Why Can t I Get A Girlfriend: Top 9 Reasons Why Can t I Find a Girlfriend & How You Can Turn the Situation Around to Success

Why Can t I Get A Girlfriend: Top 9 Reasons Why Can t I Find a Girlfriend & How You Can Turn the Situation Around to Success

Everyone else seems to have it so easy finding a girlfriend – except for you, that is.

What could you be doing wrong that girls just aren’t attracted to you?

Or is it everyone else’s fault that you’re single?

If you’re thinking that, hold that thought and bring the fault right back to yourself.

Often, it is no one else’s fault, but yours.

If you find yourself amongst the list below, at least you know what to fix about yourself to set your situation right.


Why Can t I Get A Girlfriend

Find yourself struggling, and wondering about the 10 million dollar question of How to Get a Girlfriend?

Don’t fret! We understand what you’ve been through, and the struggles and challenges which you’re facing.

It’s time to self-reflect, and put on a more critical lens when examining yourself, and what you can do better … Enjoy!


1. You have never approached a woman

If you realize you spend more time complaining about your lack of a girlfriend than the amount of time you spend trying to get one, there you have it.

That’s your problem right there.

Unless there’s something absolutely irresistible about you, or you have a special charm about you that no one else has, no girl is going to walk up to you and ask to be your girlfriend.

If you’ve never approached a girl, because you’re afraid people would judge you for not looking like George Clooney, that’s your second problem right there.

No one looks like George Clooney.

Also, no one likes a guy with non-existent self-confidence.


2. You’re waiting for Miss Right

You want a blonde chick with an IQ of 250, is a member of MENSA, a 36DDD chest and a Brazilian butt.

She also has a large mansion she wants you to move into and will pay for your meals – all for the privilege of living with you.

That’s why you’re single. No such girl exists.

Well maybe they do, but such an extraordinary girl won’t be going after someone as ordinary as you.

Be more accepting of other people, because you aren’t perfect yourself.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?


3. Getting rejected once is enough for you

You can never forget the memory, of getting rejected by that one cute girl back in high school, so you can never muster up the courage to ask a girl out ever again.

Well, then be prepared to stay single for life.

Rejections are a part of life, learn to accept it.

If one girl rejects you, then try with the next one.

They won’t know each other and snicker at how they rejected you, trust us.

No one cares about your rejection.

Laugh it off and move on.


4. Mr Jelly Fishy

You think being a nice guy is giving in to everything a girl wants, and letting her make all the decisions while having no opinions of your own.

You’re just being a henpecked loser.

Women don’t ever go for a man like that, unless they have some ulterior motive.

Be a gentleman, but your opinions need to be heard when they need to be.

Being a wuss with no backbone, is never a good way to get girls attracted to you.


5. You’re a yawn fest

Think back on your past conversations on dates which never came to fruition – what were you talking about?

If you only recall talking about yourself every single time you open your mouth, it just means you’re a narcissist and a terrible conversationalist.

That is boring and pretty much irritating to anyone who’s listening.

If your conversations mostly consist of the other person carrying the conversation, you’re boring in a different way.

Read up on trivia, or get a hobby.

Something, anything that you can talk about with passion and have in common with someone.


6. Poor personal hygiene

The last time you showered was three days ago, your hair is matted and oily, and you can’t remember the last time you shaved.

Women, under no circumstances ever, will like a guy with poor personal hygiene.

If you have body odor regardless of how clean you stay, don’t try to cover it up with perfume – there is professional help these days for that sort of thing.


7. You’re never seen in public

It will be good if a comic-style scenario were to play out for you where a gorgeous girl shows up at your door and demands to be your girlfriend for no reason at all.

Well if that happens in real life, she’d be a serial killer 10 times out of 10.

If your hobby is playing video games, that’s perfectly fine.

However, don’t let it take over your life to the extent that you don’t leave the house anymore for the sake of your games.

If you love going to the gym, by all means – it’s actually a great way to meet like-minded people.

However, if you sign up for a male exclusive gym and spend every single night of your days there, it’s no wonder that you haven’t met a girl.

In short, go to where the women are.


8. You’re in too much of a hurry

On the first date, you ask her if she wants to meet again the next day.

On the second date, you ask her where she thinks is an ideal location to get married.

On the third date, you ask to meet her parents, and ask her how many kids she wants to have.

What is surprising, is that you reached the third date in this storyline.

If you’re someone who seems really desperate to be in a relationship or seem to be in a big hurry, it’s a turn off for most women.

Don’t scare her away by pushing your agenda too quickly.

Slow down, and go with the flow.


9. You think it’s a privilege to date you

You want women to worship you, because you were born with a face that’s slightly above average, and go to the gym often enough to look kind of fit.

Look here, there are probably a literal million guys, who are better looking and fitter than you.

Having those qualities you’re so proud of, doesn’t entitle you to be an a*hole to women you think are “below you”.

You’re the one below everyone else by acting like a turd.

Take yourself down a peg and be humbler.

No one likes entitled pricks.


Why Can t I Get A Girlfriend

If you don’t belong to any of the above criteria and you somehow still don’t have a girlfriend, you might be giving a wrong assessment of yourself or are in denial.

The fact is, the problem surely lies with you.

Even if it’s not listed above, it’s best that you take a deeper look at yourself to find out the problem before blaming it on everyone else for not having a girlfriend.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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