Best 10 Free Hookup Sites of 2021: Key Features, Pros and Cons

Key Takeaway: While others are busy finding love, you just want to have fun with zero commitments. These hookup sites are great if you prefer something non-serious. 


  1. Best Hookup Site and App for its Variety of Attractive Options : Tinder – With a high number of users, it’s the best option if you like to explore a variety of different personalities. 
  2. Best Hookup Site and App for Well-Matched Hookups: OkCupid – Those who prefer in-depth profiles before diving further, will like OkCupid for its comprehensives in its questionnaires.
  3. Best Hookup Site and App for Women Taking Charge: Bumble – If you’ve been overwhelmed by messages flooding into your chats, you’ll find relief in here as women make the first move. 
  4. Best Hookup Site for Being Totally Free: r/Dirtyr4r: This is one of the most popular subreddits to search for your hookups for free and no payment required. 
  5. Best Hookup App for Threesomes and Inclusivity: Feeld – With over 20 gender and sexual identities to choose from, Feeld is all-inclusive when it comes to exploring your desires. 
  6. Best Hookup Site for Blowjobs: r/RandomActsOfBlowJob/ – Hookups don’t just mean sex. Some are happy with just blowjobs. 
  7. Best Hookup App for Stress-free Great Matches: Zoosk– If you’re willing to pay, Zoosk will do all the work for you without you answering tons of questions to find partners you vibe with. 
  8. Best Hookup App for Queer Women: HER- A safe space for hookups with a supportive community to boot. 
  9. Best Hookup App for Gay Men: Grindr- It has the most options due to its popularity and a go-to for quick hookups. 
  10. Best Hookup Site for Swingers: Swapfinder- If you like to hookup with couples or partner-swapping, this is for you. 


Table of Contents: 

1. Tinder: Best Hookup Site and App for its Variety of Attractive Options

2. OkCupid: Best Hookup Site and App for Well-Matched Hookups

3. Bumble: Best Hookup Site and App for Women Taking Charge

4. r/Dirtyr4r: Best Hookup Site for Being Totally Free

5. Feeld: Best Hookup App for Threesomes and Inclusivity

6. r/RandomActsOfBlowJob/: Best Hookup Site for Blowjobs

7. Zoosk: Best Hookup App for Stress-free Great Matches

8. HER:Best Hookup App for Queer Women

9. Grindr: Best Hookup App for Gay Men

10. Swapfinder: Best Hookup Site for Swingers


While your friends and family may be rushing to find “The One”, you don’t feel the same way. 

And that’s fine. 

Hookup sites out there makes hooking up easy, stress-free and more effective in finding a hookup partner. 

This beats going to the bar and splurging on expensive drinks, just to get a chance to get laid. 

We’ve tested many hookup sites to bring together our top 10 best hookup sites of 2021, so you keep your experience easy breezy while searching for hot sex in your neighbourhood. 


1. Tinder: Best Hookup Site and App for its Variety of Attractive Options



Source: Tinder/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for friendships, short-term dating, FWBs and long-term dating.Male: 78.1%
Female: 21.9%
Over 57 mil4.6


Key Features
  • Tons of options for both males and females
  • Straight up profile set up
  • Swiping makes it easy to view profiles fast
What We Like
  • Open to same-sex connections
  • Handy when travelling
What We Don’t Like
  • Ghosting and flakey people
  • Limited Swipes
  • Meeting up with people can take some time
  • People may swipe but have no intention of connecting


Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

Tinder Gold: USD 29.99 per month


Tinder is one of the top of the app chain when it comes to hookups due to its rise to stardom as a “swipe app”. 

It’s well-known to usher in a brilliant amount of choices and its short bio makes things fuss-free for express hookups. 

However, because of the emphasis on photos, its focus is very much on physical attraction.

So, Tinder is perfect for those who are looking for a variety of hookup partners and attractive matches, but may not be great for those who want “more than meets the eye” hookups. 

Like most apps out there, they have a free version with opportunities to upgrade to various memberships. 

Its ease of use to swipe left or right is what makes this app so popular due to its convenience. 

With its huge user base, it’s almost impossible to not find compatible matches here and you just can’t beat the amount of choices you get here. 

If you’re not on Tinder already, better get to it and start swiping to get laid. 

