Casual Hookup Apps: 7 Best Casual Encounters & One Night Stand Apps That Every Single Man Should Sign Up For

Casual Hookup Apps: 7 Best Casual Encounters & One Night Stand Apps That Every Single Man Should Sign Up For

Got no plans for tonight?

It doesn’t hurt to download a Casual Hook Up App or two to explore the possibilities now that you’re single and available.

Millions have signed up as users for these Casual Encounter Apps.

You’d likely be surprised by the number of Casual Sex arrangements made worldwide, every single night.


Casual Hookup Apps

If you’ve never tried Casual Dating using such apps before, you’re in for a jolly good time … Enjoy!


1. Happy Matches (

HappyMatches is clearly the “King” of all Casual Dating Sites and Apps, and the one that’s “not to be missed”!

The very foundation of HM is its focus on “Quality Users” and a “Happy User Experience”, thus explaining its name “Happy Matches” (which epitomizes the final end result!) The Dating Platform caters to Heterosexual Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating and even Bi Dating.

If you’ve used most other Dating Apps and Dating Sites to find your Casual Dates, you’ll probably be lamenting at how poor your Hook Up dating “marksmanship” is. For the time and effort you’ve put in, you’ve probably return with a poor (or even negligible result).

This is not the case with HappyMatches. Here, you do away with the unnecessary “swiping” of profiles, and zoom in straight to message the “facially-verified” profiles who are of interest to you. The large number of genuine profiles which appear are based on your location, type of relationship preferences, and gender choices.

So you can zoom in straight on potential Dates who are also looking for Casual Dating (i.e. a Casual Relationship in all its different forms), and avoid the whole gamut of Committed Relationship daters (who would clearly be irritated by your hints of an ONS or Hookup).

You can see how perfect a feature and concept that HM has come out with. Add to it a high performing state-of-the-art cutting edge mobile-friendly site (supported by an iOS app and Android app). It’s almost like experiencing Casual Relationship heaven and paradise.

To enhance your chances of landing higher quality and the more attractive Dates for your Casual Hookups, we strongly encourage you to upgrade your Bronze paid membership to a more prominent status, which will help your “Suitor” account stand out from the crowd and entice the more highly sought-after and very attractive Dates to pay more attention to your profile.


2. Tinder

Whilst not explicitly branded as one, Tinder is well-regarded to be among the best Casual Hookup Apps in the Online Dating niche.

And it is no wonder. With its huge and mega database of millions of Users, if Hookups is a game of numbers, then Tinder is your sure bet!

The “mother” of all Dating Apps uses geo-location proximity to help you find suitable Casual Fling partners in your vicinity.

So if you’re bored or simply horny, you can swipe right on the attractive profiles that interest you. Perhaps you might even want to upgrade your membership to “Tinder Gold” to increase your chances of success with potential dates!

Exercise caution though, if you encounter any profiles that look “too good to be true”, or ask you to add them into WeChat (or other external chat apps) and then try to interest you in gold trading or other investments. In recent times, people are seeing more and more of such fake profiles which might mar your experience of using the app.


3. Pure

If you’re looking to set up a lightning fast Hookup, Pure will probably do the trick. It becomes even more efficient if you sign up as a paid member.

What we find intriguing about the app is that any photos or taglines you choose to input into your profile only stays for an hour at max.

This really allows you to filter off inactive users, since those who don’t have a complete profile are likely to be inactive for a while now.

The logic behind this is simple – if you want to f*ck, be active on the app.

It forces users to commit, but frankly it could very well backfire on them given the wide variety of Casual Hookup Apps readily available.


4. 3Fun

The perfect app for saucy individuals looking for threesomes.

It doesn’t matter what sort of sex configuration you’re looking at – 2F+1M, 2M+1F, 3F, 3M – so long as there are interested users, you’d have a pretty fair chance of setting things up.

3Fun allows users to axe out profiles which are deemed unattractive and this means you’d be f*cking with eye candies – now how great is that?

And oh did we mention that there’s a photo verification step in 3Fun? Say goodbye to scammers!


5. Disckreet

If you’ve got a f*ck buddy who’s as into recording home-made amateur porn videos as you are, Disckreet is something you both might wish to seriously consider. It basically functions like a secret vault where you both can access the media stored within it, provided you both have the password to unlock the treasures within. It’s a great way to document your sexcapades and not risk your friends or family discovering them in your personal laptop or even phone gallery. And if you ever want to ban your partner from accessing the images for their own enjoyment after you break-up, the app allows you to do that securely.


6. Ship

Ship works perfectly if you’ve got a bunch of friends who just can’t wait to set you up for some banging.

Otherwise, we’d suggest you skip this since it wouldn’t be of any use to you.

Ship works as such – your friends suggest possible dates for you, and ultimately you get to decide if you’d want to go ahead with the meetup.

It works on the assumption that your friends know you best, but we say you’re better off looking for a Casual Encounter or One Night Stand yourself.

Yet again given that this is a relatively new concept, it might work out in the long run.


7. Tingle

Sounds like a rip-off from Tinder, you say? Honestly, we don’t care.

Whatever brings us the chicks we say, is a good Hooking Up App.

Tingle is interesting, in that it allows users to “wink” at potential partners when they are within close proximity. And if all goes well, they will go ahead to chat within the platform.

This means there’s no need to reveal any phone numbers and anonymity can be maintained.

Even if you’re not intending to meet up, you could also make use of the chat function to sext.

Just be sure to make your intentions known because you know, it’s only polite to do so.


Concluding Insights on Casual Hookup Apps

So there, take your pick! With the exception of HappyMatches which is a sure bet, just try not to spend too much time on a single app until you’re certain it works for you.

We figure you’re going to be single for a pretty damn long time, once you’ve landed yourself a Hook Up buddy from one of these apps.

Good luck in using these highly recommended Casual Hookup Apps. And have fun with your Casual Encounters, Hook Ups, Flings, One Night Stands and Casual Relationships!


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