Hook Up: Top 5 Essential Casual Dating & Casual Relationship Advice You Need Before Hooking Up with a Stranger Tonight

Hook Up: Top 5 Essential Casual Dating & Casual Relationship Advice You Need Before Hooking Up with a Stranger Tonight

It’s the digital age that we’re living in right now; it’s apparent because we can do practically everything on our smartphone.

From grocery shopping to finding a pet sitter; everything is literally a click or swipe away.

Shouldn’t it be the case for Casual Flings & One Night Stands as well? Certainly so.

If you’re in the mood for some fun tonight, you’d have technology to thank for because it’s going to make it entirely possible.

Despite that, you’d still need to know a few more things just to make sure you get things right …


Hook Up: Here’s What You Need to Succeed in Casual Encounters, Flings & One Night Stands

Here’s our Top 5 Essential Casual Dating Tips & Casual Relationship Advice you need before Hooking Up with a stranger tonight … Enjoy!


1. Find someone with similar interests – (Top #1 Hook Up Advice)

Because your ultimate goal is sex, it makes sense for you to connect with someone whom you can have conversations with easily.

The last thing you’d want is to have chunks of awkward silences that totally destroy the mood.

Online Dating Apps these days are highly advanced, so it wouldn’t be tough to find somebody who shares similar interests as you.

Be sure to make good use of the search filters, because the quality of conversations can make or break a potential hookup!


2. Be mentally prepared – (Best #2 Hook Up Tip)

Getting involved in intimate acts with a stranger whom you don’t even know might sound exciting.

But are you really up for it?

Do you think you’d be someone who would beat yourself up after that casual encounter, or will you be fine with it and continue to seek more of such pleasures?

If you think you’re likely to the former, you’re better off holding off your plans to find a hookup because clearly, you’re not ready yet.

It takes LOTS of mental preparation – often this aspect is underestimated, and people find themselves regretting their decisions thereafter.


3. Go straight to the point

If the sex is what you’re looking for, it’s always good to say it right at the onset.

You wouldn’t want to waste your time chatting up someone who isn’t keen; same thing goes for the other party.

Many users on hookup apps and sites are looking for a quick romp, so there really is nothing awkward or wrong about being straightforward.

When it comes to seeking a hookup, honesty is the best policy – you’ll never go wrong with this mantra.


4. Never compromise safety

Never head out of the house without a condom.

And this applies regardless of whether you’re a guy or girl.

For the girls out there, you are almost always going to find guys who’d tell you they had forgotten about the condom.

Even if you’re on contraceptives, a condom is a must since you definitely wouldn’t want to contract anything from the Casual Encounter.

There are problems which are much bigger and scarier than becoming pregnant – trust us you wouldn’t want to experience it.

Besides that, always let someone whom you can trust know your whereabouts. That way, the authorities can be notified if you don’t come back home after the stated time (touch wood!).


5. Plan your exit

Because hook ups should be respected for what they are, never ever allow yourself to sleep over.

Doing so would mean that there is a possibility for the hookup to develop into something more, and that could brew trouble and unnecessary drama.

To avoid such situations altogether, it would really be helpful to set an alarm way in advance, and even charging your phone battery fully before you head out for your date.

That way, you can be sure you’d be able to get out of there before the sun rises.


Concluding Insights on Hook Up

Apart from the incredible HappyMatches.com Hookup App & Hookup Site which you must try, with so many hookup apps and sites out there, sex-on-demand has become a reality (hurray!).

The best part of it all – if it’s consensual, it’s probably free.

Just make sure you treat the people you meet with dignity, and always return the favor whenever you receive something 😉


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