Tinder is still one of the best hookup sites and apps out there for attractive choices. 


2. OkCupid: Best Hookup Site and App for Well-Matched Hookups



Source: OkCupid/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for friendships, short-term dating, hookups and long-term dating.Male: 48.3%
Female: 42.7%
Over 50 million4.5


Key Features
  • Its matching capabilities with a questionnaire
  • Has separate sections to highlight Match%, passport, who’s online now, and Question Pros
  • Space for your personality to come through in your profile
What We Like
  • The amount of compatible matches we get
  • Tons of gorgeous people
  • Not wasting time in matching
What We Don’t Like
  • Questions can get overwhelming
  • Takes time to find a hookup


AvailabilityiOS and Android

Free version: Yes

1 month premium: USD34.99

3 months premium: USD29.99

6 month premium: USD 24.99


If you’ve moved on from the Tinder scene and want more than just random hookup matches but still have loads of no-strings-attached fun, OkCupid fits the bill. 

Compatibility may be your number one priority and OkCupid is perfect for that because of its questionnaire. 

Their list of questions even takes into consideration many things beyond if you want kids such as your political leanings. 

OkCupid scores well in our books also because it’s LGBTQ friendly, so no one is left out from finding the partners and relationships they deserve.

With their newly integrated IQupid, the more you answer, the better chances of you being highlighted in their Questions Pro Stack.

This means you get to shine from the crowd and more chances of people finding you. 

So, don’t skimp on the questions as it does play a huge role in finding you compatible matches so you don’t waste your time. 

It’s all about using your time and effort for an efficient search!

Other than the Questions Pro Stack, you can also check out matches based on cleverly-designed sections such as “Highest Match %”, “Online”, “New People”, “Nearby” and “Popular”.

They have recently added a new section called “Passport”, where you get to meet people around the world, possibly hookup with others when you travel!

The only con is that you would require loads of patience here to find a great hookup. 

It’s definitely not for those who want a hookup on the same day. 

But this hookup site and app is great if you’re done swiping through apps that may give you tons of options but turns out to be a waste of time.


3. Bumble: Best Hookup Site and App for Women Taking Charge



Source: Bumble/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for casual dates, serious relationships, marriage, friends and business networking.Male: 72.9%
Female: 27.1%
100 million4.4


Key Features
  • Find friends (including FWBs), hookups, date and network in one app.
  • Quick responses due to the 24 hours expiry for matches
  • Loads of options for matches.
  • Filter to get verified profiles only.
What We Like
  • Really attractive matches here.
  • 3 modes to play with
  • Video chat to weed out catfishes
  • Space in your profile for your personality to shine.
What We Don’t Like
  • Mindless swiping so you can expect some to not reply at all.
  • Takes patience to find matches who likes you back, to start a chat.
  • Pricey membership plans.


Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

1 week premium: USD 8.99

3 month premium: USD 16.99 per month

6 month subscription: USD 13.99 per month


If you’re a lady and you’ve been faced with issues of being overwhelmed by unwanted messages in dating apps, Bumble is a cool solution to that problem. 

Bumble is known to be the Tinder alternative, but with women taking control of the conversations by making the first move. 

Women have 24 hours to initiate a conversation once both have matched.

Otherwise, the match disappears! 

This works for opposite gender matches, while same sex matches is open to both to get the conversation going. 

While the 24 hour limit may be a con for some, it can be a huge pro as we found that people are more attentive in making meaningful connections. 

There are also less chances of ghosting here in our experience because the limit really gets people chatting. 

They also have video call and voice chat features, making it convenient and safe to not give out your number just yet. 

This is especially helpful with the pandemic as we face lockdown on our own and would love to connect. 

On a free account, you get to pick two advanced filters, such as if they are active in exercising or if they’re looking for something casual.

We haven’t even told you one of the best features of Bumble. 

It has three different modes for you to utilise to the fullest depending on your needs. 

You get to choose Bumble Date for dating including hookups, Bumble BFF to find friends near you or last (but not least), Bumble Bizz to network.

The best part is you can create three different profiles for the three modes so you can conveniently switch in between these modes, depending on what you’re looking for at that particular moment! 

It’s an app if you’re a guy who’s comfortable with women making the first move and if you love to multitask in one app. 

