Platonic Friendship: Platonic Relationship Definition/Meaning/Intimacy/Romance & Platonic Dating App/Sites/Websites

Platonic Friendship: Platonic Relationship Definition/Meaning/Intimacy/Romance & Platonic Dating App/Sites/Websites

Platonic Friendships and Platonic Relationships are on the rise these days, and gaining popularity as another distinct type of Dating Relationship. So what exactly is Platonic Dating, what are its benefits and advantages, and how do you make a Platonic Relationship work?

We share everything you need to know about a Platonic Relationship, from Platonic Friendship Meaning, Platonic Friendship Definition, Platonic Romance, to what Platonic Intimacy entails.

Also find out about the Best Platonic Friend App, Platonic Dating Sites and Platonic Dating Websites.


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Everything About Platonic Friendship, Platonic Relationship, Platonic Dating, Platonic Intimacy & Platonic Romance

It’s very rare to find people who think along the same frequency as us. That’s why we should really treasure such platonic friends when we find them.


A. What is a Platonic Friendship

The Perennial Question in Platonic Dating always is: Can a guy and a lady remain platonic friends in the long term?

Let us take a look at the circumstances which make a Platonic Relationship and Platonic Intimacy successful.

And also, let’s understand what people involved in Platonic Dating have to deal with … Enjoy!

(a) You are “that couple” that’s not a couple
(b) You don’t even remember when you started being friends
(c) You can’t imagine having sex with them
(d) They give good, honest advice
(e) They’re always there for you
(f) You don’t want to cock-block your friend
(g) You have memorized a list of reasons as to why you can’t date each other
(h) One or both of you are happily in a romantic relationship with someone else
(i) You have to appease your partners’ jealousy sometimes
(j) You promised to grow old together – in more than one way


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C. Platonic Dating Sites & Platonic Friendship App

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D. How to Identify a Platonic Friend in Platonic Dating

1. You finish each other’s sentences
2. You follow them closely on social media
3. You care about what they think
4. You want to know all about them
5. You admire them. A lot.
6. You don’t want an intimate relationship with them


E. How to Maintain a Platonic Friendship

Men generally find it difficult to remain platonic friends with a Woman.

This is because it’s embedded in his DNA and genetics, to seek out a mate.

So, to successfully maintain a platonic romance, you both need to adhere to these 10 Golden Rules of Platonic Dating:-

1. Remember why you don’t want to go there
2. Make a firm decision
3. No skin contact. Avoid excessive physical contact
4. Don’t set yourselves up to fail
5. Remove the triggers. Avoid factors or situations which might make you cave
6. Don’t flirt, even as a joke
7. Rely on your buddies
8. Occupy your time with someone else
9. Don’t bring up anything sensual. Ever.
10. Fake it till you make it

You’re in for a successful and most fulfilling time together as Platonic partners, if you both can stick strictly to these boundaries.

Read the full content at “What is Platonic Intimacy: Top 10 Platonic Dating Advice for a Successful Platonic Relationship & Platonic Friendship“.


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