Best 6 Free Teen Hookup Apps and Sites of 2021: Key Features, Pros and Cons 

Key Takeaway: While most dating apps have a strict age limit, these are teen-friendly apps you can download for your next teen hookup or even make new friends. 


  1. Best Teen Hookup App for Rewinding Encounters: Happn- Turn back time with this app to find people you crossed paths with and didn’t even realise it at the time. 
  2. Best Teen Hookup App for Girl Power: Bumble– Ladies take charge here by making the first move and best for those who don’t like your chat inbox to be full to the brim. 
  3. Best Teen Hookup App for Nearby and Global Connections: Skout – Meet people nearby and globally where you can chat for free without matching. 
  4. Best Teen Hookup App for Non-judgemental Hookups: Taffy- Photos will be revealed as you chat more. Best for those who are sick of people judging you from your photos. 
  5. Best Teen Hookup App for Attractive Choices: Tinder- Its popularity invites a lot of young people here, so you’ll find a wide variety of potential matches. 
  6. Best Teen Hookup App for Live and Group Interactions: Yubo– Sometimes talking one-on-one can be intimidating for some. Take the pressure off with fun games and group chats here to ease into the conversations. 


Table of Contents: 

  1. Happn: Best Teen Hookup App for Rewinding Encounters
  2. Bumble: Best Teen Hookup App for Girl Power
  3. Skout: Best Teen Hookup App for Nearby and Global Connections
  4. Taffy: Best Teen Hookup App for Non-judgemental Hookups
  5. Tinder: Best Teen Hookup App for Attractive Choices
  6. Yubo: Best Teen Hookup App for Live and Group Interactions


Dating apps definitely helps in connecting you to new people and does make our lives easier. 

You get to be creative with your profile at your own pace and it’s definitely a more approachable solution for those who get nervous about meeting potential matches, you can have fun with. 

A huge pro to these apps is you get almost an endless pool of potential candidates without tying you down to only people in school or college. 

You do need to know that most dating apps are strict with the age limit, which makes it challenging to find those that fit the teen profile.

However, we found some good options that could be a good fit for teens. 

It’s important to remember that safety comes first and no app is safe-proof. 

Take the necessary precautions by not revealing details such as your location, verify their identities as much as possible before meeting up and if you decide to take the leap to meet, pick a public place that you’re familiar with. 

Here is our list of teen-friendly apps you could get on to expand your social network, while finding a little fun and always remember to be responsible when you’re using these apps. 


1. Happn: Best Teen Hookup App for Rewinding Encounters


Source: Happn/Apple


User BaseNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for FWBs, casual encounters, chatting and friendships.Over 50 million4.4


Key Features
  • Meet people you never thought you will
  • In-app video call to prevent catfishes
What We Like
  • Easy navigation
  • Sharing Spotify songs in chats to express yourself
  • Connecting with people you usually don’t find in other apps
What We Don’t Like
  • Chat limitation
  • Patience is required to get a match


Age limit: 18 and above 

Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

1 month Premium: USD 14.99

3 months Premium: USD 12.00 per month

6 months Premium: USD 9.00 per month


Some people believe there is no such thing as a coincidence and everything happens for a reason. 

Happn definitely strengthens this belief as it allows us to “turn back time”, and find people whom we’ve crossed paths with and may or may not have noticed. 

The app tracks your movements but doesn’t pinpoint specifically where you have crossed paths with, giving you the privacy you need. 

While it may not be a hookup app per say, it can definitely give you the opportunity to find people who are into the idea. 

Just select “nothing serious” for your intentions and let the algorithm do its work. 

While it’s an exciting experience to backtrack possible matches who were in the same vicinity, it will require some amount of patience to find matches, as both parties would have to match before being able to chat. 

However, it’s worth it giving it a whirl, from personal experience.

You usually find fresh faces who don’t dwell in other apps, giving you a brand new selection of people. 

