Where to Meet Rich Men: Here's 3 Exclusive Tips on How to Meet a Millionaire

Where to Meet Rich Men? Here’s 3 Exclusive Tips on How to Meet a Millionaire

It is no secret that many women wish to know where to meet rich men. They aren’t necessarily gold diggers or wish to live a life of luxury. It is just that affluent men are generally more desirable for women.

These millionaire rich men are able to provide a sense of security that would not be possible in a relationship fraught with financial instability. Regardless of what people say to dispel the image of materialism, there is no one who would reject a beautiful house, fancy cars and expensive fine dining when given a free pass.

Do you find successful and wealthy men attractive? If you do, here are some valuable pointers which might help you on your quest to find your perfect millionaire match.


1. Where to Meet Rich Men? Haunt their Hangouts

Plan shopping trips in the district of the rich men. Keep an eye out for places where wealthy people frequent, such as well-known malls, shops or boutiques where the millionaires spend their money. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything yourself! You might not have the cash to squander on these luxury goods, but you might get to know a man who does. Start by spending more time in “high-class” areas. Meeting your dream man is a game of probability; the more you hang around the same areas which he does, the more likely it is that you’ll meet someone.

Start scouting classy pubs or other watering holes near the workplaces of the wealthy. This is where you’re most likely to find a busy affluent man on weekdays; whether he is there for a business chat with a partner or he’s simply there to unwind after a grueling day at work. The time of day is particularly important for this activity; choose periods of time where working adults are likely to visit, rather than choosing a time which suits your daily activities. Late evenings towards the end of the work week would be an example of a desirable time slot to join the ranks of the affluent for a drink.

Likewise, hang around business districts during the lunch hour and visit popular dining spots. It doesn’t have to be the classiest spot, lunch is more often an event of convenience rather than fine dining for busy rich men. This would be a good way to chat up wealthy people or at least acquaintances who travel in the same circles. If you prove yourself charming enough, you might even get invitations to exclusive events where the big fish dwell. This would be the golden opportunity for you to snag your millionaire.

Just a gentle reminder to always look your best during your scouting activities since men of power and affluence are used to dealing with top notch beauties. Keep your look simple but refined. These men have a good eye when it comes to detecting try-hards and you want to come off as effortless. Opt for a classy look and avoid looking trashy or slutty. Look for guides online to learn how you can adopt the look without breaking the bank.


2. Frequent Places Which Support Health & Well-Being

It is no secret that the rich are fans of keeping themselves prime and pristine. Rich, charming single men are usually sports lovers, or spend their time exercising in some way or other. They gear towards sports which are considered luxurious; such as sailing, tennis, diving and golf. Golf clubs especially seem to be a point of attraction for men with large disposable incomes. You might want to start out by spending time on a golf club. Time is of the essence in visiting these posh sports hubs. You want to be present late in the afternoon on weekdays or late mornings on weekends.

Of course, some clubs are exclusive ones which require you to be a part of the socialite class in the first place, but you could always sign up for a job at the golf club of your choice so that you have a reason to hang around and maybe bump into the affluent members. Even non-exclusive clubs usually have extremely pricey membership fees, so it would be wise to get a temporary membership if you can afford it; or be invited as a guest if you know someone who belongs to these clubs. Another choice spot where rich men primarily gather in their free time are sports bars; the classy ones of course. You could also look to the private galleries of stadiums during major sporting events and try to brush shoulders with the people sitting there.

Where to meet rich men? Look for exclusive or luxurious resorts offering an environment or service which help to relax and unwind. Rich men flock to these places to melt off stress from the workplace and indulge in a little TLC. Spending time in these places will increase the likelihood of you brushing shoulders with a rich executive. It is also advantageous to meet someone while they’re in relaxation mode and in no rush to get somewhere in the next few minutes. A relaxed person with time to spare will be more receptive to chatting with a stranger too.


3. Socializing Opportunities for Meeting Rich Men

If you do get the chance to attend charity events for major organizations, don’t pass it up. Make sure you show up looking your best because these affairs are where the rich and powerful congregate. Don’t be discouraged if you see that every single male in the room seems to have a lady on his arm. Male guests usually show up with a date, but these dates are often only present for the day of the event. Don’t be deterred and start a conversation with someone who looks approachable. Be sure to dress up to the occasion.

If all else fails or you just don’t have the courage or finances to apply the above methods in finding a rich man, you can always fall back on online sites or applications catering to your needs. Millionaire Dating sites (such as MillionaireMatch.com, SeekingMillionaires.com and RichMeetsBeautiful.com) can be your stepping stone in finding the man you desire. Rich millionaires on these sites aren’t specifically looking for a partner of their social standing or affluence and are usually looking for a caring and loving companion. Signing up is usually free of charge and will open your field of play to a wide array of successful and rich men; you have nothing to lose so take the chance and don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet your million-dollar man.


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