Signs A Shy Girl Likes You: Top 7 Accurate Ways on How to Know If a Girl Likes You & Proven Signs a Girl Likes You

Signs A Shy Girl Likes You: Top 7 Accurate Ways on How to Know If a Girl Likes You & Proven Signs a Girl Likes You

We all know how challenging it is to read a girl’s mind.

When they say ‘everything’s fine,’ you can be sure NOTHING is fine. When they ask you to go ‘enjoy yourself’ you jolly well make sure you are (or at least, act) miserable.

The good news is, shy girls are a lot easier to read than regular girls. These are relatively accurate signs that suggest a shy girl is interested in you …


Signs a Shy Girl Likes You

Here’s our valuable collation of the Top 7 Accurate & Proven Ways on How to Know If a Girl Likes You & Proven Signs a Girl Likes You … Enjoy!


1. She’s always looking out for you

A shy girl may be passive in her advances, but she may try to offer help and assistance to you so that she indirectly gets to spend time together with you.

For instance, she may ask if you need help to pick something up or if you need help with a project you are working on currently.

And the only reason she constantly tries to offer help (is totally not because she has too much time on her hands), but it is because she probably has a crush on you!


2. She says nice things about you

She may be bashful, but she knows the power of words, so she may drop you a compliment or two every now and then.

Even though she may be too shy to pass a comment about your muscles, she may compliment you on things you haven’t noticed yourself!

Say for example, she might tell you that she likes the way you smile or how kind you are to animals.


3. She tends to blush around you

Girls tend to blush a lot when they are around someone they like or have a crush on.

Try to notice the way she reacts when you both are teased about being a couple.

Or when you approach her to ask her, if she’d like to grab some lunch together.


4. She listens attentively to you

If she likes you, she would show interests in the things you like and are passionate about.

For example, if you are playing in a band, she would attend your shows or concerts.

Or you might even see her at the café where you get your usual morning coffee from.

This is her subtle way of telling you that she likes you, and that she’s open to liking the things that you love too.


5. She’s self-conscious around you

She’s always fidgeting; constantly fixing her hair and checking out her dress, making sure she looks pretty and decent whenever she’s around you.

She cares a lot about how she appears in front of you and always wants to look her best.

Generally, this is a tell-tale sign that she’s into you.


6. She makes you feel good about yourself

She laughs at all the jokes that you make; be it the dad jokes or the downright bad jokes.

Because she’s smitten by you, laughing at your jokes is a simple and low risk way in letting you know that she’s giving you her 101% attention and that she’s attracted to you.

Girls usually perceive the guys they like to be more humorous than they actually are (well, this happens to most ladies).


7. She seems to be everywhere (subtly)

Due to her shy nature, she’s certainly not the type to approach you directly and say hi.

So, she lurks and maintains a safe distance to you, hoping that you would notice her.

Oftentimes, you may not notice she’s there, because she just blends in with the rest without a sign or a sound.


Concluding Insights on Signs A Shy Girl Likes You

Perhaps it’s just the way a shy girl’s brain is wired- I guess we’d never know.

One thing for sure is, they are usually nice and that’s all that matters!


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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