Reddit Hookup Apps: Best 8 Free Hookup Subreddits Sites on Reddit

Key Takeaway: Reddit can do more than feeding you your daily dose of information. Its subreddits could be your golden ticket to hookups, whether you prefer them to be physical, video or even in writing. 


  1. Best subreddit for IRL hookupsr/Dirtyr4r – Loads of SFW posts and tons of choices here to find local and international hookups. 
  2. Best subreddit for oral sex encountersr/RandomActsOfBlowJob– The name says it all. This sub is filled with guides to make you get your oral sex fantasies fulfilled with success. 
  3. Best subreddit for multi-tasking–  r/r4r – If you prefer a subreddit that can double for looking for a hookup partner while finding a gaming partner, r4r hits the sweet spot. 
  4. Best subreddit for college students r/hookup– This sub is great for college hookups, one night stands, FWB and NSA. 
  5. Best subreddit for BDSM encountersr/BDSMpersonals– Find partners for fulfil your specific kinks. 
  6. Best subreddit for naughty online exchangesr/exxxchange–  exchange naughty pictures, gifs or videos.
  7. Best subreddit for erotic wordplayr/dirtypenpals – Into words foreplay? Sharpen your writing skills while finding connections through naughty exchanges. 
  8. Best subreddit for roleplaying through words r/eroticpenpals – Erotic correspondence could ignite your passion like never before. Worth trying if you love expressing your desires on paper, instead of under the sheets. 


Table of Contents:

  1. r/Dirtyr4r: Best subreddit for IRL hookups
  2. r/RandomActsOfBlowJob: Best subreddit for oral sex encounters
  3. r/r4r: Best subreddit for multi-tasking
  4. r/hookup: Best subreddit for college students
  5. r/BDSMpersonals: Best subreddit for BDSM encounters
  6. r/exxxchange: Best subreddit for naughty online exchanges
  7. r/dirtypenpals: Best subreddit for erotic wordplay
  8. r/eroticpenpals: Best subreddit for roleplaying through words


Reddit is great for a lot of things. 

It is known to be an important social sharing website, that could include text, images or videos. 

Its influence and spread is so large that Reddit ranks top as the 7th most visited website in the US and 18th worldwide. 

This comes to no surprise with more than 430 million active users worldwide religiously on it.

Many of us use it as an incredible source of nerdy slices of information and vote on them, where popular content goes to the top and downvoted content goes down. 

But Reddit has a couple of tricks up its sleeve and one you may never have considered. 

It’s a great resource to tap in helping you score fantastic hookups. 

Reddit is made up of subreddits or smaller communities and is a board of chatter, dedicated for a certain topic. 

These subreddits were said to be the main contributor to its popularity since existing 15 years ago. 

And now, there are more than 2.2 million subreddits ranging from topics such as tech, politics, environment and life tips.

Out of those subs, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered by you. 

There are thousands, possibly more, subs on NSFW hookups that can be found on Reddit. 

So, think of these subreddits as your Reddit hookup sites, minus needing to pay a subscription fee on dating apps. 

But with 2.2 million subreddits to dig through, you may end up just closing your browser and huff that it was a waste of time, especially if you’re a newbie here. 

We���ve narrowed it down for you here to make your life easier and in hopes that you would find your dream Reddit hookup here. 


1. r/Dirtyr4r: Best Subreddit for IRL Hookups


Source: r/Dirtyr4r/Reddit


This is one of the most popular subreddits to search for your next casual encounter. 

With 472,398 subscribers on board, you’ll find 800 people (or more) online at any given time. 

You’ll find people all around the world (particularly US and UK) listing their age, location and any kink here. 

An example would be “21 (F4M), Texas, looking for a long-term role-play partner”.

And it may be a comfort for some to know that quite a number of females are posting here. 

The posts highlighted in pink are by females, blue are from males, green are from trans and yellow for couples. 

Despite its name, it’s not a dick fest here, where people post pictures of their dicks for the world to see. 

The only drawback to this sub is that it’s global so make sure you clearly spell out your location if you’re looking for someone in the area. 

And use the search bar to find people in your location such as London, California, Texas and Virginia. 

Then, just watch your inbox for some hot Reddit sex. 


2. r/RandomActsOfBlowJob/: Best Subreddit for Oral Sex Encounters


Source: r/RandomActsofBlowjob/Reddit


As the name suggests, it’s all about oral sexual encounters here. 

So if full on sex is not your thing, definitely give this a shot. 

Find a variety of blowjobs here whether it’s throatfuck or fulfil your fantasy of giving head to a sailor. 

With 397, 376 people subscribed here, the list of people looking for blowjobs are endless. 

You’ll find about 500 people online per time going through these posts. 

