How to Have a Healthy Relationship: Top 5 Essential Traits of a Successful Long Term Romantic & Committed Serious Relationship

How to Have a Healthy Relationship: Top 5 Essential Traits of a Successful Long Term Romantic & Committed Serious Relationship

Having and maintaining a successful Committed Relationship is never a walk-in-the-park.

It takes effort and a positive commitment to make things work, in order to build strong bonds and trust with your relationship partner (or marriage spouse).

You also need to nurture your Romantic Relationship to help it stay strong and continue to grow.

Actually “Doing” is an important part of making an Exclusive Relationship work, but “Knowing” what to do, is just as crucial and critical.

Read on for our amazing 5 Proven and Exclusive Dating Tips and Dating Advice on how to keep the flames of your Serious Relationship burning strong and bright!


Healthy Relationships: How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Here are the 5 Proven Characteristics which make a Committed Relationship (or Marriage) long lasting, romantic and fulfilling for both parties involved …

Enjoy these “Priceless Gems” which are Excellent Dating Advice and Most Valuable Dating Tips for a Successful Relationship!


1. Communication

It is common to see “communication” at the top of almost every list of this sort.

There is a very good reason for that – it is because a healthy Long Term Relationship can never occur without successful communication between the partners.

If you can’t talk to your partner, how would you know that everything is truly “okay��?

Good communication does not mean agreeing to everything your partner says.

It’s more of telling them and getting them to understand a contrasting point of view without being offensive or hurtful.

You should be able to tell them what you want to eat, what you like to wear, where you want to go on holidays without fearing their response.

Establishing a relationship with good communication takes time, so even if you’re bad at communicating initially, it’s perfectly fine.

What you need to do is to work on your Monogamous Relationship, so that you can communicate better with your partner.


2. Even Ground

If one partner is in a position of power all the time and makes all the major decisions with no regard for their partner, your Committed Relationship is bound to fall sick.

In a Healthy Relationship, the couple stands on even ground. They respect each other’s opinions, and they look upon each other as an equal.

Without respect, there is no way to have a fruitful conversation in which you can each voice your opinions with no inhibitions.

When one partner is constantly letting themselves stand in a compromised position, there might be a root cause behind it.

One such reason is low self-worth. When someone doesn’t value themselves, they allow others to trample over them because they don’t think they deserve any better.

These people are always the ones making the sacrifices in the Long Term Relationship, and as time passes, they will inevitably become discontented with how your Romantic Relationship is going.

That is because, just to reiterate, an Exclusive Relationship in which the couple is not of even standing, is never going to be a Healthy Relationship.


3. Be their Pillar of Strength

While it is true that different people gain strength from different sources, you should be your partner’s primary pillar of support.

It is true that your partner probably has friends and family who they could rely on, but aren’t you considered their friend and family too?

If you find that your partner saps strength from you instead of recharging your batteries, you probably aren’t in a healthy relationship.

Giving them strength does not require you to be cheerleading by their side all day or actively finding solutions for something which is bothering them.

It could be something as simple as just listening to them at the end of their day, and being there for them when they need a hug.

In a healthy relationship, it is important to know when your partner needs your support and what you can do to make them feel “supported”.


4. Level of Reliance

In a Healthy Relationship, the individuals involved are perfectly happy on their own, but being with their partner lets them achieve a whole new level of happiness.

Different from an Unhealthy Relationship, in which one partner or both relies on the other entirely for their happiness.

Their self-worth and feelings are ultimately dictated by their partner.

The Unhealthy Relationship above usually stems from doing everything together, and lacking your own life.

The friends you had slowly drift away and you’re left with no one but each other.

It is okay to spend a lot of time together, but personal time away from your partner is actually important in maintaining a Healthy Relationship.

After getting into a Romantic Relationship, you should maintain your Long Term Relationship with your circle of friends, and keep doing the things you love to do.

Your partner might make you feel like you already own the world, but as time passes, you’ll need friends and hobbies so that you’ll have other avenues for happiness instead of relying solely on your partner and placing insurmountable amounts of pressure on them.


5. Finding the Halfway Point

People of the current generation seem to want everything the easy way, but that will never be the case for Healthy Relationships.

Serious Relationships are hard. Even if you don’t like something and your partner likes it, you’ll have to find a way to make both of you happy.

That is called the halfway point, or learning how to achieve compromise in the midst of discord.

It’ll be all fine and dandy if you and your partner are like two peas in a pod which never have any arguments, ever.

However, in reality, that is absurdly impossible. There is no way that two people will be identical in their interests and opinions, no matter how similar they are.

When arguments arise, it is important in a Healthy Relationship to sometimes give in instead of always making sure you get your way.

It is a way of telling your partner that you love them, and making them feel loved through your actions.

A relationship in which people are not willing to meet halfway, is never a healthy one because it throws off the balance of the Monogamous Relationship.

Taking turns to let each other have their happy moment is all part of having a healthy and Fulfilling Relationship.


Healthy Relationships: Concluding Insights on How to Have a Healthy Relationship

When you’ve done something for ages without any incentive to change, it can be really difficult to alter the habits you’ve developed over the years.

However, if you want a long term, healthy relationship, it is best that you start tweaking the way you treat your partner if you do find that you are missing the hallmarks of a Healthy Relationship, and vice versa.


(Last Updated: 27 June 2020)

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