What Does It Mean To Be In Love: Top 10 Not-So-Ugly Truths & Genuine Facts about Being In Love with Someone Special

What Does It Mean To Be In Love: Top 10 Not-So-Ugly Truths & Genuine Facts about Being In Love with Someone Special

Most people grew up on fairy tales, but sadly that’s not what it truly means to be in love.

Love is not all about fluffy feelings and happy endings. The novelty and obsession with each other eventually die off.

Love is actually something which requires plenty of effort to keep alive. You can’t be lazy about it and expect your love to support itself.

What does it mean then, to be in love? Let us find out together in this article …


What Does It Mean To Be In Love

What Does it Mean to be in Love: The Not-so-Ugly Truth … Enjoy!


1. It’s having their back no matter what

You will have different interests and passions.

Your partner might be very much into something which you aren’t.

True love means learning to enjoy what your partner does, or at the very least taking part in the activities they love, and being their pillar of support.

It’s not just about being there when they’re successful in doing what they enjoy.

It’s more about encouraging them to push on when they’re down low and ready to throw in the towel.

Not many people can do this.


2. It’s loving unconditionally

Sometimes couples fall out of love for no reason at all.

Sometimes the very things which endeared someone’s partner to them, is suddenly annoying and they can’t stand that person anymore.

True love is about loving your partner’s flaws, and being together with them through all their ups and downs.

You will love them even if they irritate you.

You will be there for them, even though they failed at doing the very thing, you warned them not to do.

As expected, this can be really hard.


3. It’s about eating humble pie even when you don’t need to

A person who will never back down in an argument will never be a component of a successful relationship.

Even though you may be right, you need to know when to let your partner “win” the argument sometimes.

Fights will happen in even the most peaceful of relationships.

Knowing how to handle arguments and being able to apologize makes the groundwork for genuinely loving someone.

Of course, you have to make sure that you aren’t the only one doing this.


4. It’s about letting them know you love them

You can’t keep mum about your love for your partner, and expect them to magically know it.

You need to express your feelings through words, and show that you mean what you say, through your actions.

Make them feel loved and appreciated, as often as you can.


5. It’s about not letting your emotions affect your partner

We all have bad days.

Often, the easiest person to take out these negative feelings on are the people closest to you, and your partner is one of them.

Even when you’re feeling totally crap, and would love to scream at and hit everyone in your path, you need to control yourself so you don’t hurt your partner for no reason at all.

That is what it means to really love someone, and it isn’t easy to achieve.


6. It’s about being their happy virus

There are times when your partner is feeling down.

And you’d rather stay away from them, and let them sort it out on their own, so that their negative emotions won’t spill over unto you.

That is not what loving someone is about.

You need to be the ray of light in their life when they’re down.

You have to feel like you want to be around them through the good and bad, not just through their sunny, happy moments.


7. It’s about putting them first

A selfish person is not a good component of love.

Being in love with someone means putting them ahead of yourself.

When you’re both having an equally hard time, loving them means that you each think of the other above yourselves, and help each other through that tough patch instead of being selfish and prioritizing yourselves.

Sometimes you want to curl into a ball and wait for someone to console you, but loving someone means that you will uncurl yourself to check on how your partner is doing.


8. It’s loving your partner for who they are

No one is perfect, and that includes both you and your partner.

Loving someone does not mean that you love their flaws instead of being irritated. It means that you love them despite them having these flaws.

You learn to work around each other’s inadequacies, to make a wholesome being together.


9. It’s about paying attention to the little details

You will learn a lot of things about each other as you spend time together.

Loving someone means that you remember the little things which other people won’t.

Love is about remembering that they hate carrots, and remembering not to order food with carrots in it.

It’s about remembering that their dog loves squeaky toys, and surprising the pupper with a squeaky toy for no reason at all.

These little details might seem silly and bothersome to remember, but it’s what will make your partner feel special.


10. It’s about compromising

You want a steak, but they want fish and chips even though you don’t really enjoy the latter.

Love means happily agreeing to go with them to get that fish and chips even though you don’t want to.

That’s not to say that you’re to give up all of your free will just so your partner gets their way though.

Love is about giving in occasionally, just so that your partner gets to be spoiled once in a while.


Concluding Insights on What Does It Mean To Be In Love

It certainly isn’t easy to determine what true love is, but now you know that it isn’t all a pretty bed of roses.

It takes effort and sacrifices for two people to truly be in love.

Have you got what it takes?


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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