Is My Boyfriend Gay: Top 7 Signs He Swings the Other Way into Gay Dating with Gay Guys & Gay Men

Is My Boyfriend Gay: Top 7 Signs He Swings the Other Way into Gay Dating with Gay Guys & Gay Men

You have this niggling doubt in your head that your boyfriend might actually…be into other men.

However, you have no way to prove this, nor can you ask him.

Or can you? Either way, you need to find out.

Sexuality has never been an easy topic for discussion. It only complicates things that sexuality lies on a spectrum instead of being binary.


Is My Boyfriend Gay

You might feel cheated and made use of, and it’s normal to feel that way.

However, have a think about this – did your boyfriend get together with you just because you’re female?

Well, no. You do get along well together, and care about each other.

It’s just that he might be having a crisis regarding his sexual identity right now.

To help you out, here is a list of the Top 7 Signs which indicate that your boyfriend might be gay.


1. Your gut tells you so

They say a woman’s intuition is her best friend, and that is undoubtedly true.

If you feel that something is not right, you’re probably not too far off from the truth.

It doesn’t confirm 100% that your boyfriend is gay, but it confirms that there’s something up with him.

If your gut tells you something is up, something is up. It’s best that you check it out.


2. He only has eyes for you. Or does he?

Initially, you felt like this man was a godsend, because it seems that he has never set eyes on a woman other than you.

Humans are visual creatures, and men much more so than women.

If you’ve never caught your boyfriend checking out another woman as far as you know, it might just be that there’s no one more attractive than you in his eyes, or…he prefers looking at men.


3. He talks about men

You’ve never heard him make any remarks about women, but you’ve heard him comment on other men and their physical traits on more than one occasion.

There is nothing wrong with a man commenting on another man’s physique, especially if the man being commented on is extremely attractive.

However, if the men whose physique your boyfriend comments on are pretty normal guys, and his comments are reserved for men while he has no interest in women, something is up.

He might just be watching out for your feelings and thus abstaining from commenting on other women, or he prefers men.

Watch where his eyes go when you’re out together.

If his eyes gravitate towards other men, you can take this as a reinforcement on your suspicions of his sexual orientation.


4. Overbearing skinship

There are particular cultures in which it’s okay for men to be overly touchy without having sexual intentions.

A bro-hug when he meets his buddies and a friendly back slap of course, aren’t considered skinship.

It’s more the handholding and knee touching reminiscent of your own physical interactions with him.

Keeping in mind your boyfriend’s cultural background is important.

If he comes from a culture whereby skinship between men is kept minimal and he’s overstepping those boundaries, you can almost confirm that he’s gay.


5. He’s a sexual extremist

Your boyfriend hates homosexuals for some unknown reason.

Of course, there are people who are conservative, and cannot accept ideas emerging from the current youth population.

However, your boyfriend is open about most other controversial topics except this.

He can’t stand homosexuals, especially gay men.

He abhors them, and continually makes remarks on how they shouldn’t like other men; on how gross it is.

It could be that your boyfriend really hates gay men, or it could be that he’s afraid to admit that his sexuality is leaning towards them.

He’s making these angry remarks, more to convince himself rather than anyone else, that he isn’t gay.

Sexuality might also be one of the first few things he notices about people, particularly men.

For example, he sees a man with foundation on, he’d comment something along the lines of “which man wears makeup. Is he gay?”


6. Your sex life is on the rocks

There are obviously many reasons which could have led up to this, so don’t use this as the sole determining factor to decide that your boyfriend is gay.

However, if you spot this sign in addition to others on this list, your boyfriend might very possibly be gay.


7. He admits it

The surest and easiest way for you to know if your boyfriend is gay is for you to ask, or for him to tell you.

Even if your boyfriend is exhibiting all of the signs on this list, it is not a definitive confirmation that he is indeed gay.

Short of spotting him on a gay dating site, there is no way that you can know for sure that he’s gay.

If you are suspecting him because his actions or words are very disconcerting to you and is hurting your relationship, it’s best that you bring this up and ask him about it as soon as possible.


Concluding Insights on Is My Boyfriend Gay

Remember that at the end of the day, there is more than two sexualities.

Catching him watching gay porn, or finding out about his previous sexual encounters with other men, does not necessarily mean he’s gay.

Your boyfriend might swing both ways.

Even if you do find out the answer, how much does it matter to you?

You are his girlfriend because of his personality and how well you get along together.

He’s not intentionally lying to you to hurt you.

Even if he realizes how he’s made you feel, that won’t magically change his sexuality.

You can always split up as a couple, but as someone who used to care for him, it would be nice for you to be there for him as friend while he figures himself out.


(Last Updated: 2 June 2020)


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