Questions To Ask On A First Date: Top 6 Best First Date Questions and Conversation Topics & Tips to Break the Ice

Questions To Ask On A First Date: Top 6 Best First Date Questions and Conversation Topics & Tips to Break the Ice

It can be nerve-wrecking to go on a first date – even more so if you’re totally unprepared yet expecting things to go smoothly somehow.

If that’s what you’re thinking, allow us to advise you that it’s definitely wishful thinking on your part!

A memorable first date requires preparation, down to the details such as what you both can possibly talk about.

Over here, you’d find some useful conversational prompts that could allow you to get to know your date better (and vice versa) …


Questions To Ask On A First Date

Here are 6 First Date Conversation Topics & Tips that are sure to Break the Ice with your Date … Enjoy!


1. What’s your current passion project?

A great question to get to know your date better is to ask if they are working on any personal passion projects at the moment!

Often it is a great lead on question when your date introduces herself and tells you about her job and how busy she’s been.

We believe there is certainly more to a person than her job and the usual boring details of how her usual day-to-day happenings are!

She could be working on her passion project of writing a poetry book or even starting a Facebook Community to help re-home abandoned cats.

Essentially, this brings the conversation to a more interesting topic so you can get to know each other on a more personal level.

Well, we think this question definitely beats asking about her hobbies anytime (way too cliched)!


2. Are you a gifts kind of person?

If there’s someone celebrating their birthday in the restaurant where you are dining at, you’re in luck because this question would be a breeze to bring up!

Alternatively, if either of your birthdays are coming up, this would be a great to talk about too!

Sometimes you can learn a lot about someone’s personality by the things they cherish or the gifts they hold dear to themselves.


3. What food would you avoid completely?

A wonderful conversation starter when you are both looking at the menu, deciding what to eat.

Perhaps she has a seafood allergy or that she prefers her sirloin steak medium rare; these are some small details you can learn about your date which wouldn’t be too awkward or weird to ask.

Who knows, you may discover that she shares the same love of spicy food as you do or find out that she that she loves Italian cuisine (which would save you from racking your brains about where to go for your next dinner date!).


4. How would you envision an ideal vacation?

Instead of asking her “have you gone on any vacations recently?”, which would probably get you a short unelaborated answer and a long awkward silence after, ask her what kinds of vacations she would like to take.

Some people love the nature and the great outdoors, while others enjoy shopping and the beautiful cityscape.

Listen to her tell you what she is into when travelling and you both may decide to take on a new adventure together!


5. What was the best advice you received to date?

When she dishes out an advice, take the opportunity to ask her this question.

It can be very motivating and inspirational to share these quotes, advice and anecdotes with each other too.


6. What do you and your friends do when you hang out?

‘Birds of the same feathers flock together’, letting your date tell you more about her best friends and the company she mixes around with can give you a glimpse of how she’s like as a person.

Bring this conversation starter up when she mentions about her friends or is sharing with you a story about them.


Concluding Insights on Questions To Ask On A First Date

Coupled with your own inputs and responses to these questions, you can be certain that awkward silences will very much be minimized.

It’s best to memorize them, because it’d be so weird for you to refer to your ‘notes’ during the date itself!


(Last Updated: 11 July 2020)

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