For your safety, they have an in-app video call feature and Happn offers one free call with a crush and the call can go on for an hour, before you decide if you want to meet in real life. 


2. Bumble: Best Teen Hookup App for Girl Power


Source: Bumble/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for casual dates, serious relationships, marriage, friends and business networking.Male: 72.9%
Female: 27.1%
100 million4.4


Key Features
  • Find friends (including FWBs), hookups, date and network in one app.
  • Quick responses due to the 24 hours expiry for matches
  • Loads of options for matches.
  • Filter to get verified profiles only.
What We Like
  • Really attractive matches here.
  • 3 modes to play with
  • Video chat to weed out catfishes
  • Space in your profile for your personality to shine.
What We Don’t Like
  • Mindless swiping so you can expect some to not reply at all.
  • Takes patience to find matches who likes you back, to start a chat.
  • Pricey membership plans.


Age limit: 18 and above

Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

1 week premium: USD 8.99

3 month premium: USD 16.99 per month

6 month premium: USD 13.99 per month


Bumble is the equivalent of Tinder when it comes to functionality, but well-known for the females to take the lead. 

So, ladies would make the first move by sending opening lines within 24 hours or find their matches expiring. 

You swipe right to make a match so if you’re into easy swiping and a convenient way to find people, then Bumble will fit perfectly.

For same-sex matching, either one can send a message first. 

The expiry is great if you get frustrated with people who don’t reply or ghost on you.

It encourages people to really make an effort in striking a conversation, rather than leaving it stale.

If they don’t reply here, Bumble does the job of removing unnecessary matches who are not willing to meet you halfway, saving you from time wasters. 

On a free account, you get dibs on two advanced filters such as if they’re seeking something casual or if they like to workout. 

You can also multi-task here by accessing their two other modes; Bumble BFF to find new friends near you or Bumble Bizz to network.

While you may not be thinking of networking while you’re young, it’s good to have a head start early in life. 

You really never know who you may find and what opportunities this opens up for you, other than a hookup. 

Plus, you get to customise your profiles for different modes and all in one app.


3. Skout: Best Teen Hookup App for Nearby and Global Connections



Source: Apple/Skout


User BaseRating
People looking for friendships, chats and going live with others.4.3


Key Features
  • Social networking app
  • Grid profiles
  • Chat for free 
  • Live section for live interactions nearby and global 
What We Like
  • Free to chat
  • Fast to connect 
  • For those looking for Near me connections 
What We Don’t Like
  • The ads gets real annoying 
  • Can be buggy
  • No filters so set your intentions clearly


Age Limit: 18 and above

Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

Lifetime premium: USD 9.00


Skout is a social networking app to meet new people. 

Here people mainly connect using the broadcast in Live to connect to people nearby or around the world.

You can chat with people who interest you and share via their own social media feed where they can also leave a comment. 

While it’s not a hookup app, hookups usually happen meeting people at random places so why not on this app? 

You get to meet tons of new people while keeping an open mind who you may find. 

The profiles are arranged in a grid, making it easy to scroll through and finding people you’re interested in. 

The chat is free, so no need to pay or match in order to chat with people here. 

It’s definitely a fun way to connect with people and there are no such things as too many friends these days.

The only con so far is that the app tends to be buggy, may find the ads annoying and find potential scammers lurking here and there. 

So, use it wisely and always do your checking before meeting up alone. 

Since it’s an app to basically make new friends, you could always use that excuse to bring a friend with you before bringing things further. 

All in all, a good app for local meet-ups in an easy-going app. 


