How To Tell If He Likes You: The Top 10 Secret Codes of Men on How to Know a Guy Likes You

How To Tell If He Likes You: The Top 10 Secret Codes of Men on How to Know a Guy Likes You

Men are secretive creatures and it’s pretty hard to invade into their most private thoughts to find out whether or not they like you.

However, all you need to do it decode their encryption and you’ll be able to tell in an instant if a guy likes you!

Don’t be distracted by the outer appearance which attracted you to him in the first place – you have to shift your focus to his gestures and actions!


How To Tell If He Likes You


1. He says it outright – (Top #1 Dating Tip on How to Tell if He Likes You)

Men are simple creatures – if they like a girl, they’ll eventually tell you.

Perhaps you missed it the last time he said it because he’s constantly joking and you never take him seriously.

Maybe the ambiance was not right and you thought he was complimenting something or someone else.

Listen carefully when you’re around him! If he likes you, he’s bound to slip up and repeat his confession for you.

Now, to prevent yourself from getting hurt, what you need to do is find out what kind of relationship he wants with you.

Does he want to be with you short term or for the rest of his life?

Does he only want a Friends With Benefits kind of relationship?

Even though he likes you too, it’s important to find out what he wants so that your intentions tally and neither of you end up getting disappointed.


2. Copycat

Watch him when he’s with you or within close proximity of you. Believe it or not, people tend to mirror the actions of someone they’re interested in.

This might sound strange initially, but it’s a foolproof method to see if someone had been spending the last hour staring at you.

Pick up your cup and take a drink if he has a glass on his table as well. Does he do the same? Or lean your chin onto your hand.

If you see him repeatedly copy your actions, he’s been keeping an eye on you because he likes you!

Of course, you have to wait for some time to pass between these actions, or he might realize what you’re doing.


3. He asks you a lot about yourself

Do you find yourself telling him about your childhood?

That one time you were chased by a dog for imitating its barking, or about your most embarrassing experience at school.

Look back on why you ended up recounting these stories to him.

If the storytelling was prompted by him, it’s likely that he’s interested in you more than a friend.

He wants to know about yourself, about your past and possibly your future.

Don’t mistake friendly banter and a love confession though – it’s only a sign he likes you if the questions are personal and go beyond the scope of getting to know someone on a platonic level.


4. He’s always smiling around you – (Best #2 Dating Advice on How to Tell if He Likes You)

He seems to be the most cheerful guy in the world when he’s around you.

Who wouldn’t be happy when they’re spending time hanging around their crush?

Seeing him smiling definitely isn’t a sure-fire indicator that he likes you though.

Someone in your group of friends might have just told a funny joke or he just came across a funny meme.

It has to be that he involuntarily breaks into a genuine smile when he sees you, or when you say hi to him.

The next time you see him, make eye contact with him and flash your brightest smile at him.

How does he react? If he goes bonkers and starts acting funny, you know for sure that he likes you.


5. You bump into him more often than you used to – (Popular #3 Way on How to Tell if He Likes You)

Guys aren’t big fans of wasting time, that’s one thing for sure.

If you seem to bump into a guy really often when you don’t remember it happening in the past, it might be a sign that he likes you.

He is going out of his way so that he can run into you “accidentally” because his manly ego doesn’t allow him to tell you directly how much he loves seeing you.

It’s even more obvious that he likes you if he makes an attempt to start a conversation each time you meet “accidentally”.


6. He focuses on you instead of his phone

It’s common for people to have their attention completely absorbed by their mobile devices.

More often than not, when people are out together, the phone will make its entrance at some point or other.

When you’re out with him alone or in a group of friends, if he focuses his attention on you and doesn’t make a move to pull out his phone at any point unless it’s to show you something, you know that this guy has definitely got a thing for you.


7. His compliments come naturally

There are men who compliment girls to get a rise out of them or for an easy way into their pants.

With these men, you can tell because their compliments sound forced and you find their words kind of hard to believe.

When a guy truly likes you, his compliments are genuine and aren’t exaggerated.

He says it like it is, and it makes you feel all warm and tingly because you know he isn’t lying.

Men are visual creatures, so don’t be offended if his compliments often center around your appearance.

Say thank you and reward him with a smile. It will mean the world to him because he likes you!


8. Test touch – (Obvious #4 Fact on How to Tell if He Likes You)

Men are only interested in physical contact with someone they’re attracted to.

This might be a brave move on your part, but you can test the waters to see if he likes you by touching him first.

We don’t mean this in the perverted way because we don’t want you getting into a lawsuit for harassment.

You can start slow and gradual, by touching his shoulder instead of calling his name to get his attention.

Watch for his reaction – does he flinch and pull away when you do that, or does he lean towards you? When he tells a joke, touch his arm when you laugh.

If he jumps and looks uncomfortable, you’re best off stepping back from this man.

If he lets you leave your hand there and looks perfectly contented, there’s a high chance he likes you.


9. He shares everything with you

You know the jokes he’s about to tell your group of friends because he told you about it when he read it online yesterday.

He shares cute kitten videos with you. He sends you weird slapstick videos which he finds funny.

He asks for your opinions on the song he’s currently addicted to. It’s like he wants you to be involved in every aspect of his life.

He wants to talk to you more and hopes that you enjoy the same things he does.

Let us reiterate that men hate wasting their time, so if he does this you can rest assured that he likes you.


10. You’ve never heard him talk about other girls

It is extremely common for guys to talk about girls when they’re with their friends.

If he considers you as one of the guys, he will likely talk about girls he finds attractive, be it a movie star, and Instafamous girl, or the prettiest girl in your workplace or campus.

If you’ve never had him do this around you, or he used to but suddenly stopped, he might just have feelings for you because he wants you to know that you’re the only one for him, so there’s no sense in him talking about other women in your presence.


Concluding Insights on How To Tell If He Likes You

Now that you’re in the loop of the secret code of men, don’t waste your time sitting at home wondering if he likes you!

Turn up your sleuthing senses and get ready to catch him in the act the next time he drops a sign that he likes you. Good luck!


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