Sapiosexual: Everything about Sapiosexual Definition/Meaning/Relationship & Dating Apps/Sites/Websites

Sapiosexual: Everything about Sapiosexual Definition/Meaning/Relationship & Dating Apps/Sites/Websites

Do you find yourself easily attracted to people of exceptional intelligence, and you are just as easily turned off by people who are less intellectually capable, even if they are physically very attractive ?

Ask yourself:

  • For Guys/Lesbians: Would you prefer a lady sitting quietly engrossed in a thick paperback, over a scantily dressed one in a crowded bar?
  • For Ladies/Gays: Would you prefer a guy who’s more nerdy looking but speaks with substance and depth, rather than a smartly-dressed hunky and muscular guy whose conversations are shallow and superficial?

You most probably just might be a Sapiosexual – if you do not already know that you are.

A Sapio is a someone who’s attracted to another person who possesses high intellect, more so that a person who others see as being physically attractive in the conventional sense. In essence, Sapiosexuals are individuals who prioritize intelligence as an attractive trait in their potential partners above all others.

Of course, a certain standard of physical attractiveness needs to be there. However, Sapiosexuals are people who would easily choose a plain Jane with the brains of Einstein, over a dumb bombshell.


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Sapiosexual - What is Sapiosexual - Sapiosexual Definition - Sapiosexual Meaning - Sapiosexual Dating - Sapiosexual Relationship - Sapiosexual Dating Apps - Sapiosexual Dating Sites - Sapiosexual Dating Websites

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A. Define Sapiosexual – Definition

1. You’re no dumbass yourself

2. You can’t tolerate conversations devoid of substance

3. Someone with their own opinions thrills you

4. You enjoy witty jokes

5. Stupidity gets on your nerves

6. Good English is the only way to go

7. Someone’s mind interests you more than their appearance

8. You don’t like people who hop on bandwagons

9. You don’t get along well with clout chasers

10. EQ and IQ are equally important to you

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B. What is Sapiosexual – Meaning

Key distinguishing characteristics of a Sapio are as follows:-

1. You favour someone’s personality over their looks

2. You enjoy long and serious discussions about life

3. You are very much aware that intelligence comes in many forms

4. The price tag on a person’s clothes does not really matter much to you

5. You prefer dating a person who makes ears prick up, over an attractive being that causes heads to turn

6. You do not find lazy speech or lazy jargons attractive at all

7. For the first few months you are dating, going to the cinema as an activity is rare for you

8. You love both asking and answering questions

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C. Sapio Men: What You Need to Know Before You Date a Smart Lady

(a) Positives of Dating an Intelligent Woman

1. She’s easy to get along with

2. Her intelligence is under constant upgrading

3. They won’t embarrass you in social situations

4. They don’t idolize people for their “trendiness”

5. She does not make baseless accusations


(b) Negatives of Dating an Intelligent Woman

1. She can make you feel really unimportant

2. You have to be careful with your words at times

3. She is very likely attracted to people as smart as or smarter than her

4. Over-ambition

5. It’s easy for her to invade into your life


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D. Sapiosexual Women: Why You Should Date a Smart Guy

1. They’re awesome conversation partners

2. They are funny guys

3. They are reliable

4. They won’t waste your time

5. They won’t bore you with clichés

6. They are devoted

7. They adapt well to situations

8. They know what you need

9. They are useful to have around

10. Appearances are easily altered

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E. Types of People Who Attract Sapiosexuals to Them

In Sapiosexual Dating, these are the profiles of people Sapiosexuals are attracted to:-

(a) The Sapiosexual Woman’s Top 5 Ideal Types of Men

1. The Messy Nerd

2. The Philosopher

3. The Creator

4. The Medicine Man

5. The Scientist


(b) The Sapiosexual Man’s Top 5 Ideal Types of Women

1. The Quirky Gal

2. The Shining Star

3. The Awkward Nerd

4. The FOB Asian

5. The All-Rounder

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F. How to Attract & Capture the Interest of a Sapiosexual

How, and what do you have to do, to attract an an intelligent partner?

We summarize our Top 13 Sapio Advice for you … Enjoy!


1. Brush up on current events to communicate with a Sapio

2. Read voraciously to impress a Sapio

3. Speech patterns

4. Have opinions and stand by them

5. Dress well to look smart to a Sapiosexual

6. Borrow intelligence from the more experienced

7. Pick up a new language

8. Work on something you’re passionate about

9. Don’t be contented

10. Never stop asking

11. Expand your vocabulary

12. Don’t spread rumors

13. Don’t fear mistakes

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If you’re thinking hard, and wondering how to capture the interest of and date a Brainiac, look no further!

Here’s our additional Top 10 bonus Sapio Tips for you!

1. Don’t put others down to make yourself feel better

2. Don’t pretend to be smart just because it’s the “in-thing” now

3. Being “weird” can be okay too

4. Seek their guidance

5. Share your interests

6. Tell them they’re smart

7. Take part in their nerdy endeavours

8. Don’t approach them with hidden intentions

9. Go on dates which stimulate their mind

10. Show them what you enjoy doing

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