Best App For Casual Hookups: Top 6 Casual Relationship & Fling Apps for the Misunderstood Fetish-Loving Individuals

Best App For Casual Hookups: Top 6 Casual Relationship & Fling Apps for the Misunderstood Fetish-Loving Individuals

Got a specific fetish and hoping to find someone who is willing to try things out with you?

The regular Casual Dating Apps probably won’t make the cut – because people out there may not be as accepting towards people with fetishes.

What they fail to understand, is that having fetishes make things A LOT more interesting in the bedroom.


Best App for Casual Hookups: Finding Fetish-Loving Casual Encounter Partners

Here are a few of the Best App for Casual Hookups that you could try if you wish to find others who are on the same page for fetishes as you … Enjoy!


1. FetL

FetL is a place for people with fetishes. And you’d be surprised by the sheer variety of fetishes that people are into.

Who knows, you might pick up a couple once you’ve signed up as a member at FetL.

The app features the popular swipe feature seen in Tinder (and loads of other apps) which makes it really simple to find a match.

PLUS POINT – it has a GPS feature as well so that means you would be able to date people nearby who share the same fetish as you.

Now how awesome is that?


2. KinkD

Here’s another app to consider – KinkD.

Not only will you find all sorts of fetish and like-minded people here, you might be able to develop an interest in a thing or two that you come across.

KinkD is all about building a community of users who are keen to explore alternative fetishes without any judgement.

It features a photo verification step so that you are certain you’ll be meeting someone who actually looks like the profile photo.

No harm trying out, we say!


3. Whiplr

Feeling excited just by its name? Us too.

Whiplr. Sounds like there’re whips and lashes involved. And that sounds pretty kinky and raunchy.

Whiplr is the go-to Hook Up App if you’re into BDSM – and you’re very likely to find someone who can match up to your level of enthusiasm.

Try exploring this Casual Hookups App a little, and you’d be surprised by how creative people can get.


4. Kinky Zoo

If you’re offended, don’t be.

The app creators are probably just trying to suggest that we all have primal urges sometimes, and that’s when Kinky Zoo comes into the picture.

Let’s admit it – we can really be like animals (f*ck like rabbits, for example) and we should really just embrace it.

In the Kinky Zoo, you get to meet like-minded individuals who are open to all sorts of Casual Encounter arrangements.



We don’t need to spell it out loud – and that’s the intention of the creators at KNKI.

The app supports social media integration (if you are up for it) and the best part of it all – you get to set very VERY specific filters so that you’re certain the person you’re meeting is the one you’d like to have raunchy sex with.

You really got to experience how specific the filters can get, to understand what we’re saying here.



Well, yes we know this is a Hookup Website and not a Hookup App. But we just can’t help but want to share it in this list.

Precisely because this is a website, it is especially intuitive when it comes to maintaining a community of like-minded individuals who are into all sorts of fetishes.

If you’ve got something you’d like to explore, simply initiate a discussion thread to start the ball rolling.

The success and experience of of is dependent on how active its users are.

So, if you’re intending to be a leech, your experience is probably going to feel quite limited.


Concluding Insights on Best App for Casual Hookups

If you haven’t got a fetish, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to appreciate one.

Go ahead, look through the list and explore a little.

It won’t be long before you ditch your conventional f*ck buddies, for partners who are willing to suck on your toes and get off while doing it.

It could be mind-blowing experience that you have never experienced before. Have fun!


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