Platonic Relationship: Platonic Friendship Definition/Meaning/Intimacy/Romance & Platonic Dating App/Sites/Websites

Platonic Relationship: Platonic Friendship Definition/Meaning/Intimacy/Romance & Platonic Dating App/Sites/Websites

Platonic Friendships and Platonic Relationships are on the rise these days, and gaining popularity as another distinct type of Dating Relationship. So what exactly is Platonic Dating, what are its benefits and advantages, and how do you make a Platonic Friendship work?

We share everything you need to know about a Platonic Friendship, from Platonic Friendship Meaning, Platonic Friendship Definition, Platonic Romance, to what Platonic Intimacy entails.

Also find out about the Best Platonic Friend App, Platonic Dating Sites and Platonic Dating Websites.


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Platonic Relationship, Platonic Friendship, Platonic Dating & Platonic Intimacy


A. What is a Platonic Relationship

Understand the Top 10 plain bare truths of being Platonic Friends:-

1. You are “that couple” that’s not a couple
2. You don’t even remember when you started being friends
3. You can’t imagine having sex with them
4. They give good, honest advice
5. They’re always there for you
6. You don’t want to cock-block your friend
7. You have memorized a list of reasons as to why you can’t date each other
8. One or both of you are happily in a romantic relationship with someone else
9. You have to appease your partners’ jealousy sometimes
10. You promised to grow old together – in more than one way

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B. How to Maintain a Platonic Relationship in Platonic Dating & Platonic Romance

1. Be Loyal to Your Decision

Be responsible for your decision, and actively remind yourself of it.

You both had decided, and you agreed that your relationship is merely platonic.


2. Deal with Sexual/Romantic Tension

Being great friends means you like each other’s personality.

Avoid placing yourself in situations where you are vulnerable to lust.

Deal with and do your best to overcome if you start to feel physically attracted to your platonic friend.


3. Treat Each Other as Equals

You should be fully aware of the weaknesses and strengths of each other.

Neither party should be submissive. Be open to each other about your own flaws.

After all, you are not here to impress each other romantically.


4. Ignore Skepticism

Many people still take the outdated view that pure friendship between a guy and a lady is impossible.

Ignore such people. Be confident of yourselves and your decision to keep the relationship platonic.


5. Remember the Benefits of Platonic Dating

There are tons of benefits having a close platonic partner.

You have a confidant and companion, and someone to enjoy good time with, without drama and emotional baggage.


Finally, you have to believe in yourselves. Bear in mind what it takes to stay rooted in a platonic friendship.

Do whatever you need to do to maintain it, even if it means meeting in public places (and not in the privacy of a private enclosed space).

Since both of you are platonically connected at a very deep spiritual and emotional, you have between yourselves a very strong bond, that can withstand changes in time and in your circumstances.


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D. Platonic Relationship Sites & Platonic Friend App

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