4. Taffy: Best Teen Hookup App for Non-judgemental Hookups



Source: Taffy/Apple


User BaseRating
People looking for friendships, chats and going live with others, locally and globally4.4


Key Features
  • Chat first, photos later
  • Photos will be revealed 
  • Has an option for you finding a casual relationship
  • Good for those who prefer non-judgemental matching
What We Like
  • The mystery behind who is on the other side is revealed bit by bit 
  • The real connection that doesn’t put emphasis on looks 
  • 15-sec voice recording 
  • No upgrade required and absolutely free
What We Don’t Like
  • You don’t know who’s behind the chat 
  • No photo verification so you might bump into a creep or two
  • Not enough users depending on where you live 


Age Limit: 17 and above 

Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: 100% Free


While other apps strive on emphasising greatly on photos, this creates a lot of issues of people judging others through their profile photos only. 

What happens if people talk first before looking at each other’s photos? 

Taffy brings attention to people’s personalities first by blurring everyone’s profile photo first.

The more you chat with others, the clearer their photo becomes. 

So the first thing other people notice first are your catchy headlines and additional information that you could add such as your height, body shape and interests. 

It definitely brings to the table some flaming excitement with a sexy mystery behind it. 

So by the time you’ve gotten to know more about their character and personality, you’ll get to see what they really look like. 

Then you’ll be able to make a better call at the end of it, if you want something further.

The sign up process is fast and you can pick “casual” in your intentions and if you’re interested in seeing women, male, or everyone. 

If you pick “casual”, you’ll get a warning on explicit content so just a heads up on that. 

You can choose to do a 15-second voice introduction to be able to express yourself better and people will get a chance to hear your voice, bringing more interaction to it. 

You can talk about your favourite food, your super powers or anything interesting about you that you would like to share. 

Swipe right to like and swipe left to pass through profiles. 

They have enough filters for you to find your matches according to gender, age, local or global location and select those who are also looking for something casual. 

There’s also a Live Now section where you can see what’s going on in real time by tapping the candy icon in the app. 

The only con here so far is they need to increase their user base as the community is pretty small and may even be smaller depending on where you are. 

So, choose this if you like some mystery and don’t mind the surprising adventures to find your partners.

It’s also a great way to find hookup partners based on who you vibe with, rather than being stuck with only their appearances. 

Plus, no money is required to use their features. 


5. Tinder: Best Teen Hookup App for Attractive Choices



Source: Tinder/Apple


User BaseGender RatioNo. of UsersRating
For singles looking for friendships, short-term dating, FWBs and long-term dating.Male: 78.1%
Female: 21.9%
Over 57 mil4.6


Key Features
  • Tons of options for both males and females
  • Straight up profile set up
  • Swiping makes it easy to view profiles fast
What We Like
  • Open to same-sex connections
  • Handy when travelling
What We Don’t Like
  • Ghosting and flakey people
  • Limited Swipes
  • Meeting up with people can take some time
  • People may swipe but have no intention of connecting


Age Limit: 18 and above

Availability: iOS and Android

Free version: Yes

Tinder Gold: USD 29.99 per month


Tinder often gets tossed around when the best hookup app is brought up among friends. 

It’s either you love or hate it. 

But if you haven’t tried it yet, we would suggest trying it at least once to draw your own conclusions, as everyone’s experience varies. 

The sign up is quick as you only need to create a short profile, have some good photos and start wiping left or right. 

The swiping is what made it famous but also something debated as it encourages mindless swiping, which could lead to a lot of people just swiping for the sake of it and not really taking it seriously. 

But it has a huge user base due to its popularity, which usually means tons of attractive choices. 

If you want something light and breezy, then Tinder is your app to find potential matches. 

You also need to know that because it’s so well-known, it is probably the same reason why a lot of scammers and catfishes make a beeline here. 

If the profile seems too good to be true, has only one photo or has a model-like photo that reads Photoshop all over it, best to just skip the profile and not waste your time. 

It’s a hit or miss here and sometimes it can depend on your luck. 

We find that there are always off and on seasons here, when it comes to matching with the right people. 