Just like r/Dirtyr4r, you’ll have to tag your location and what you’re looking for such as [F4M], [M4F], [M4M]

They’ve even come up with a great guide for guys to write a better post that ladies would actually respond to. 

To add to that, the admins, who clearly take their jobs seriously, also took the time to write a guide on terminology for men to ensure success. 

For the ladies, don’t worry as they didn’t forget you and you can check out a guide for ladies by a lady on what worked for her. 

One thing to take note of is to definitely read the rules before posting up as they specifically mention how to format your post including your physical appearances and how to tag it appropriately. 

And among the rules, it also mentions users are limited to one post per week and the account must be at least one week old.

This is a great rule as it prevents the same people posting the same post over and over again and increasing the amount of posts to go through unnecessarily. 

So, do keep these in mind before posting anything so you don’t miss out on opportunities. 


3. r/r4r/: Best Subreddit for Multi-tasking


Souce: r/r4r/Reddit


If you prefer a sub that has more variety other than hookups, such as friends with benefits (FWB) or activity partners, then r4r would be for you. 

Here, you can look for platonic or non-platonic friends, gaming buddies, online friends, soulmates, travelmates, smoking buddies, activity partners, friends with benefits, or casual encounters, this is the place to find and seek.

Who would have thought you could be dating on Reddit?

You are allowed to post once in a 24-hour window.

Make sure to put effort in your posts here as the moderators will remove any that don’t meet its mark of 100+ words and 2 conversation starters. 

The great thing about here is they have regional r4rs on the sidebar, according to alphabetical order to help narrow down your search further. 

This is also one of the popular ones with 378,755 users subscribed here. 


4. r/hookup/: Best Subreddit for College Students


Reddit Hookup

Source: r/hookup/Reddit


Made for college students, this sub is a haven for those looking for hookups, one night stands, FWB and NSA. 

This is a meat fest so do expect to have dick photos plastered all over your screen. 

Definitely NSFW. 

Here, they’ve done the grunt work of providing you filters such as M4M, M4F or F4M to easily sift through the posts. 

You can also pick an option for “Town,County, Age and Gender must be in subject line” to narrow it down further. 

So far, there are no options to search according to locations so this may get a bit frustrating for some. 

But with 70.8k members, you’ll have a better chance to get noticed here versus the more popular ones. 

So, worth a try if you’re looking to get laid. 


5. r/BDSMpersonals/: Best Subreddit for BDSM encounters


Source: r/BDSMPersonals/Reddit


If you prefer something more fiery (and more specific) in your hookups, BDSM Personals will tap you to potential kink partners to fulfil your sexual fantasies. 

Whether you’re looking for a dominant, submissive, foot fetish, slave, the list of fetishes here are almost bottomless. 

It’s still a growing sub with 140, 654 kinksters on board at the moment, but with plenty of potential to go further. 

To easily present your kinks and limits to others here, the moderators have created a kink list for you to easily fill up including body preferences, clothing, sex toys and pain threshold. 

Be clear about what you’re looking for because people here are very specific on what they’re looking for and they get straight to the point, compared to the other subreddits. 

Remember to properly flair your posts here because they’ll be removed within five minutes of submission by their bot. 

If you’re unsure of what flair is, read here for more info.

Also with locations being a new post requirement, it’ll be easy to narrow down your searches through their search box (more on that later). 


6. r/exxxchange/: Best Subreddit for Naughty Online Exchanges


Source: r/exxxchange/Reddit


This sub is unique especially if you’re more into something online versus physical, due to Covid-19. 

This sub is used to find a partner to exchange naughty pictures, gifs or videos. 

So find people looking to explore their kinks online by chatting and sharing media to fulfil their sexual desires.

So people who prefer a level of anonymity would probably appreciate this sub and you can easily explore worldwide partners here. 

You can post once every 12 hours here to find your match. 

Another thing to keep in mind when posting here is that no nude pictures are allowed in posts or comments, but other NSFW pictures are apparently given the green light. 

So make sure to read the rules clearly on what is allowed and what isn’t to avoid your post being removed or worse, banned from the page. 


7. r/dirtypenpals: Best Subreddit for Erotic Wordplay


Source: r/DirtyPenPals/Reddit


Intelligence on paper (or rather virtual paper) turns you on?

Bring out the writer in you with this sub for an erotic connection here. 

If meeting in IRL and exchanging media between you two are not hitting your spot and you want more wordplay instead, Dirty Pen Pals are fantastic for erotic exchanges instead. 

If you’re not convinced you’ll find anyone here, be assured that they have 325, 423 people to date in their sub. 

People here don’t play when it comes to their erotic story time. 

We’ve seen a fair share of StarWars stories twist, with plenty of room to be filled up with different kinks here. 

