Best 10 Questions to Determine Whether Internet Dating Is For You

Best 10 Questions to Determine Whether Internet Dating Is For You

In the modern era of Internet Dating, if you talk to your friends, probably more than half of them (if not virtually all) have tried Online Dating, and are likely to have found their ideal dating partners (both for Casual Dating and for Serious Relationship), via that omnipotent and magnificent avenue.

It seems like such a convenient, easy way to find the love of your life when you listen to other people’s stories.

However, is Online Dating the way to Casual Sex or to True Love for you, personally?

Is it even right for you? Let us find out together in this insightful and extremely informative article …


Internet Dating: Should You Embark on Online Dating?

Use the following 10 Online Dating Quiz Questions, to determine whether dating on the Internet is Suitable for you … Enjoy!


1. Are you an extrovert?

Online Dating requires you to meet up with strangers as a potential love interest.

While this may sound exciting for extroverts, it may just be an introvert’s worst nightmare.

On the flipside of the coin, extroverts are more likely to have a huge circle of friends and thus are less likely to resort to online dating to try to find someone.

Following that train of thought, you’re more likely to meet fellow introverts on an Online Dating App or Online Dating Website, as compared to hanging out at parties crowded with extroverts.

Plus, practically speaking, it’s generally a lot easier and much less awkward, for an introvert to interact with strangers through a digital platform, rather than to try to directly approach a stranger in person.


2. What is your lifestyle like?

If you’re someone who goes out a lot and gives yourself plenty of opportunities to meet new people, whilst there are clear benefits to you to get to know more people through Internet Dating, there is a less pressing need for you to turn to Online Dating.

Perhaps, especially if you’re looking for a Committed Relationship, it might even be a better option for you to meet someone from one of the activities you take part in, because you know for sure that you have at least one common interest.

However, if you’re someone who stays home a majority of the time when you’re not at work on in school, Online Dating might (and in fact would be) just be the perfect dating avenue for you.


3. What is your view on internet dating?

If you have no qualms about joining an Online Dating Site, but there’s no way in hell that you’d tell your friends you met someone online, you’re a great big ball of contradiction.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of about meeting someone online.

A couple of years ago, there was the stigma that online dating was only for desperadoes who can’t find a partner in real life. However, that way of thinking has pretty much become obsolete.

If you’re ashamed of admitting that you’re dating on the internet, then don’t do it.

Look at the published stats of billions of matches made online by now, and the number of people who’ve met their Long Term Relationship partners (and Casual Hookup flings) through the internet.

You should know what you’ve been sorely missing out by now. Don’t deprive yourself (physically, romantically and emotionally) of what you can so easily reach and obtain with such minimal effort!


4. What’s your relationship like with technology?

Finding someone on the internet, takes some level of commitment and persistence.

If you’re only checking your phone once a week and can’t be bothered to take time to read through people’s profiles, then internet dating may not for you.

The same logic applies, if you don’t even have a clue on how to create and operate your online dating profile.

However, Dating Sites and Dating Apps like HappyMatches have made things ridiculously simple and straightforward for you – so seriously, even if you’re a tech idiot hidden in the mountains, there’s no longer a viable excuse for you not to hook up online to find your matches.


5. How does your imagination work?

It’s very easy to build and over-extrapolate on someone’s words, when there’s a screen and a few hundred or thousand miles between you.

If you’re the kind to imagine marriage is in the cards when that cute stranger smiles at you, then Internet Dating is definitely not for you.

You need to keep yourself grounded at all times, when venturing online trying to find love because it’s just that much easier to lie to someone or misunderstand them through a screen.

Saying which, just follow all the necessary precautions of the Online Dating Safety Tips, and you need not worry too much about being swindled or harm in the name of “seeking love”.

Similarly, if all you’re out there for is to find a Booty Call partner to fulfill your intimacy cravings and Casual Sex urges, then by all means – be safe, use protection, follow the same safety precautions – and you’re on your way to a night of satisfying fun and adventure.

And when you wake up after your One Night Stand, and decide that the person is not someone you want to meet again with (i.e. become a regular Hookup partner or a Friends With Benefits), then just ditch him/her, do not exchange contact details and get on with your own private life.


6. How do your feelings work?

Life is not a Disney movie where you fall in love with each other at first sight, get married in three days’ time, and live happily ever after.

If you catch feelings easily and fall for people hard with a long recovery time to get over it, you should stay far far away from Online Dating.

A personality like that is pure and there’s nothing wrong with it, but combine that with Internet Dating (which now makes it easy for you to meet so many attractive and desirable potential partners at your finger tips), you’ll be in for a lot more (and not just one or two) rejections or heartbreaks.

The power and ease of Online Dating is REAL – never before in the history of mankind (before the Internet Dating era), did meeting and getting to know so many potential and interesting dates in such a short span of time become so accessible and achievable!

