Casual Hookups: Top 4 Dumb Things People do to Screw Up Their Hook Up & Casual Relationship

Casual Hookups: Top 4 Dumb Things People do to Screw Up Their Hook Up & Casual Relationship

If you think there’s no way for Casual Dating relationships to mess up, you are absolutely wrong!

People often have the misconception that such Casual Encounters and NSA Relationships are all about fun, sex, freedom and non-commitment.

To a large extent, these are all true. But that doesn’t mean that no effort is needed, to keep a Casual Relationship going.

You’ll understand this better, once you get to the end of this article.


Casual Hookups

Here are the Top 4 Dumbest Things that people do, to screw up their own happy casual Open Relationships badly … Enjoy!


1. Asking for too much – (#1 Top Casual Hookups Advice)

There’s a reason why such Non Monogamous Casual Relationships are termed CASUAL.

It implies there’s nothing serious going on between the 2 parties, and therefore each party should just mind his or her business.

A sure-fire way of screwing up your own sex life in a Casual Hook Up relationship, is therefore to keep asking for all sorts of things, and not knowing when to stop.

“Can you wear that red lacy pair of panties tomorrow?”

“Or how about that denim mini skirt?”

“Can you not wear so much perfume?”

The list goes on, and it won’t be long, before you get the “Can you f*ck off?” invitation from your Casual Date.


2. Getting involved in each other’s social circle

You know the senseless sex will soon come to an end, when you find yourself being overly involved in each other’s social circle.

That includes both online (Facebook, Instagram etc.), and offline (meeting up with each other’s friends and family).

People who have got no self-control, will eventually make this mistake.

A Non Monogamous Relationship, always needs self-discipline to maintain.

Otherwise, it’s just going to evolve into a committed Serious Relationship, and attract lots of unnecessary drama and unhappiness.


3. Being super romantic

Flowers, candlelit dinners, presents, and cuddles– trust us when we say that these would be the demise of your Hook Up Relationship.

You’re not doing it any good, by being all romantic.

Sure, some of them (like flowers and candlelit dinners) could work at the start, and help get you laid fast.

But overdoing it, will make you seem like a hopelessly romantic person.

And it’s a matter of time, before your Casual Partner falls for you (that’s bad), or runs from you (that’s bad too).

We hope you’ve figured out that either way, it won’t bode too well for you.


4. Not respecting personal space

Strictly speaking, Casual Dating partners should not be texting, or talking on the phone, if it isn’t for sex.

That’s because you’re not in a Romantic Relationship, if you haven’t already realized this by now.

One of the biggest mistakes people in non exclusive Short Term Relationships make, is overstepping the boundaries.

There are some things that ought to be left alone, and you should never ask because it’s none of your business.

Don’t ask to read the messages in his phone. And, don’t try to find out what sites he has been visiting on his laptop.

Even if you do find out, you’re just going to creep him out.


Concluding Insights on Casual Hookups

So there you have it – it IS possible for a Casual Hookup Relationship to suffer an ill fate.

Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent that from happening, unlike romantic Committed Relationships.

Most Casual Encounter Relationships don’t last long, because people tend to switch their partners frequently.

The best tip is to keep yourself busy, and never allow yourself to invest too much time and effort, into just one dating relationship.

Try being involved in a few Casual Non Exclusive Relationships simultaneously, and you’ll find that things will become more manageable.

Yes, it’s surprising but true!

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