You don’t have to choose between hooking up, making friends and networking here. 


4. r/Dirtyr4r: Best Hookup Site for Being Totally Free


Source: r/Dirty4r/Reddit


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles and couples looking to hookupOver 472,0004.5


Key Features
  • Loads of users worldwide
  • Straightforward in users’ intentions
  • Completely free
  • Moderated page
What We Like
  • Control on how many posts to avoid spams
  • No explicit photos
  • No lengthy sign ups and setting up profile
What We Don’t Like
  • Safety issues due to anonymity


Availability: Website

Free version: Completely free


If you know Reddit, you know it’s a great meet point of information, great communities and hot discussions. 

What you may not know is that it could be a great place for you to score a hookup or two. 

Dirtyr4r is one of the most popular subreddits to search for your hookups. 

If you fancy an alternative to dating apps and done playing with it, try this sub instead. 

With more than 472,000 subscribers here, you can easily find 800 to 900 people online anytime. 

You’ll be part of a worldwide community, mostly US and UK, in there looking for horny redditors themselves. 

This sub is nothing short of kinky posts so if you’ve ever felt out of place in other platforms, you’ll enjoy being yourself here. 

People here are not shy to say what they want and they’ll expect you to do the same. 

For men out there who have been frustrated in getting a hookup in dating apps with the lopsided gender ratio, you’ll be happy to know that there are quite a bit of women posting looking for hookups.

You can easily filter using their flairs of male, females and couples (yes, some adventurous couples want in on the fun too). 

A great tip would be to use the search bar to find people in your location such as London, California, Texas and Virginia. 

If you’ve been looking for one of the best hookup sites that requires no payment and no money, this is definitely worth trying. 


5. Feeld: Best Hookup App for Threesomes and Inclusivity



Source: Feeld/Apple


User BaseNo. of ConnectionsRating
For singles looking for chats, hookups, casual encounters, FWB or relationships.Over 700,000 connections a day4.6


Key Features
  • Sex positive space
  • 20 plus sexual identities and gender
  • No second guessing on intentions
What We Like
  • Highly Inclusive
  • Easy to use
  • Can pair your profile with your partner
  • Group chats for couples and singles to create their own lil’ communities
  • Upfront on desires such as kinks, threesomes or ethical non-monogamy
  • People don’t beat around the bush
What We Don’t Like
  • Catfishes and scammers


Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

1 month premium: USD 15.49

3 month premium: USD 30.99


You’ll have a “Feeld” day in this app if you’re out and about on the hunt for threesomes. 

It’s been well-known to be the threesome dating app for couples and singles. 

Here, you can openly explore your desires with like-minded people while still keeping it respectful.

You don’t get barraged with semi-nude or dick photos here unless you want them and you ask them in private chats.

With 20 plus sexual and gender identities, you’ll find something you’re comfortable with.

What we like about Feeld is how they’re super sex positive in exploring your kinks and fetishes with or without a partner. 

In the app, you can easily tag your desires such as “threesome”, “bdsm” or “mmf” to match each other’s kinks. 

Here, people don’t usually use their real name and prefer a nickname and you’re not pressured to upload a photo of yourself. 

You don’t have to match to ping one another so that makes the process faster and a breeze. 

If you ever had trouble fitting in even the regular hookup apps due to specific kinks, gender identity and sexual identity, you won’t feel out of place. 


6. r/RandomActsOfBlowJob/: Best Hookup Site for Blowjobs


Source: r/RandomActsofBlowjob/Reddit


User BaseNo. of ConnectionsRating
For singles looking for chats, hookups, casual encounters, FWB or relationships.Over 700,000 connections a day4.6


Key Features
  • Loads of users worldwide
  • People aren’t shy about their intentions
  • Completely free
  • Moderated page
What We Like
  • People saying it as it is.
  • No lengthy sign ups and setting up profile
What We Don’t Like
  • Safety issues due to anonymity

: Website

Free version: Completely free


If the name of this subreddit is not a dead giveaway, we can confirm that it is as it’s named and it’s one of the totally free hookup sites. 

Their tagline “Matching mouths to cocks” is pretty catchy too. 

Some may not be into sex with strangers and prefer blowjobs instead, both men and women.

Find a variety of blowjobs here whether it’s facial, big loads, throatfuck or fulfil your fantasy of giving head to a sailor. 

