Online Dating Profile Tips: Top 5 Practical Dating Profile Tips & Advice for Guys Looking for a Serious Relationship

Online Dating Profile Tips: Top 5 Practical Dating Profile Tips & Advice for Guys Looking for a Serious Relationship

Let’s face it- the internet is FULL of articles, guides and what-nots.

Especially, when it comes to Casual Dates, f*ck buddies, Hookups, One Night Stands, Casual Encounters, Short Term Relationships, Flings – you name it!

You have gotten really sick and tired, since none of those are relevant to your agenda.

After all, you’ve already had your share of fun in Casual Dating. And now, you’re ready to get into something serious and committed now.

Well at least your hard work has paid off, since you found this extremely insightful article … Read on!


Online Dating Profile Tips

You’d be glad to know, that we’re definitely not be recommending you anything raunchy, but seriously good pointers that you can thank us for later … Enjoy our valuable pointers below!


1. Use a professional display picture

While we can’t say for sure that your photo will attract the right ladies, there’s a pretty good chance that you can at least filter off those ladies who are looking for “bad boys”.

At least you don’t have to deal with them!

A good professional photo automatically establishes greater credibility, and this in turn creates better chances of you scoring a Serious Date.

First impressions really do count. Visuals (especially your main profile picture), are extremely and incredibly important.

It suffices to say that most of us have a superficial side to us, even if we vehemently deny this fact.

So, please don’t overlook this seemingly small detail!


2. Proof-read your dating profile

You might not think much of this. But taking the time to proof read your online dating profile, and making sure it’s free from grammatical errors, is important in establishing yourself as suitable dating material.

Try writing in a sophisticated manner, without sounding overly pretentious (ok we know that’s tough, if writing isn’t your thing).

You might even want to seek professional writers to do up your account profile description properly, even if it means paying for such services. It’s a good investment (with awesome and worthwhile returns!), really.


3. Make your intentions CRYSTAL CLEAR on your profile – (#1 Top Advice for Our Online Dating Profile Tips)

Having seen how the Casual Hookups scene is constantly buzzing with activity, you would have realized by now, how important it is to differentiate yourself from all the other men out there, who are merely looking to get laid.

Well if that’s the case, make sure you put it down on your profile LOUD AND CLEAR!

Tell the ladies out there that you’re not keen to get into their pants, but instead you’re looking for true companionship, that could possibly blossom into something more.

Think about what your potential partner may look out for in your profile, so that you don’t get junk messages from ladies looking for a quick bonk.


4. Manage your expectations

Let us be brutally honest with you – the internet is a great place for those looking for Casual Arrangements and Casual Encounters.

But when it comes to Serious Dating and Monogamous Relationships, you might need a little bit more patience.

Why so? You might ask.

It all boils down to the numbers – the more people there are looking for Casual Sex, the more Casual Fling Apps and Casual Hookup Sites there will be, to cater to this great demand.

As disappointing as it may sound to you, even Dating Sites and Dating Apps, which originally started off as Committed Dating platforms, have evolved along the way towards Short Term Relationships.

So better to manage your own expectations in advance, because you’re very likely gonna be disappointed by how slowly things might move.


5. Clarify your intentions as early as possible – (#2 Top Advice for Our Online Dating Profile Tips)

Now if your profile DOES get a hit, it’s best to let your potential date know, what you’re exactly looking for right from the beginning, just to be sure.

You wouldn’t want to arrange a meet-up only to have her making advances at you (although most men wouldn’t mind).

If all goes well after you have clarified, pat yourself on the back because you’ve successfully found a potential SERIOUS date!

We trust you’d be able to carry the conversation smoothly to hopefully score a date soon from there.


Concluding Insights on Online Dating Profile Tips

Everything adds up eventually, so it’s really important to pay attention to the small details.

Just remember to be patient though because good ladies WILL take a long time to come by. You’ve been warned!

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