Online Dating Tips For Success: 5 Exclusive Tips to Keep Your Online Dating Conversations Going

Online Dating Tips For Success: Here’s our 5 Exclusive Tips to Keep Your Online Dating Conversations Going

Now that you have nailed the opener, congratulations! So, what now? The next step is to maintain your Online Dating Conversations until you (hopefully) secure your first date!

The dating conversation part is where many people find that things reach a dead end. Either the conversation withers off before parties get an opportunity to meet in real life, or a party initiates a date too soon when the other is not ready or prepared.

It is pretty tough to keep a conversation going with someone you have never met. There is so much to maintain. You want to come across as fun and interesting yet at the same time reliable and smart. With just a few texts to and fro, that seems pretty difficult! And what makes it even harder? Is that you do not know what makes them tick – or if you even want to know more…

If you find yourself stuck and still want some tips on how to reignite the conversation that will let you know whether he/she is worth meeting, read the following 5 Exclusive Secrets on How to Keep an Online Dating Conversation Going!


The 5 Exclusive Secrets to the Top Online Dating Tips for Success


1. Ask Great Questions

Everyone loves talking about themselves – so give the other party a chance to gab away! Ask light and simple questions is a great way to keep a conversation going online. The more answers they give, the more fuel you’ve got to keep the conversation flowing.

Asking questions is also a good marker to let you know if you have found a worthy match or not. if you asked them at least 10 questions and they have not asked you any, you can be sure they only care about themselves or at least not interested in knowing more about you. Big hint to move on!

Some questions you can ask your potential Date that will make potentially good conversations:

(i) What thing do you really wish you could buy right now?

(ii) What’s are the best photos you’ve taken?

(iii) What is the most interesting thing you have on you or near you right now? Send me a pic of it.

(iv) What songs do you play most often?

(v) Which cities in the world did you enjoy the most?

We could give you a list of questions but that would make your conversation sound pretty cliché and scripted. Craft your question to be a little quirky and different. This way you emerge taller than the rest of the “trees”. And don’t ask something they’ve already told you on their profile, s’il vous plait.


2. “Interesting, Tell Me More!”

When you start a conversation with a question, follow up! It shows you are actually listening and not just waiting for an opportunity for yourself to speak. Don’t just ping pong with questions and leave their answers hanging. When your potential Date says something interesting, try to find out more and keep him/her on course. People like that respect and love to know that you are truly keen in what they have to say (beyond just initiating those conversation starters), so if you show some interest, they’ll hang around and want to talk to you even more.

Spice up your replies with “oh! that’s interesting…”, “Hmm, I’ve never heard of that”, “Hmm, cool!” which are reactionary expressions that prove to the party that you’re listening and interested in what they are saying. Remember, flattery and making each other feel good is the key to mutual attraction!

However, do not forget to periodically disclose things about yourself too. They might feel like it’s an interview (or worse, an interrogation) if they are the only ones talking. So, offer your own opinions or (good or bad) experiences on the topic. Usually people only feel comfortable opening up to someone whom they know something about.


3. Be Honest

When you’re texting a person who’s still a stranger, you may be tempted to exaggerate or outright lie to make yourself look better. If you see this person as a potential Date, do not do it!

One, because it will get awkward if you ever do meet up (my friend has lamented that he was catfished), and two, it’s human to have flaws – embrace your flaws, and the one will too.

Share your vulnerabilities so they’ll be more likely to share theirs, so you don’t get any special surprises when you end up meeting.


4. BONUS: The Don’ts!

(i) Don’t be a pessimist. Opening up with “I’m so sick of this or that…” makes you seem unenthusiastic… and a bummer to be around.

(ii) Don’t criticize any photos, the human ego is extremely sensitive!

(iii) Don’t (for men) talk about the size of ANYTHING until you at least know what her favorite drink is (and have bought her a few)!

(iv) Don’t write long essays about yourself as it makes it difficult to reply to. Stick to light, flirty topics that keep engagement levels high.

(v) Don’t shower someone with overly familiar pet names such as “cutie”, “sweetie”, “babe”, “honey”, etc. when you have never met them. Most people do not find this from a stranger endearing.


5. It’s OKIE to Make Mistakes!

Lastly, you’re going to make mistakes, and know that this is normal, and it is okay. The important thing is to make sure that you learn from them. And of course, try not to repeat them.

Practice makes perfect – the more you converse with potential Dates, the better you get at having good conversations with them!


Conclusions on Online Dating Tips for Success to Keep Your Online Dating Conversations Going

Even if you’re enjoying the online back and forth, don’t delay the physical date for too long! In our experience, it’s best to meet up earlier rather than later.

First it confirms your expectations of this person (in a good or bad way) and there is still an air of mystery between the both of you. After all, you want a first date to feel like a first date, not a wedding anniversary.

Remember that Online Dating is after all just a stepping stone to eventually meeting up face-to-face, hearing their voice and feeling their touch.


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