With more than 406,000 people here, the list of people looking for blowjobs are almost a bottomless pit. 

If you’re a guy and under the impression that no women would go for such a page or that many of them don’t favour the act, you need to seriously head here. 

Just like r/Dirtyr4r, you’ll have to tag your location and what you’re looking for such as [F4M], [M4F], [M4M]

You can then follow their guide on searching according to locations here to get the search results you want. 

The admins definitely take care of its members by coming up with a guide for guys to write a better post that ladies would actually respond to. 

For the ladies, they didn’t forget you and you can check out a guide for ladies by a lady on what worked for her. 

All these guides are to ensure you have a pleasant and successful meet-up. 

Like other subreddits, do read the rules thoroughly and don’t rush through the process of writing your posts. 

Members are limited to one post per week and the account must be at least one week old, to avoid spams in the group. 

Nothing is more annoying than seeing the same post over and over again. 


7. Zoosk: Best Hookup App for Stress-free Great Matches


Source: Zoosk/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for friendships, short-term dating, hookups and long-term dating.Male: 72.5%
Female: 27.5%
Over 35 mil4.3


Key Features
  • Loads of users
  • Behavioral Matchmaking Technology eases the process of finding compatible people
What We Like
  • Not filling up a gazillion questions to find the right matches
  • Easy to sign up process
We Don’t Like
  • Filled with potential fake profiles
  • Need to pay to read or send messages
  • Lack of filtering unless you pay


Availability: iOS and Android.

Free version: Yes

1 month Premium: USD 29.99

3 months Premium: USD 19.98 per month

6 months Premium: USD 12.49 per month


For those not into answering a dozen questions like on OkCupid, Zoosk would be the perfect choice for you if you’re willing to pay. 

It is now available in more than 80 countries and translated into 25 languages.

With the lack of room of building a profile here, how then do they find matches for you?

The answer is Zoosk uses its Behavioural Matchmaking technology to study actions by its 40 million members to bring you compatible matches in real time.

They study your information and human behavior such as profiles viewed, messages responded to, and messages sent in order to recommend better suited matches for you!

You also get to easily slot in your interests by picking from the list the app has ready for you including what TV shows you’re into, artists you love and games you can’t live without. 

In order to gain access to all features including upgrading to a subscription, your profile is verified to access all features including upgrading your subscription!

This means better security and better chances of avoiding scams. 

The rain on your parade of this app is that you would need to pay in order to even read or send any messages.

However looking at the success stories seen on this, we would say it’s worth browsing on a free account first to see who’s in your area and decide if it is worth paying the subscription!

Also, once you are verified you can try utilising their SmartPick feature, where it learns from your votes in order to give you more compatible matches in future.

It’s one of the hookup dating sites to try if you’re looking for compatible partners, while sitting back and letting the tech do the work for you. 


8. HER:Best Hookup App for Queer Women



Source: Her/Apple


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles and couples looking for monogamous relationship, polyamorous relationship, casual and friendship.Over 4 million4.5


Key Features
  • A huge community for the queer women
  • You can find a hookup or a cool bunch of friends in one app
  • HER is done by queer women for queer women
  • Many online events for topics such as Queer Dating and Sexual Health
What We Like
  • Only for queer women.
  • Profile verification for safety
  • The support community
What We Don’t Like
  • You’ll see the same profiles a couple of times
  • Takes time to get the opportunities to chat with matches


Availability: iOS and Android.

Free version: Yes

One month Premium: USD 14.99

Three months Premium: USD 11.99 per month

Six months Premium: USD 7.99 per month


HER was built for queer women and lesbians who are tired of being smack right in between heterosexual people like Tinder or Bumble. 

Founded by lesbian entrepreneur Robyn Exton, the app was originally named Dattch in 2013 and relaunched as HER.

The sleazy messages from straight men and even women, asking for threesomes or to fulfil their fantasies, are a huge turn-off for lesbians. 

The creative app by queer women for queer women, has brought in over six million users and is the epitome of what queer queens worldwide needs. 

HER is created to be a safe platform, beyond just a dating app, for lesbians, bisexuals and queer people, where they cut the crap and ask users to state their sexual and gender identity upfront. 

It’s a great app to find lesbians near your area or within a certain radius. 