Nonetheless, to be absolutely honest, if you cannot handle rejections and heartbreaks, you may need to stay away from Romantic Relationship dating temporarily, until such time you can get a sufficient grip on your own emotions.

The PROBLEM is not with Internet Dating or with Dating in general – the PROBLEM lies with you at this point (until you can get your act and your emotions together)!


7. How do you handle rejection (and heartbreak)?

With Online Dating, you can be getting along extremely well with someone one minute, and getting into an argument with them the next.

With the protection of a screen, people tend to develop abrasive personalities because there tends to be no consequence for being disagreeable online.

There are also no consequences to disappearing on someone in the phenomena common to dating online – i.e. “ghosting” someone.

If you’re someone who’ll harp on being rejected and ghosted multiple times, and let it harm your self-worth, you’d be best off avoiding Internet Dating.


8. Can you trust a stranger’s words?

It is pretty easy to lie and deceive someone through a screen. We all know that.

However, along with the cheaters and liars who hide behind their screen, there are plenty of decent people looking for true love (and casual encounters), just like you.

Again, you need to be clear of the Type of Dating Relationship(s) (eg. an exclusive relationship, casual fling or open relationship) you are seeking for, when you start dating online.

If you let your fear for the former group (of insincere daters) overtake all your other emotions, there is no way that you’ll be able to forge a sincere (casual or serious) relationship with someone, at least not one deep enough for you to want to meet them in person.

When it comes to that, you’re just wasting your time trying to find someone online – Internet Dating is definitely not for you.

Be shrewd, be wise – don’t be naive. So long as you’re street-smart and know how to avoid Online Dating Scams, you’ll be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, and continue chatting with the sincere dates (whilst ignoring and discarding the obvious scammers, fakes, cheaters and liars).

So don’t let such bad eggs affect your mood for a casual relationship, romance or love – Go out and get ’em desirable dates, you hunk/lady!


9. How selective are you?

There is this strange misconception that on a Dating App or Dating Website, the more people you match with, the more likely you are to find someone.

Ironically enough, the opposite is true – at least in the context of a romantic Long Term Relationship. However, you’ll be able to see how the “law of numbers” clearly works in your favor if you’re out looking for a nearby Booty Call to ease your physical cravings.

If you’re matching with 30 people a day, the chances are pretty low that you’d get enough time, and have enough stamina to chat with all of them beyond a superficial level.

What you want is a real connection – something you’ll never achieve by chatting with more than 10 persons at the same time.

If you have no interest in looking through people’s profiles to choose the ones who interest you with their personality rather than their looks, maybe Online Dating isn’t for you.

It also depends on your aim of course. If you’re looking for a Casual Hookup or Casual Encounter, then swiping or choosing based on looks will get you there . But if you’re looking for something serious, good luck to ever finding that special someone if you keep up with what you’re doing.

Perhaps, to put things in a different perspective and even more bluntly, you’re basically screwing Internet Dating up the wrong way! It’s not that Online Dating doesn’t work for you, but you’re not doing things the CORRECT WAY!

Instead, you should at least put in some minimal level of effort and do a quick sieve, so out of these 10 to 20 matches you have, you immediately unmatch or stop interacting with those you don’t feel a sufficient attraction or connection with – and focus on the handful of 3 to 5 preferred “candi-DATES” (pun intended) of your choice!


10. What is your mindset like?

Are you joining an Internet Dating Site, just because you truly believe you’ll find someone (whether for a Short Term Relationship or a Long Term Relationship)?

If you click that “sign-up” button with the mindset that you’re never going to find anyone worth your time, then you shouldn’t even bother joining.

You need to give internet dating a chance for it to actually work for you.

Going in with no expectations at all is a pretty good frame of mind to be in as well, because your mind will be open to new experiences.

Saying which, even amongst the most famous and reputable large Dating Apps and Dating Sites out there, you’ll find them ineffective, or flooded with lots of inappropriate profiles and scammers.

No doubt, having one such experience (or even multiple similar experiences), will undoubtedly mar your expectations and opinions of the genuineness and effectiveness of Online Dating.

As such, it’s absolutely important that you get your first attempt and virgin experience at Internet Dating CORRECT – Give (its Dating Apps or Dating Site) a GO, and you’ll be certain to meet your Online Dating objectives and meet your ideal dating partners through the omnipotent Internet.


Concluding Insights on Internet Dating

Having gone through this list, we’re pretty sure you’ve now decided whether Online Dating is your calling to finding True Love (or your happy Casual Dates).

If this list bodes well for you, it’s time for you to join an Internet Dating App or Internet Dating Website today!

Even if this list tells you otherwise, there’s really nothing preventing you from trying it out, so why not give it a go?


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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