Hooking Up: 5 Crucial Hookup Rules to Make a Casual Relationship or Open Relationship Work For You

Hooking Up: 5 Crucial Hookup Rules to Make a Casual Relationship or Open Relationship Work For You

Want to keep things casual, so that you never have to give up on this commitment-free, No Strings Attached Relationship?

You’ve got to make sure you follow the rules of Casual Dating and One Night Stands.

Such casual Hook Up Relationships come and go, and it’s up to you to retain those that work for you.

Over here, we share with you the Top 5 Essential Hooking Up Rules that you should follow, to ensure that your Open Relationships work out for you.


Hooking Up

Here are the Top 5 Crucial Hookup Rules to make Casual Relationships work for you … Enjoy!


1. Keep It Spontaneous – (#1 Top Hooking Up Rule)

You may see your Casual Fling every Friday but don’t make it appear, like you’ve been waiting all week for your meet up with him.

He’s your Fling, not your boyfriend; so you shouldn’t be consciously setting aside your precious time for him.

Meet ups and Hookups with him should be very last minute and spontaneous, instead of being carefully planned or deliberately organized.

Keep it casual, spontaneous and fun and things would go well with your casual f*ck buddy.

That’s the beauty of Casual Dating and Casual Encounters!


2. Remind Yourself of His Flaws – (#2 Important Hooking Up Rule)

There must be a reason why you want to keep things casual instead of getting into a Serious Relationship with this man.

He may be good at f*cking you in bed. But perhaps, you don’t agree with his peculiar fashion sense.

Or that, he speaks like a male chauvinist who’s too good to settle down.

Amplify that and register it in your mind. Just so you remember why this guy was considered a good f*ck buddy, but not your potential boyfriend.

You definitely don’t want to complicate things, and involve your feelings with this one, because you probably don’t want to end up getting hurt at the end.


3. Shh! Don’t Tell Anybody About It

Keep your Casual Relationship an absolute secret!

Because you sure as hell wouldn’t want your mum lecturing you about the dangers of Casual Sex, and that it should be high time that you get a ring on your finger soon (because your cousin’s getting married next month).

Furthermore, friends who get to know about this casual f*ck buddy may also cloud your judgment. And convince you that you actually love him more than you claim.

You don’t need to be an open book and tell everyone about every aspect of your life.

Just enjoy the pleasure and fun of a NSA Relationship yourself.

Keep it as your little secret, because you deserve it.


4. Stay Away from Each Other’s Friends and Family

A word of warning – don’t get too involved with his friends or family. The best would be to stay completely out of their way.

Because you don’t want to be seen as his long-term girlfriend.

And be asked awkward questions when you meet, (eg. how long have you been dating, when are you planning to settle down and get married etc…).

Things can get really complicated and difficult, when you mix with his inner social circle, and vice versa. Just spare yourself the pain and trouble.


5. Have the Same Expectations

Make sure you are both on the same page about where this Open Relationship is going.

Sit down and have a light hearted talk about this.

So you can both be clear and completely upfront, that this is just a casual Short Term Relationship, and it is not going to be anything more.

Having this conversation is especially crucial. It helps to ascertain at the start of the Non Monogamous Relationship, and ensures that nobody is getting the wrong ideas, and being led on.


Concluding Insights on Hooking Up

So there you have it – these are the 5 critical rules that you ought to follow if you want to retain the perks of your Non Exclusive Relationship.

That said, all Casual Hookup Relationships are unique, so you’re bound to find something that doesn’t quite work for you here.

Nonetheless, it’s a good start.


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