Signs A Girl Likes You: Top 6 Obvious Signs Backed Up by Science on How to Know If a Girl Likes You to Get Your Date or Girlfriend

Signs A Girl Likes You: Top 6 Obvious Signs Backed Up by Science on How to Know If a Girl Likes You to Get Your Date or Girlfriend

Is she showing signs that she might be interested in you, or are you just overthinking things?

Such questions often surface during the initial phase of a potential budding relationship.

On one hand, you don’t want to appear too desperate yet on the other, you’re afraid of losing this opportunity.

Here’s how you can solve your problem, by looking for signs that are backed up by science …


Signs a Girl Likes You

Here’s the 6 Clear Signs backed up by Science on How to Know If a Girl Likes You … Enjoy!


1. Her feet is pointed right at you (most of the time)

According to studies, the position of someone’s feet subconsciously show whether or not you fancy a person.

And that’s because you are usually not aware of what your feet are doing.

Let’s say for instance you are sitting beside someone new.

If you catch her crossing her legs with her feet pointing towards you, chances are, she likes you!

On the contrary, if her feet are pointing away from you (say towards the door), then maybe she’s just not that into you.

Another interesting observation is that when she has both her feet tucked underneath and tightly crossed, she may be feeling somewhat anxious and nervous around you.


2. Her body is angled towards you

Non-verbal cues are great indicators as to whether or not you are interested in someone.

Similar to the feet, when her body is turned towards you, it shows that she’s paying attention to the things that you are saying and there is a high likelihood that she likes you.

Again, these actions are not something that we consciously think about, so they emanate the emotions or sentiments that we feel internally.


3. Watch her pupils

Dilated pupils are strong signs of attraction.

So if you have the chance to look deep into her eyes, observe if her pupils are dilated without giving her the heebie-jeebies.

However, do take note that when the lighting is low or dim, pupils may naturally dilate too.


4. She’s okay with some physical advances

She may give you a light touch on your arm or even a playful push to your shoulder.

When she gets touchy-feely with you, you must know that she is probably interested.

You can even test this on her – when you give her a light tap and she recoils or pulls away (there is a high probability that she’s not comfortable).

Then again, there may be some people who are not used to being so physical, so allow her some time to warm up to you before trying this on her.

Because the last thing you’d want is to make things awkward and for the chance of getting to know her to slip away before you both even get a connection.


5. She blushes often

Blushing happens when she gets an unanticipated compliment, or when she takes a liking towards you.

Her cheeks would flush pink, and you would notice that she is feeling embarrassed or shy.

Essentially, when she blushes when she speaks to you, it is a pretty good indication that she likes you.

Unless she blushes whenever she speaks to just about anyone, then that’s another thing altogether.


6. She’s preening herself all the time

She’s adjusting her dress, reapplying her lipstick and maybe even running her fingers through her hair, making sure it’s perfect.

In all honesty, she just wants to look good and in tip-top condition, because she wants to impress you.


Concluding Insights on Signs a Girl Likes You

You made it here, so is she exhibiting most of what’s listed above? If so, you might very well be in luck! Stop wasting time because it’s time to score!


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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