How to Get Out of The Friendzone: The Ultimate Guide for Ladies Trapped in the Friend Zone

How to Get Out of The Friendzone: The Ultimate Guide for Ladies Trapped in the Friend Zone

Most of the memes and advice you can find online are for guys who have been pushed into the Friendzone by their best girl buddies.

How about the girls in the same position who have been Friendzoned? You feel like everything is going peachy, when he drops the bomb on you that he only sees you as a friend.

You don’t have to let yourself go through that any longer! So, How to Get Out of the Friendzone? By reading this excellent Relationship Guide, not only can you dig yourself out of the dreaded Friend Zone, you can perhaps even prevent yourself from landing in there to begin with.


How to Get Out of The Friendzone with Him

So Here’s our Top 10 Extremely Valuable Dating Advice on the topic “How to Get Out of The Friend Zone” to help you transition from being just another of his lady friends to becoming a potential relationship partner … Enjoy!


1. Don’t be his aunt agony

Initially you might feel flattered or even happy that you’re the one he comes to for advice on his love life. On the contrary, this should be a massive red flag to prevent you from falling into the friend zone!

If he’s constantly talking to you about other girls he likes or asks for relationship advice, he’s clearly not seeing you as a potential partner.

If this is currently happening with him, stop it. Immediately.

Just walk away or change the topic when he mentions some other girl.


2. Look like a bombshell

Ignore all other advice which tells you that appearances don’t matter, your personality should shine before your looks, yada yada. This modus operandi only ever works in movies or drama series.

In reality, men are very much visual creatures. If you have a crap personality and a beautiful face, he’ll at least give you sufficient time of day to allow himself to find out how bad your personality is.

If you’re the most beautiful person inside but you dress like a homeless beggar, you’ll be the last person he looks at as a potential partner.

Put in the effort to look good and you’ll see his behavior do a quick 180.


3. Flirt with him

Flirting is like that switch which wakes a guy up and tells him that NO, you’re not just a friend. You’re a potential love interest.

If you’ve never flirted with him, it’s not very likely that he sees you as anything more than his best buddy.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never flirted, with him or with anyone else.

Just give it a go; your awkward flirting might even look charming in his eyes. You’ll know that you’ve succeeded when he reciprocates.


4. Quality time alone

If you’ve always been out with him in a huge group of friends and have never been out alone together, maybe it’s time to start.

It will allow more time for interaction between you and him, and allow him to act when sparks of sexual tension arise.

You need to show him how awesome it is to be alone with you.

Show him how fun and exciting it is going out alone without all the other people around you.


5. Believe in yourself

The one who knows you best is yourself. If you’re not going to believe how sexy and desirable you are, why should other people believe it?

If you’re someone who’s shy and withdrawn by nature, this task will slightly be harder for you.

The easiest way to learn to be confident is to pretend you are.

When you see the positive feedback coming in, you’ll realize that being confident is not all that scary – it’s pretty attractive in the eyes of most people as long as you don’t overdo it.


6. Let him imagine himself as your boyfriend

Talk to him about the things you would do if you had a boyfriend.

If what you’re saying resonates with his interests in having a girlfriend, your talk would get him very interested in having you as a girlfriend.

Even talking about doing cute, non-sexual stuff together is perfectly fine.

The idea is to get him to buy into the idea that you’d be the perfect girlfriend for him to have.


7. Touch him

Okay, don’t poke him and run away, that would be totally weird.

What you need to do is look for opportunities where you can initiate physical contact with him in a natural manner which isn’t too invasive.

To start things off, you can brush past him whenever you walk by him.

Later on, when you’re more comfortable with being in contact with him, you can touch his arm or playfully (and gently please) shove him when he makes a joke.


8. Make him jealous

Men are competitive by nature. If there’s no one to compete against him for your attention, it kind of makes him less attracted.

You need to show him that other guys want you, too. There needs to be a push and a pull in playing dating games with a guy.

If you’re constantly showing him how in love you are with him, he will lose interest in you.

Date a couple of other people casually and see how he reacts. Sometimes guys just need a visual reminder that you won’t always be there for him, and it will be a push to get him to see you in a different light.


9. Don’t be too pure and innocent

For some reason, girls love to play the innocent card and act like as if they’re completely pure in mind and have never come across sexual information.

You don’t have to explicitly discuss porn or your favorite genres or kinks with him.

That would be extremely strange and might scare him away. The idea here is to be a tease.

Play around with sexual innuendos and make him aware that you’re not just one of the guys!

Do this especially when you’re alone with him, so he has the room to respond without being embarrassed in front of his friends.

Of course, put a limiter on yourself and don’t tell sexual jokes or bring up something sexual every other sentence.

Bring it up, and when he responds, pull back and pretend like you didn’t hear a thing.

When the sexual tension has simmered away, repeat what you just did to put him on edge and make him want you.


10. Confess to him

This is the ultimate take-all or lose-all, which is why many people are reluctant to take this step.

Confessing to him could really only go one of 3 ways.

  • One, he realizes he actually likes you too, and you get together.
  • Two, he runs for the hills and you lose him as a friend too.
  • Three, he says he doesn’t feel the same, but the two of you remain friends.

Probability tells you that it’s best not to confess. Right? Maybe not.

Human nature makes it so that we feel a sense of affection when we know that someone feels that way towards us.

If he knows you like him, he might realize he feels the same way.

He might also have liked you already, but didn’t dare to confess because he hasn’t picked up any clues which reveal your feelings for him.

At the end of the day it’s your decision to make.


Concluding Insights on How to Get Out of The Friendzone with Him

When you fall for someone, being locked up in their friend zone can be frustrating and really hurtful. If you really like him, it’s best that you put in the effort to try to get out of the situation you’re in, or you’re doomed to remain there forever.

Why not give the tips above a try to see if it’ll help your love life out? Ideally, you should use these 10 valuable pointers on “How to Get Out of the Friendzone” to your advantage to prevent yourself from even falling into his Friend Zone in the first place.

Importantly: Ultimately, stop mulling over the Friend Zone state of things with him, or continuously groaning in your misery. You’ve got to make a decision now – either try to get out of his Friendzone with the tips above, or treat him merely as a friend and move on and date someone else.

Try using for your new and attractive dates – there’s a lot more fish in the ocean than the one you’re sulking over now.


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