There’s some interesting Tinder play and teacher fantasies here as well, if you’re into that. 

Basically, any black and white words that could turn you on without meeting. 

One post is allowed every 8 hours and the same post can only be posted three times in a week. 


8. r/eroticpenpals/: Best Subreddit for Roleplaying Through Words


Source: r/eroticpenpals/Reddit


Similar to Dirty Pen Pals, this sub is excellent in finding penpals for exchanging erotic letters, role-plays and other exchanges. 

The main difference seems to be that they focus more on the “people” side of looking for a partner, rather than story writing. 

Find intern, celeb, plus size and lockdown fantasies waiting to be fulfilled by penpals here. 

So if you have a way with words, put it to good use here for some sexy chat exchanges. 

People here can get real creative so don’t be afraid to be yourself here and most of all, don’t be shy. 

Everything is anonymous anyway. 


3 Top Things You Need to Know About Reddit 


1. Setting Up Your Subreddits

Use our guide above to find subreddits that suit your taste and preferences, after signing up an account. 

If you have other related categories in mind, simply type the topic in the search box of the homepage to find suggested subreddits. 

Once you’ve found any that is of interest to you, then hit the “subscribe” or “join” button at the top right of the subs. 

Your homepage will show a feed of posts from the subreddits you subscribed to. 


2. Vote 

The community has a say on what rises on top and what sinks to the bottom in Reddit. 

If you appreciate a certain post, click the up arrow or “upvote” it and you can also “downvote” it if you find something you don’t like. 

Comments can also be upvoted and downvoted. 


3. Karma 

If you show good reddiquette, you’ll start earning good karma on Reddit. 

You can view your karma when you click on your username on the upper right of the page. 

If you want to create and moderate your own subreddit, karma will play an important role in this. 

A minimum amount of karma is needed and only the moderators know the quantity needed. 


Beginner Guide to Using Reddit


1. Read Rules for Each Subreddit

As much as it may be tedious to do so, it’s important especially if you plan to utilise it for your hookups. 

Each one has general rules such as users must be 18 and above but each have their own exceptions especially when it comes to posting. 

They usually limit the amount of posts you can do at a certain period of time to avoid spamming the subs. 

This is important for you to know as you don’t end up being banned from the group or your posts end up being deleted. 

Make each post count. 


2. Change Your Settings

Usually to utilise the search box within a sub related to hookups or sex, you would need to change your settings to enable NSFW search results. 

Here’s a great guide from Random Acts of Blow Jobs that could help you.


3. Be Creative 

Most of the rules for these subs would ask you to be creative or at least make some effort in your posts. 

Low effort posts are at risk to be deleted by the moderators. 

So, take the time to go through other posts to find those that strike your interest and take note of what makes them stand out. 

Also, do not post only a title and leave out the post itself. 

That will definitely get you your posts booted out. 

Random Acts of Blowjobs actually have some pretty good guides to help both males and females in the posts so do take the time to go through them to score a worthy hookup on Reddit. 


4. Add Image or Video 

Depending on the rules of the subs, you can post images or videos to bring life to your posts. 

You can also add relevant links to it if it helps. 

Just make sure you don’t post any nude or dick photos if the moderators have spell it out to not do so. 


5. Leave Out Your Personal Deets

Don’t leave your contact details here unless you want creepy people or scammers calling you non-stop.

Follow the rules for the subs such as leaving your first name and age only.  

Nothing more. 

These subs are great for privacy so fully enjoy the privileges until you know for sure that the connection could be taken IRL.




1. How to hookup on Reddit?

Check out our list of subreddits to join if you want to experiment finding hookups on Reddit versus hookup apps. 

Do your research by checking out other posts in the respective subs (it’ll give you some inspiration if you’re struggling on what to write), start posting and you’re on the way to your first Reddit hookup!

It may surprise you that people are ditching dating apps or dating sites, such as Tinder to hookup on Reddit. 

It’s straightforward and people seem to appreciate the honesty and anonymity on Reddit as people tend to be more direct about their sexual desires. 


2. What are some good hookup apps on Reddit?

With a huge amount of small communities within Reddit, you’ll find chatters and discussions on hookup apps here. 

People would ask what are the best hookup apps on Reddit while others respond by recommending apps such as Tinder, OkCupid and Badoo here. 

You can check out some of the top chatters on this topic here and here if you’re curious on what’s buzzing on Reddit. 




Reddit is a great source of information and community and that’s the reason why they proclaimed to be the “front page of the internet”. 

Its popularity makes it the perfect spot to find casual sex partners or erotic pen pals. 

Once you get the hang of using it, you could spend hours on it. 

If you’re looking for non-related subreddits, other than hookups, check out this article by Digital Trends on best subreddits of 2021. 



(Last Updated: 22 April 2021)

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