How To Hook Up In College: Top 5 College Hookup Advice Even Though It's Totally Not Cool to Plan for Casual Hookups

How To Hook Up In College: Top 5 College Hookup Advice Even Though It’s Totally Not Cool to Plan for Casual Hookups

Hooking Up with someone in college sounds fun and exciting.

Yet when it’s finally your turn, there’s practically 101 ways to f*ck things up for your Hookup.


How to Hook Up in College

That’s why it’s so important to be fully prepared, even though the thought of “preparing for casual sex” sounds completely awkward, and not cool.

In any case, the following Top College Hookup Advice on How to Hook Up in College should help you tremendously … Enjoy!


1. Be certain before you do the deed

Being dead-ass drunk and dressed in a promiscuous dress, does not mean she is saying “yes” to have sex with you.

A maybe is also not counted as consent, only when she says a definite yes, can sex commence.

Do not underestimate the importance of this because sometimes, misunderstandings can make sex become rape, and you may potentially become a rapist or a molester whether it is intentional or not.

Always be very sure when you are having sex with a lady, if she is also okay with it.

It is always polite and never wrong to ask, so ask if she is comfortable to have sex with you. She will say so (or indicate to you, eg. by nodding her head, or proceeding to touch and kiss you), if she is.

Only proceed when you are very certain that she is consensual so as to avoid any miscommunication and misunderstanding.


2. Anticipate spontaneous f*ck sessions

Yes, we know this can be pretty awkward, but it is crucial to let your roommate know, in case he walks in on you getting it on with another girl.

(That would be 10 times worst), and he would never look at you the same way again.

In fact, if you know you can’t tell him face to face, let him know in advance through a text or a call.

You can even use a short and sweet secret code word to let him know.

For instance, I used “peanut butter”, and my roommate would automatically disappear, knowing that I would be on one of my sexcapades in our room.


3. Keep your condoms within reach

Condoms are a necessity and keep some in your dorm room or your wallet because you will never know when and where you would need them. Don’t try to pull a fast one and tell the girl that the one she has doesn’t fit or that you don’t need it because you will ‘pull it out very quickly and you have done it a million times and nothing’s happened’. Know that there are huge risks involved when having unprotected sex and this can escalate to problems (which you would never want in your college life because you already have so much on your plate) such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t throw your entire life out of the window just for a moment of fun and pleasure. Use a condom, it’s not very hard.


4. Calm your nerves

It can be daunting when you meet a total stranger, and do such an intimate deed with them.

So it’s very important to keep it casual and relaxed, so you both can enjoy the sex.

If you accidentally tug on her/his hair or bump teeth when French-kissing, just laugh it off and continue with what you are doing.

Keep it fun, lighthearted and sensual, so things will naturally be very enjoyable and pleasurable for the both of you.


5. Be confident about yourself

Be confident in your own skin so you will attract the same sort of people.

Enjoy the process and understand where it pleases her or satisfies her so you can cater to her sexual needs and desires.

Everyone is different so confidence is key to making the sex a unique and great experience for both parties.


Concluding Insights on How to Hook Up in College

We trust you’ve carefully noted the above 5 valuable College Hookup Advice on How to Hook Up in College.

Last thing – remember to be nice and respectful.

Having f*cked somebody in school, doesn’t give you the right to go around telling others about your sexcapades.

It’s NOT an achievement, and you going around doing stupid things, is just going to give you a bad name.

Before you know it, you will no longer get lucky in your college.


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