Safe Dating Sites: Top 6 Best Online Dating Apps & Free Online Dating Websites to Keep You Occupied When Bored or Stuck at Home

Safe Dating Sites: Top 6 Best Online Dating Apps & Free Online Dating Websites to Keep You Occupied When Bored or Stuck at Home

Feeling bored whether at work, after work hours or during the weekend?

Or stuck at home with nowhere to go? Or looking for something interesting and fun to do?

Well this could be the new norm, especially in light of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic situation that is constantly evolving all around the globe, so get used to it!

Thankfully, there’s always the internet and reliable Top Dating Apps and Best Dating Sites to keep you occupied.

And, even if the pandemic brings about a total lockdown, you can still date somebody online!


Safe Dating Sites

Over here in this article, we share with you some of the Best Dating Apps and Free Online Dating Sites with features best suited to keeping you occupied whenever you’re bored or simply looking for something interesting and fun to do … Enjoy!


1. Lovestruck (

Lovestruck is an online dating website that targets discerning young professionals who do not have time to look for love.

Juggling life and work responsibilities, many young professionals do not have the time to go on dates or to actively search for their soul mate or life partner.

Thus, Lovestruck is a perfect platform for these busy working adults looking for a Long Term Relationship.

Offering bespoke services, Lovestruck does the job of searching for eligible and suitable dates for you.

Each date is hand-picked based on your preferences and Lovestruck has a wide selection of more than 100,000 singles from all over the world.

Not to worry if you aren’t sure about anything, you can seek the advice of Lovestruck’s professional dating consultants who will be there with you every step of the way!

What makes Lovestruck stand out from the rest is the impeccable services and personalized attention they provide to each individual member.

Combined with their expertise in dating and image coaching, they can potentially find you a suitable date in record time!

Besides, they’ve got a very well-equipped platform that is capable of handling online-only dating so Lovestruck is definitely worth a shot!

Go on, try it out today.


2. Dating Direct (

Browse through member accounts and read their comprehensively filled profiles to get to know them better before you chat them up.

Here at, members are encouraged to fill up as much information about themselves to attract like-minded people.

List your interests and hobbies and write a description to introduce yourself to other members.

DD also asks its members to be their real natural selves and inject some humor into their profiles if they’d like to.

It is also apparent that DatingDirect constantly emphasizes its stance for users to be genuine and to embrace the unique-ness each individual possesses.

For instance, photos that are uploaded on this platform need not be picture-perfect; but should reflect your character and personality!

For this reason, Dating Direct has garnered quite a significant number of sign-ups in the past weeks, and we’re definitely expecting it to expand even further!

Give this website a try and who knows, you may very well find your Mr. Right or Mrs. Right here!


3. My Single Friend (

Launched by English TV presenter Sarah Beeny, is a novel-dating platform where your friend writes your online dating profile for you instead of yourself.

Recognizing that it may be cringe-worthy to conjure up good personality traits about oneself or to ‘sell’ yourself on an online dating platform, lets your friend talk about you instead of yourself.

This feature makes this platform a rather honest, spontaneous and fun community and it definitely takes some stresses out of online dating!

Get a trusted friend to write a genuine profile of you and see where that takes you on the online dating sphere!

Since all of your friends are staying home during this period (we hope that’s the case!), they wouldn’t have any excuse NOT to write a profile for you now!

It’ll just be so much fun!


4. Beautiful People (

This dating platform is exactly how it is described in its name; it is filled with stunning and beautiful people.

Upon signing up, members of the opposite sex have 48 hours to vote, if they deem you to be ‘beautiful or not’.

Only when majority of the votes consider you to be beautiful, will you be allowed access into the website.

As superficial as it may sound, this Dating Website aims to eliminate the issues members have of a person’s physical traits, so users can focus on getting to know that individual’s characteristics and personality.

It’s controversial we know, but we aren’t complaining if we get to enjoy the fruits of this dating site’s labor – pictures of strictly beautiful people only.


5. Free Hookups (

At times like this, video-calls are literally a godsend.

While many Dating Apps and Dating Sites may offer this feature, few have managed to do it right.

It takes a highly competent group of developers to fully understand the needs of consumers in order to design a decent video-call platform. have definitely impressed us in this department.

Sure – it might be lacking in areas such as its relatively small community size, but its excellent video-call features make up for it.

Its unique network infrastructure enables high clarity in both audio and visuals, and we promise you’d be blown away by what you experience.


6. HappyMatches

HappyMatches is an intriguing and fun Dating App and Dating Site to use whether you’re seeking a Casual Relationship or a Comitted Relationship.

It’s elegant and simple-to-use dating interface makes it popular and well-regarded by millions all around the world across the different continents, not just in the U.S., Canada, UK or Australia.

HM caters to all genres of Online Dating, with the exception of Sugar Dating/Compensated Dating.

As such, you’ll revel in the abundance of Dating Profiles whether you’re into straight Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Bisexual Dating, or even looking for Senior Dating.

The “Direct Dating” concept of Happy Matches makes Modern Dating so easy and straightforward – simply indicate your preference for “Casual Dating”, “Open Relationship”, “Serious Relationship”, or finding your “Travel Companion”.

And add in the relevant tags to your Dating Profile, to clarify the details of what exactly you’re looking for in your relationship and dating partner(s).

Other remarkable features include its World’s First “Face Verification” process – an effective and amazing way to remove insincere, scammers, spammers, abusive and time-wasting users from the HM dating community.


Concluding Insights on Safe Dating Sites

Online Dating is an absolute essential because it keeps people sane, whenever people are bored or have some time to spare.

This happens whilst one is taking breaks in between work, when one is off-work after a workday or during a weekend, or even more so resting at home or having nothing to do (including being confined at home during the current Covid-19 pandemic).

After all, we are all social creatures and it’s always good to have someone to talk (clean, or even dirty) to.

With less opportunities to venture outside and meet friends and family, and with more countries going into full-fledged lockdown mode, we are definitely expecting a boom in the Online Dating scene.

Before membership subscription prices go up (that’s a very likely scenario, mind you!), you’d better act fast and sign up for a premium account somewhere now!

Not sure where to put your money into? Well besides your obvious choice in, it’s time you explore around a bit, and those listed here might be a good place to start!


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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