How To Hook Up: Top 6 Exclusive Ways to Be a Good Hookup to Succeed in Hooking Up

How To Hook Up: Top 6 Exclusive Ways to Be a Good Hookup to Succeed in Hooking Up

Hooking up is generally accepted as a big part of dating in this digital day and age. In fact, the share of Americans who say sex between unmarried adults is “not wrong at all” is at an all-time high.

Hooray for sexual liberation – and with it, increasing awareness of sexual health and safety.

Remember however, that in order to be successful in Hooking Up, You First Need to Be a Good Hookup! Let us show you “How to Hook Up” in this insightful article.


Revealing the Secrets on How to Hook Up … Enjoy!

Here are our Top 6 Exclusive Tips on How to be a Good Hookup, since you��re keen on knowing How to Hook Up …


1. Keeping It Real

In this age of “anything goes”, what is commonly being overlooked is the state of our emotional health. And technology doesn’t seem to be helping much – in fact, it’s enabling a new type of irresponsible digital behaviour like ghosting and slut-shaming on social media.

So, how to Hook Up? Being an asshole is not a good look, and will only eventually come back to bite you. Yes, hooking up is a usually a fleeting encounter, but that isn’t an excuse to get away with being dismissive, immature or rude.

Hooking up can be done well, with mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s attention and beauty – without needing it to be more than what it is.


2. Be Clear About Your Intentions

This is an easy one with the plethora of digital dating Hookup Apps out there – and yet still a surprisingly oft-overlooked basic step of courtesy.

You could state in your bio that you’re “Currently not looking for a relationship. Up for some fun” or set your preferences to reflect your Casual Dating status.

If this is happening IRL, you could drop it in the conversation that you’re not looking for any serious commitment at the moment.

Setting the record straight from the outset simply ensures you’re both aligned in terms of expectations, and prevents any complications or misunderstandings between you and your Dating Partner down the line.

As such, use a renowned Hookup Dating Site like which allows Users to be explicit about the Type of Dating Relationship you are looking for.


3. Keep It Light

The conversation is flowing and the flirtation is kicking into high gear. It’s sexy to let the other person know you’re into them, but do keep it light and fun.

Don’t come on too aggressively – any whiff of neediness or controlling behaviour is a surefire dampener. Also steer clear of bringing up any angry ex sob stories – any hint that you have the potential to indulge in the blame game or might turn possessive after a casual encounter is a definite red flag.

If you’re finding it difficult to keep things casual, it might not be the right time in your life for Hooking Up.


4. Opt Out of that Last Drink

Alcohol-fueled flirtations are always more exciting and eventually lead to mind-blowing drunk sex right?

Wrong! Drunk sex always sounds fun in theory, but in reality it’s usually a sloppy affair that neither party can quite recall, and that’s probably for the best.

Go ahead and have a good night out, but it’s best to know your limits if you’re thinking of carrying on quite a bit more after the club has closed.

Think malfunctioning equipment or passing out in mid-act, and I think you’ll agree it’s not the best idea for a romantic tryst.


5. Be Discreet on Social Media

Remember the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? In this digital village of our social media, no one really is more than a handful of online acquaintances away from each other, so it’s critical to understand the importance of practicing discretion.

Nothing is worse than facing the morning after with the dread of your hookup becoming the topic of the day. And no one who flaunts their exploits online comes across well – “love rat” is not a particularly sexy reputation to cultivate.


6. Be Respectful

No ghosting – it’s cowardly. Don’t be a user and discard people after you’ve gotten what you want.

Sex is an intimate act – understand that a connection was made, albeit a fleeting one, and you can honor that by just following it up with a simple “Hope you got home OK” or “Thanks, had a great time”.

Showing a bit of care for the other person does not mean you’re desperate for a relationship, and shows you’re a well-adjusted, mature individual who can keep things real.


Concluding Insights on How to Hook Up: 6 Best Ways to Be a Good Hookup and Succeed in Hooking Up

At the end of the day, having a Hook Up is about treating your Hookup Partner with respect. It’s also about having fun and excitement together, and keeping it light and non-committal.

In following the 5 valuable pointers on How to Hook Up above, you set yourself apart from the ba*tards out there, so you don’t earn a bad reputation for yourself where “your smell” surfaces even before your person appears.

Be sure to use the right Hookup Dating Apps and Hookup Dating Sites to find your next Hook Up easily. With the above in mind, go out and make the most of your Hooking Up endeavors. Enjoy!


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