Users clearly state their intentions whether they’re looking for a polyamorous relationship, something casual or even new friends, near them!

Other than the usual givings similar to heterosexual apps, this app gets an extra cool badge for its features. 

Their community is worth talking about as well, with different groups to suit different interests and needs. 

Pick your groups such as Body Positive and Plus Size, Trans Womxn, Trans Men and Love and Dating. 

It is also part social media, so you can find awesome friends so you can send a “Friend” request instead too for those you think would be friends material instead of a casual encounter. 

Their premium subscriptions can be expensive so do try out their basic account first before deciding if it’s worth your money. 

It has sufficient features on a free account to navigate through the app. 

A free account allows you limited swipes, gives you matches according to your location and limited view of who have liked you.

It’ll take some time to find matches there since you can only chat with a person, who mutually likes you. 

But if you want to know where the attractive lesbian girls are at, they’re here. 

The notifications can get pretty annoying and you can’t choose what notifications you want to receive. 

Other than that, the app is a refreshing start for queer women to find hookups, make friends and maybe develop relationships when you’re ready. 


9. Grindr: Best Hookup App for Gay Men


Source: Grindr/Apple


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For gay, bi, trans and queer singles or couple looking for hookups and dating.Over 27 million4.5


Key Features
  • Grid profile features for ease of scrolling
  • Large pool of gay men
  • Basic filters are good enough
What We Like
  • Different strokes for different folks
  • No swiping
What We Don’t Like
  • The nude pictures can get obnoxious after awhile
  • Anyone can message you so there’s such thing as too much here
  • Expensive membership fees


Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

1 month premium: USD 19.99

3 month premium: USD 39.99

12 month premium: USD 99.99


Grindr is the most coveted gay hookup app if you want some gay fun. 

It’s also known as one of the the first geosocial app for gay men since launching in 2009. 

A must-have app for those who have been looking for “gay hookup near me” on their Google search. 

You’ll see loads of men flashing their bodies in their main profile pictures so think twice before opening this app at work. 

Despite the options of different relationship available, this app is very much geared for sex. 

The profile goes heavy on your vital statistics and vitals and distances. 

In other words, Grindr screams gay hookups from the get go when you enter the app.

With a grid view for you to easily scroll through many profiles in one glance, the profiles are sorted according to distance and you can view who is the nearest.  

You’ll have the options to chat, send a tap, send pictures and video call. 

You can chat with anyone without matching for free.  

It’s no surprise that there are dick fest in the chats as people aren’t shy about sending their dick photos. 

So, definitely a great all-rounder free gay hookup app for the perks you get on a basic account. 

They also have premium membership options which gives you access to unlimited profiles, who viewed you, browse profiles incognito and unsend messages and photos. 

Be warned though, it can get addictive as the amount of men available for hookups are pretty vast here. 


10. Swapfinder: Best Hookup Site for Swingers



Source: Swapfinder/Website


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
Singles and couples looking for swinging.40 mil4.4


Key Features
  • Registration is fast and easy
  • Members all over the world
  • Members are open about their kinks and sexual preferences
What We Like
  • Online swingers club at your fingertips
  • Public chat rooms you can join and meet others 
What We Don’t Like
  • Can only view full length videos and photos if you’re a premium member 


Availability: Website

Free version: Yes

1 month premium: USD39.99 

3 months premium: USD 26.95 per month

12 months premium: USD 19.95 per month 


If you like the idea of swinging with couples or single people, Swapfinder is a decent choice for a partner-swapping. 

So, couples who like to swing with others don’t get left out in this hook up site. 

This is definitely a hookup website not to access at work as there are a lot of nudes. 

Members are totally not shy about what they like in bed and usually have about 60,000 members per time. 

Couples can create a shared profile here and the sign up is pretty straightforward, although an email address is the only way to sign up to date. 

You can preview people’s photos and videos on a free account but you would need to pay to gain the total experience of the photos and videos.

How it works is that they have chat rooms for you to join and you exchange media there. 

You can also browse through profiles and personally message anyone you fancy on a paid version. 

Straightforward and simple interface here so if you’re just looking for some quick fun, then give it a try. 

Singles, couples and LGBT people are all welcomed here. 

Other than that, it’s a really simple website for a niche group who have certain preferences. 


