Casual Hookup Advice: Top 4 Tips on How to Turn a Casual Fling into a Serious Relationship

Casual Hookup Advice: Top 4 Tips on How to Turn a Casual Fling into a Serious Relationship

Love happens. Sometimes it happens, with the person you least expect it to.

For some strange reason, your Summer Hook Up Fling has become a potential candidate for a Long Term Relationship.

You are now wondering how you should broach the subject of an Exclusive Romantic Relationship with your ideal romance partner.

We know it’s Serious Dating business (and a difficult one too), so here’s how you make things a little more manageable.


Casual Hookup Advice

If you are looking to transition from a No Strings Attached, Casual Encounters Fling to a Committed Relationship – Here’s how you can make it happen!


1. Talk About the Future (Subtly)

Perhaps you could invite them, to an upcoming event next month.

By doing this, you are including them in your future plans, and it shows that you are interested to pursue this relationship further, instead of just keeping it as a short summer fling.

Observe their reaction, and you would be able to see if they are keen to attend it with you.

If they are, it is a good indicator, that they see this more than just a Casual Hook Up fling.

They may even take the initiative to invite you for another future event.

If all bodes well, things can progress into something more… How exciting!


2. Show How Much You Want Him to be Involved

The crazy romantic part about Summer Flings is the spontaneity of it all, coupled with lots of passionate fun and all that hot stuff (making out, sex) going on.

But, sometimes you just don’t want to let it slip by, because you will never know what you’d be missing out on, if you let him go.

To make your Casual Encounter Fling become your reality, involve him/her in things that you do on a daily basis.

Ask him/her to hang with your friends at your favorite bar, bring him/her for a pizza date over lunch or even take a stroll at the park after work.

Do all these real simple everyday stuff together with him/her, so you can determine if this guy/lady is worth your time over the long haul.

Or whether it’s best for things to be kept as a Casual Fling dream.


3. Try Out Things that Couples Do (Note: #1 most useful Casual Hookup Advice tip)

Instead of spending all your time huddled up in bed and having sex for the millionth time, get out and date each other.

If you both love the outdoors, head out for a hike, and end it off with a romantic picnic with a view at the top.

Or head out for a snazzy romantic dinner by the beach, where you can stare into each other’s eyes.

Be serenaded by dreamy tunes, and enjoy a wonderful feast beside the calming waves.

Most couples would however tell you that couple-y activities can be simple; like a trip to the grocery store or simply running errands.

When done with the right person, these simple tasks can actually be quite fun and enjoyable.

If you are both able to do these in the long term, yet find it a pleasurable experience, chances are your Casual Relationship partner is someone very special.


4. Have a Heart-To-Heart Talk

There comes a point where you need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your summer love.

And, this requires you to be real and vulnerable to them.

This conversation is critical, so that you can know where he/she stands in this Dating Relationship. And, if he/she feels the same way as you do.

Anyway, if you can’t even open your heart to your Casual Fling, it would be even tougher if you decide to pursue this Monogamous Relationship further in the future.

Open communication and trust is extremely important, for a truly Serious Relationship and Committed Dating to function.


Concluding Insights on Casual Hookup Advice

Now even if things don’t work out the way you want them to, treat it as a learning experience.

After all, you aren’t in a hurry to settle down. So wait out, and you’d be surprised by what the future holds!


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