Casual Encounters: Meaning, Definition, Apps and Tips for Casual Sex

Definition & History of Casual Encounters


Craigslist was once upon the top way to get second-hand furnitures, find roommates, second-hand cars and even certain jobs.

But there was another exciting set of list called “Casual Encounters” and they planted the seeds of where people would advertise for hookups, no strings attached and one night stands.

The words “casual encounters” then continued on until today, thanks to Craigslist alternatives – dating apps.

Casual encounters became the anchor point of what people would refer to as hookups, one night stands, no strings attached, booty call, flings or casual sex.

So, the definition and meaning of casual encounters are meeting with people, with the intention of having sex, without any strings attached or any promise of commitments.

It’s usually a one-time thing but some people do meet again to have sex a couple of times, depending on the arrangement between the two people involved.

Quite often, people like to skip the dinner and drinks and get right down to business by agreeing to meet at one of their places.

So, romance is out of the picture, there is no emotional entanglement in the arrangement.



Are Friends With Benefits Considered a Casual Encounter?

The answer here is yes!

But there is a slight difference between this and the other terms.

While there is no commitment of being in a serious relationship after, FWBs do come with an attachment to consider, which is the friendship.

People usually get into such arrangements because there is trust and certain familiarity involved, compared to romping with a stranger from an app or a bar.

Another difference to point out is that some FWBs could have sex for up to a couple months and is usually not a one time thing.



Where Can I Find A Casual Encounter Now?

After Craigslist Personals were permanently shut down, many did not know where to go.

But there is no need to worry.

Plenty of great Craigslist Personals alternatives are out there, thanks to the array of casual encounter and hookup apps out there.



Top 6 Tips When Meeting A Casual Encounter



1. Freshen Up Your Breath

You don’t want to be shoving down your tongue into someone’s mouth, when you smell of onion and garlic.

Carry with you breath mints to freshen up whenever.

Trust us, bad breath can be a huge turn-off and may end the night abruptly.


2. Always Carry Condoms

While the definition of casual encounters can vary and may not necessarily end with sex, always carry a condom with you.

This goes to both males and females.

Ladies, carry some with you just in case your partner didn’t bring one or potentially tear (it has happened) in the midst of having sex.

Do have safe sex, despite the other side proposing to do the deed without a condom.

Your sexual health should be a priority here.


3. Steer Clear of the Booze

While the stories of hooking up while being drunk have been going around, it is definitely not a fun way of hooking up and not remembering anything at all of what took place the night before.

You’ll want to remember the built-up, pent-up sexual chemistry and touches, to enjoy the experience in the first place.

So, leave the alcohol out for the night and just enjoy the pleasurable experience with your partner.


4. Embrace Your Body

This is a shoutout to both men and the ladies out there.

It doesn’t matter if you’re curvy or thin, love yourself and embrace your body shape.

It would make a huge difference to your hookup as you won’t get self-conscious about your body, when it’s time to get naked or even in the heat of the moment.

Confidence is a huge turn on and you’ll enjoy the casual sex session more, when you’re not worrying about your lower belly pooch.

For the men, don’t worry about the shape or length of your *ahem* package.

You’ll be surprised at what women out there enjoy and instead just embrace it.


5. Consent First

If there are certain fantasies that you would love to try with your partner, don’t hesitate to talk to him or her about them first.

Get consent first before moving any further so that nothing is assumed.

While some may say it spoils the mood, it could actually enhance the mood as both of you are communicating on what both of you want and looking forward to.

Both of you will feel really good together when things get spicy and will make the hookup worthwhile.


6. Make The First Move

If you’re feeling the fireworks going on mutually and dying for the other person to get the party started, go ahead and start it up.

If it’s obvious both of you want it, take the lead then.

Your partner will be grateful that you made the first move and will be very turned on by your confidence.



(Last updated: 18 December 2020)

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