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Online Dating - How to Get a Date

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1. REFRESH Your Biography

The dating app Match ran for MarketWatch found that users who shared about a hobby, an adventure or a dream travel destination were more likely to get a response.

Be it surfing, hiking or diving, they act as a good icebreaker. Adding your job and education to your profile increases your chances too.


2. CHOOSE The Right Photos

Use amazing photos and those that clearly show your face. Try to avoid group photos or wearing sunglasses. Research also shows that you are 203% more likely to get messages when you have at least one full body shot.

After refreshing your biography, be sure to upload pictures that show what your life is like and not just sitting around your room taking selfies. People love to see active shots showing your lifestyles, it gives them a good reason to initiate conversation!

Having more photos also increases your chances of getting more matches exponentially. The bottom line: More pictures = more matches!


3. USE The 20-Hour Rule

Wait 20 to 23 hours before replying to the first few messages. Studies show that daters who waited that period of time will seem eager without appearing desperate. However, don’t forget to watch the time! It is an unspoken rule that after 24 hours, the other party is likely to assume you’re not interested.

Momentum is really important to build and maintain. If you are going away or there are potential barriers to the momentum, you should make that known up front and make plans – anticipation could keep a budding relationship from fizzling out.


4. WALK The Talk

According to research, the no. 1 blooper men make is describing their traits rather than exhibiting them.

If someone tells you they’re really cool, you probably think they aren’t. So, go ahead and share a funny story if you want people to know “I’m a really funny guy!”


5. GO All Out During Winter

According to OkCupid, people tend to end relationships going into holiday season and want to start afresh in the new year. “To get online”, “to go out more”, “to meet somebody” – these are all really common resolutions every New Year.

During this season, there is also some pressure from relatives or an innate desire to spend time with someone else. After all, it is the time of year when humans want to stay in and cuddle up. So cherish this time!

Your chances are even higher on Sundays. According to O’Reilly, 7 p.m. Sunday is the average peak traffic for OkCupid, that also means you have the highest chance of initiating a conversation with a potential partner.


6. MAKE Their Life Easier

Start a conversation with a question, but definitely not a generic one like “Hey, what’s up?” which puts the pressure on the other person to come up with something to talk about.

Encourage a match to answer by making it easy for them. You can say something like “arts or sports?” or a cute opening line with two alternatives that gives you a better idea of them.


7. EMOJIs – To Use Or Not To Use?

Use Emojis only if you are a woman. According to statistics, if men use smiley face in a message at the early stages, their response rate drops 66 percent. Women look for confidence in a man, and men relying on emoji just doesn’t exude that.

But when women use an emoji like a smiley face in their profile, it will increase messages by 60 percent because they appear warmer. Avoid flowers and hearts though, else it will seem like “too much too soon.”


8. DON’T Show Too Much Skin

For guys, don’t post too many shirtless selfies/ mirror selfies. Women may form the perception that you are more into his own body than a potential partner.

If you want to showcase your hotbod, use an action photo, like playing beach volleyball.


9. CONNECT Your Instagram

The photos we take and share about ourselves tell a totally unique story about us AND it’s a great conversation starter.

Syncing your profile with Instagram also keeps your profile updated without you having to do it manually.


10. WEAR Bright Colors

It’s all about distinguishing yourself from the competition. Majority of Tinder users wear neutral colors – so if you really want to stand out, wear popping colors in your outfit.


With these 10 Online Dating Tips, you’ve mastered the art of How to Get a Date! Now go forth and shoot for success! Find a date tonight, or even better RIGHT NOW!


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