Online Dating Opening Lines: Top 4 Proven Best Conversation Starters for Dating & Date Conversation Topics to Win Over Your Date

Online Dating Opening Lines: Top 4 Proven Best Conversation Starters for Dating & Date Conversation Topics to Win Over Your Date

“Hey”, “hey beautiful”, “hey there!” … These openers just don’t cut it anymore in the overwhelming world of modern Online Dating.

Women get inundated with so many variants of the same opening lines every single day.

If you want to get noticed, you have got to put some real thought into your messages and be different.

Otherwise you will end up in the “NO” pile before you even have the opportunity to show the girl how great you are.


To even get a response from your matches, your Conversation Starters for Dating has to achieve the following objectives:-


Online Dating Opening Lines: The 4 Exclusive Secrets to the Top Conversation Starters for Dating


1. Grab Her Attention with Your Online Dating Opening Lines

Her inbox is probably bombarded with messages from men.

Your match already knows that you find them attractive simply because you guys have matched, and you are messaging him/her.

So stay away from remarks about looks, because particularly women are repulsed by messages that only pay attention to their appearance.

To them, these messages are simply meaningless and superficial.

In an Online Dating study published in Evidence-Based Medicine, researchers Khalid Khan and Sameer Chaudhry noted that: “People almost always see themselves as unique.”

That means your match is more likely to respond positively when an opening message references one of the factoids written on his/her profiles.

People enjoy open ended light-hearted questions/compliments which are personal, showing the message is unique to the recipient.

  • Did you know you have the top 3 most alluring things that men value the most?
  • Looks like you have a great group of friends! What do they like about you the most?
  • You seem to be a very perceptive reader. I am looking for a life-changing book. Could you suggest something mind-blowing?


2. Make Her Curious

The Best Opening Lines for Online Dating will spark her curiosity.

If she is not interested in what you are writing, she will move on. Dating Apps creators love for you to write about the things you fancy (i.e. your hobbies and interests).

To most people, having a common interest usually a sure fire way to break the ice.

Research has found people feel more comfortable with other people who remind them of themselves.

Comfort leads to trust, which leads to saying “yes” to a date.

Start with a common interest in a book, food or place they mention.

If you’ve been wanting to visit some place they talked about, take this chance to tell them.

Bonus points if you can include an insider reference that shows that you know what you’re talking about.

Here are two great examples of some Good Opening Lines for Online Dating:-

  • I just went to Porto in Spring! I loved chilling by the Duoro River. What were some of your highlights?
  • I love Shaun of the Dead too! How do you rate the rest of the Cornetto Trilogy?


3. Ask Her Questions

The Best Opening Lines for Online Dating Messages will also frequently ask the lady questions.

Give her something that’s fun to think about so that it is easier for her to respond.

  • Love your hiking photo. Where was that taken?
  • Great sunrise shot. Where was this?
  • Cute dog! Is he/she yours?
  • Saw your piano pic. Have you played for a while?


4. Make It Personal to Her

Personalized opening lines get the most response.

They are the BEST Opening Lines for Online Dating profiles.

It shows you took the time to read her profile, took an interest in the things she cares about and she will also feel you are more genuine.

You can also add a little cheeky fun into your messages to spice up and make the conversation more fun and engaging.

Be sure not to go overboard with your cheekiness though!

Examples of possible Online Dating Opening Lines would include:-

  • Hi, you’re also a rabbit lover? Maybe we should get the rabbits together for a date. Their owners can tag along too 😉
  • It seems like you love the outdoors. Where is your favourite kayaking spot?
  • I love the cafe you work at! How long have you been working there?
  • What’s the most fulfilling part of being a doctor?
  • Did you always know you wanted to be a teacher?
  • It seems like you travel a lot, any upcoming trips?


Online Dating Opening Lines: Concluding insights on Conversation Starters for Dating & Date Conversation Topics

You might be sending some of the best opening lines ever, and STILL not get a response. Don’t be dismayed, be disheartened or feel rejected. Dating is frequently about the law of numbers. Keep GOING at it, practice and make perfect, and you’ll find your ideal someone!

Some women hate cheesy lines, some think they’re cute. You just got to find the one lady who will appreciate who you are.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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