Top 5 Tips to Feeling Confident for Your Hookups


The moment someone text you that the meet up is confirmed and hot sex will be a delicious end to your night, you can’t help but get excited.

But sometimes along the way of anticipation of a hookup, we can start having doubts lingering in our heads or get nervous on what is to come. 

And deep down, you know it’s uncalled for and unnecessary but you may have trouble shaking it off.

This is nothing unusual. 

Confidence does play a huge part in enjoying the whole experience so you need to learn to get excited and pumped up for it. 

And there are things you can do to ensure you have a pleasurable night. 

Here are some of our top tips to gain confidence as you get under the sheets. 


1. Repeat positive mantras

Though we tend to look to others for compliments, it’s important to do it yourself before expecting it from someone. 

Look at the mirror and repeat a positive self-love mantra such as you are strong and confident. 

Or that you look good and feel good and that you’re worth it. 

It may feel a little weird at first but it’s a very powerful action that could change your trail of thoughts and change the whole outcome for you. 


2. Make sure everything is clear

Sometimes we get jittery about what the other person’s expectations are when both of you get down to action. 

So, before both of you rush out of your clothes, talk about what they would like and make boundaries between you two known and agreed upon. 

This prevents a super uncomfortable situation where one wants you to do things you’re not on board. 

This can cause awkwardness and discomfort while potentially ruining the night. 

So, get it all out from the very beginning and don’t wait until both of you are in the heat. 


3. Relax and breathe 

If you feel that you’re anxious, breathe deeply. 

When we are worried, we tend to not be present in the moment and lose the whole experience. 

If certain positions are awkward, tell the person you would like to try something else instead. 


4. Gut feeling is real 

If you feel something is off, trust your gut.

Your gut feeling is always right and you don’t need to go along with it just because you don’t want to ruin the moment. 

If anyone tries to push you past your boundaries, leave or feel free to tell them to leave if they’re at your place. 

You don’t owe anyone anything. 


5. No walk of shame 

If you felt good about the hookup, don’t walk away feeling that you did something wrong or have the need to feel guilty about it. 

If you feel empowered and good from the experience, walk out feeling confident. 




1. What’s a hookup on tinder?

Answer: Tinder has been well-known in the hookup arena so don’t be surprised if you get a message there asking you for a hookup. 

People usually use the term “hookup” to say sex but it’s not limited to just sex.

It could be making out, oral sex and touching. 

But the term is so ambiguous and means differently to everyone that it’s best to ask the person, and not assume that it means sex. 

Communicate with the person and casually ask them what they have in mind when they say hookup. 

This allows for clear understanding and there are no assumptions on what to expect. 


2. Do hookup sites really work? 

Others questions include:What hookup sites actually work, what hookup sites are real and what hookup sites are legit? 

Answer: Yes, they do but there are a lot of fake online hookup sites set up to get your personal details. 

If you’ve tried some of them and they haven’t been working well for you, there are factors to consider.

This could include the number of people in your area who signed up for the app. 

These hook up sites only work if there are loads of members in your neighbourhood to find a local hookup.

Another possibility to look at is to spruce up your profile page and photos. 

Read through again and see if you yourself find them attractive.

If you have doubts, ask trusted friends for their opinion and suggestions. 

Although it’s just a hookup, an attractive profile with good photos do make a huge difference. 

Think about it.

You have to stand out among thousands of people on the site, in order to catch anyone’s attention. 

So, a good impression does matter. 


3. What are the best hookup sites?

We have done the homework for you so you don’t have to! 

Check out our list of legit hookup sites above to find the right match for you as we have taken in factors such as if you like threesomes, LGBT inclusive and functionality. 

We’ve tested them for being real hookup sites thoroughly to ensure they’re legit. 


4. I’m looking for a page that has no scams, no email required and no sign-ups. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, scammers are a huge issue that even the best hook up sites are still fighting. 

It’s hard to weed them out but some of these apps and sites have taken measures such as identity verification but even those have their own set of challenges. 

Even if they verify a person as a real person,  it doesn’t mean that the person is cleared from being a scammer. 

Also, most of these hookup websites and apps require your email and sign-ups, in order to authenticate that you’re not a bot and not computer generated. 



(Last Updated: 21 April 2021)

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