Date Hookup Free: Best 7 Casual Fling Apps & Casual Encounter Sites for NSA Fun that Might Save Your Relationship or Marriage

Date Hookup Free: Best 7 Casual Fling Apps & Casual Encounter Sites for NSA Fun that Might Save Your Relationship or Marriage

Hookups and One Night Stands are great. For the reason that they are the “life force”, behind long distance relationships, serious romantic relationships or marriages, which unfortunately are void of good sex.

Often you would hear (or read about) men and women whose intimacy cravings are unfulfilled in their dating relationships and marriages. And with it, the struggles, frustrations, dilemma, stress, guilt and challenges that they endure – for what would otherwise appear to be a normal physical interaction and affectionate activity between humans in life.

If you concur with this, you’d probably appreciate what we have curated for you here …


Date Hookup Free

Here are our Highly Recommended Top 7 Booty Call Apps & One Night Stand Sites to find fellow Casual Dates for Fun & Physical Intimacy for your NSA Relationships … Enjoy!


1. Ashley Madison (

Do whatever you want, but just make sure you don’t get caught.

That should always be your mantra when it comes to having fun outside of marriage (or a serious relationship).

Let’s face it – things get boring after a while and sometimes, we just need a little release.

It doesn’t mean we don’t love our partner just because we f*cked someone else outside, you know?

That’s what Ashley Madison is about because things are just even more exciting knowing that your f*ck buddy is actually someone else’s spouse.

Damn that’s hot.


2. Adult Friend Finder (

Personally, this has got to be our TOP hookup app of choice.

When it comes to interactive features, no other adult dating site does it better than Adult Friend Finder.

And if you’re talking about the sheer size of its community, hardly any site even gets close to Adult Friend Finder.

That’s what makes Adult Friend Finder such an effective hookup site – its users are not afraid of asking for what they want in a f*ck partner, and things move on pretty quickly there.

So if you consider yourself a veteran of the scene, you will surely experience the best of adult hookup at Adult Friend Finder.


3. Be Naughty (

Be Naughty feels very much like a naughty version of Tinder.

Well certainly Tinder has evolved over the years, and it is technically possible to find hookups there these days, but Be Naughty just does it better simply because users there are obviously open to hookups.

That saves a lot of time and unnecessary disappointments if you get what we mean. The girls at Be Naughty are not afraid of baring it all, so guys, get ready for some blue balls action if you don’t land yourself a hookup here.


4. SR4R (

Now this might sound like some sort of a cheatcode / darkweb thing but it really isn’t as mysterious as it sounds.

SR4R is basically for Reddit users looking for swinging mates.

All you need to do is to verify that you’re at least 18 years of age, and you’ll be treated to REALLY EXPLICIT images of swingers who are seriously looking for serious fun.

It’s not really for the faint hearted but if you’re looking to join a threesome or orgy session, this would definitely be your best bet.


5. OkCupid (

Now if you’re into old-school chatting before doing the deed, OkCupid might just be the app to allow you to build up that connection with your potential hookup.

The interface is clean and innocent, and nothing like the adult hookup sites that you’re probably used to.

That’s because OkCupid was originally intended for serious dating, but it didn’t take long for it to go over to the dark (and fun) side.

That’s where the money is but anyway, OkCupid would definitely be a good choice if you’re into the girl-next-door kind of hookup.

You won’t be disappointed!


6. Zoosk (

If you love teens (who doesn’t love them?), Zoosk will be the best place to hookup with one.

Just make sure that the one you’re hooking up with is of a legal age unless you want to destroy your life over one casual encounter.

You might just be able to score the occasional rare cutie pies if you stalk the website enough.

All you need is a little sweet-talking skills (and probably some cash) to score some.

We won’t tell you too much, because that would make you our competitor at Zoosk!


7. HappyMatches

The greatest frustration, when out “hunting” for a Casual Sex partner, is when you put in tremendous effort, but your hardwork and efforts returns empty and unrewarded.

Enter – an amazing Casual Relationship App & Casual Hookup Site, specially tailored for busy (and perhaps lazy) people like yourself, find amazing Booty Call dates.

Surely, you want the most easy and straightforward way to indicate the type of No Strings Attached relationship you are seeking, and vice versa, you want to find open-minded people (whether ladies or guys), who are seeking the same Casual Dating fun as yourself.

Many Dating Sites and Dating Apps masquerade “wolves in sheep’s clothing” – wherein you have to disguise your profile as a “gentleman” or “conservative lady”, out there looking for a serious committed relationship. When seriously, all you really wanted was a night out of uninhibited, NSA and once-off fun.

Frustrated with such pretentious Users, Happy Matches set out to do things differently. Serious Daters can definitely use this amazing site and its apps to find your ideal dream long term romantic partner. Yet at the same time, the majority of other Users looking for Short Term Relationship fun, can narrow their search and zoom in directly on profiles looking for casual Non Monogamous Relationships like themselves.

In being explicit and open about what one is looking for, the unnecessary pretense, polite interaction, awkward questions, long-winded conversations, are simply thrown out of the window.

Just select “Casual Dating”, choose the right tags, populate an interesting profile description with a few nice attractive pictures – and hey, you’re out there interacting with quite a number of highly potential and alluring dates to enjoy an awesome physical experience with.

To make the best of your buck (and more importantly, your precious time), go for the “Suitor” account right away. Costing only USD 1 for the first month, there’s nothing to lose but lots to gain, since it opens the whole entire world of gorgeous “Date” profiles to you.

Consider a “Date” account however, if you’re either rather attractive and desirable, or if you feel you want to work harder (than you necessarily need to) for your Casual Fling, or if USD 1 simply means a lot to you.

With face verification features embedded into the HM Dating Apps, be sure to have yourself “verified” (and have the icon stamped onto your Dating Profile), so that other Users will be more willing and at ease to interact with you – knowing that you’re a real person with genuine dating intentions!


Concluding Insights on Date Hookup Free

Your dating relationship or marriage doesn’t need to fail actually.

You never know – perhaps all it takes, is for the both of you to have some fun outside of it.

Letting go of yourself, having some no strings attached fun and excitement – may be what you need to keep the romantic sparks going, and to ease your sexual urges (and maybe even frustrations), in your current monotonous (or even non-existent) sex life.


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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