NSA Relationship: Meaning, Definition, Rules & NSA Apps

If you’ve been swiping or scrolling through plenty of dating apps, you’ve definitely come across the acronym “NSA” by now.

You see a perfect profile of an attractive man or lady that has the essence of what you’ve been looking for.

Then you realised the acronym “NSA” in the intentions section and think “What the heck is that?”.

Don’t panic.

We’ll give you the lowdown on NSA here.


What is The Meaning and Definition of NSA?

NSA, a common acronym for “No Strings Attached”, and is a social slang which basically means a sexual relationship with no commitments of a serious relationship.

So, there are no emotions, expectations, obligations and commitments beyond sexual fun.

Hence, why it’s called a no strings attached relationship.



What’s the difference then between a One Night Stand and NSA?

While the two are often used interchangeably by some people, it isn’t necessarily the same thing.

A NSA may be a one night stand or a hookup where you get laid once with the person and that’s the end of it.

However, a NSA could mean an arrangement of meeting several times for a certain period of time until the fire burns out.

But essentially, NSA means there is no long-term commitment between you two, that a committed relationship entails.



Are FWB and NSA the Same Then?

FWB and NSA have a distinct difference despite no emotional ties between the two people involved.

FWB (Friends with Benefits) is a relationship where two friends decide to engage in a sexual relationship, while remaining friends and no commitment.

So the difference here is the friendship part and that is a “string” there, where there are still expectations as friends, which requires some attention.

A NSA means there is no friendship in the equation to maintain.

So, fuck today and bye tomorrow where you’ll never see the person ever again, as most don’t end with an intention to keep in touch.



I Want a NSA. Where Do I Sign Up for It?

Whoa. Whoa.

Before jumping the gun, take a moment to reflect if a NSA relationship is what you need right now.

Can you really separate emotions from sex?

Are you entering this expecting and hoping that it will be something more?

Are you doing this because everyone is doing it but deep down you actually want a true partner to share everything with?

So, what we’re saying here is you need to make your intentions clear on why you want a NSA.

Don’t be shy or worried about writing it down if needed.

Writing it down will help you achieve clarity that can save you from potential pitfalls later as well as heartaches.

Read our NSA definition and  top 10 NSA Relationship Rules articles to find out if you can adhere to them, while being sexually involved with someone and decide if this is really for you.



Determining If It is For You

NSA relationships are best for people, who are definitely not looking for commitment right now whether it is because they’re too busy focusing on their careers or other areas in their lives.

They are also perfect for people who don’t like being tied to only one option and likes to keep their options open to explore.

NSA works for people who are also not into anything heavy at the moment and likes to keep things fun, rather than bogged down by commitments.

Being emotional may be too draining for them and they don’t want that at this point in their lives.

If all these hits home for you, then NSA is most likely suited for you.

If you’re still deciding and can’t decide, our NSA Relationship Meaning article can help guide you through your confusion and hopefully come to a conclusion, if this is the right relationship for you.


Where Can I Find a NSA Partner?

When finding a NSA partner, some may find them at parties or bars.

But with the Covid-19 pandemic looming over us and everyone is minimising socialising, one of the safer ways to go about is by looking for NSA partners on NSA apps.

You’ll get to browse through their profiles and find out if they’re on the same wavelength as you, before pursuing anything.

Also, you’ll get the best picks from these apps while not exchanging numbers if you don’t want to.

All in all, only you can determine if this is the right relationship for you.

So, take the time to reflect what you want to invest your time and energy with and if a NSA is worthwhile for you at this present time.



(Last updated: 10 December 2020)

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