6. Yubo: Best Teen Hookup App for Live and Group Interactions



Source: Yubo/Google Play


User BaseRating
People looking for friendships, chats and going live with others, locally and globally4.5


Key Features
  • Interactive features including Lives and games 
  • Chat with different groups 
  • LGBT+ positive 
What We Like
  • Trendy and exciting layout
  • Interactive ways to meet new people 
  • Swipe to meet people 
  • Identity verification to keep scams minimal
What We Don’t Like
  • No specifically designed for hookups 
  • May take a bit of time to get the hang of the functionality of the app 
  • Need to upgrade for more visibility 


Age limit: 13 and above

Availability: Android

Free version: Yes

1 week premium: USD 8.00

1 month premium: USD 12.00 per month

3 month premium: USD 23.00 per month


Yubo is a social platform for streaming live and group chats while meeting new people. 

You can choose to upload a picture or a video of yourself for your profile. 

You swipe right on profiles that catch your attention and chat via live video. 

You can see if you have any common interests through their Tags. 

There are verification steps taken to keep fake profiles at bay but it’s not foolproof of course, so be cautious. 

The identity verification takes up to 24 hours. 

It’s known to be used as a hookup app so you may have some luck here. 

They also have communities here for different interests such as art, movies, TV shows, games, theater, beauty, yoga, sports, music and even LGBTQ+ that would help you have a baseline to chat with people. 

Those who are looking for gay teen hookups, may have some luck here. 

To keep it interactive, they also have non-stop fun with different games such as Would You Rather or Let Them Guess!  to break the ice and get everyone chatting and bonding. 

So even if you don’t find any hookups here, you’ll make a couple of friends while having fun doing it. 

Something good to know here is that if you’re between 13 to17 and you want to use this app, you would need permission from your legal representative and the legal representative can contact Yubo through their “Safety Center” on


Which Teen Hookup Apps or Sites Should I Pick?


There is no right and wrong as each of these apps are  built differently and for different purposes.

Scroll through our key features, what we like and what we don’t like for each one of them, to see which suits your picking method best. 

So far, we’ve found the apps above to be good choices for you to explore but have yet to find legit teen hookup sites. 

Most of the sites seem spammy and filled with creeps but if we do find any teen hookup site, we’ll definitely update this list.

So, do come back and check for updates from time to time. 




1. How to hookup as a teen? 

Hookup is a term used to describe anything from kissing to having oral sexier even sexual intercourse. 

WebMD mentioned that two-thirds of teens have said that some of their friends have hooked up.

The definition of “teen” or “teenager” can vary from 13 to 19 or even 12 to 21. 

In the US, the age of consent in each state is either age 16, 17 or 18. 

We would say that if you’re hooking up as a teen, you need to ask yourself why first. 

Is it because you feel you’re ready? 

Is it because other people are doing it that you’re doing it too?

It’s important to give some thoughts to your intention before embarking into sex and also knowing the law about underage sex in your respective countries. 

While it’s easier said than done, you should never be forced into having sex, just because it’s “trendy” or the “in” thing. 

Be open with your parents about the topic of sex as they do play a vital role for you to make informed decisions, before you decide to embark in a hookup. 


2. How to find teen girls online for hookup?

Again, this depends on the definition of the term “teen” in your country and making sure that the sex is consensual while your partner is not underage. 

You need to know what is the law on underage sex before looking for these teenage girls for any teen hookup sex. 

Do your part to be responsible by keeping yourself well-informed (credible sources matter here) and don’t go into it in a haste. 

If you’re a teen boy or girl, talking to parents or your guardian is really important before taking the next step. 

They played a vital role in your upbringing and while sex is a tricky subject (or uncomfortable) with parents, they are credible sources on it rather than friends. 

If you’re of legal age for consensual sex, do talk to them about the safe steps you need to take such as using a condom and other precautions, to avoid safety issues that could endanger you and also put you at risk for STDs. 

Or worst, an unwanted pregnancy. 

There are good reasons why dating apps are putting an age limit and it’s for concerns of safety, as there are a lot of online predators lurking out there. 



(Last Updated: 22 April 2021)


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