Random Hookup: Top 4 Unspoken Rules & Things You Need to Know After a Casual Sex Fling or ONS NSA Hook Up Encounter

Random Hookup: Top 4 Unspoken Rules & Things You Need to Know After a Casual Sex Fling or ONS NSA Hook Up Encounter

Perhaps you might be wondering – how do people actually sleep around with different partners without ever feeling guilty about what they are doing?

Now that’s a million-dollar question but we’re happy to share the answer – these people are able to keep their emotions separate from the deed.

While this may seem impossible for some, others find themselves possessing this rare talent (lucky!).

That said, it is still entirely possible to develop this ability.

All you need is a rational mind; a mind that understands why feeling guilt is a waste of time …


Random Hookup

Here are the Best 4 ways to rationalize with yourself, or if need be to “trick” your brain, into NOT feeling guilty after a random Booty Call with someone you hardly know. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary “Guilt Trips” … Enjoy!


1. What’s done is done, and can never be undone – (Top #1 Random Hookup Dating Advice)

Well, things happened and you hooked up with that bloke you met at the club last night.

You woke up in his bed and you realized that was what really ensued after just a few drinks.

You could have been high, half-drunk or totally wasted, but the fact is that you can’t change what’s already happened.

Even though this may be the most random thing you’ve ever done in your life, there’s no point harping on it.

Because, what’s done is already done.

Learn to accept and move on with your life.


2. Each Hook Up is itself a great learning experience – (Best #2 Random Hookup Dating Tip)

Your random Fling experience could be an entirely new learning experience.

You could learn that you need to learn how to hold your liquor or that you actually enjoy the spontaneity and fun of random Casual Relationships.

All in all, this Casual Sex experience can give you some insight as to whether you are ready for a Serious Relationship or that you would love to engage in more casual Non Monogamous Relationships with random strangers.

Essentially, this One Night Stand encounter will shape your perspective towards sexual relations and allow you to go on a journey self-discovery.

Do note that there are no right or wrong choices though, it is entirely up to you – whether you want to embrace Hookup Culture.


3. Everyone else is doing it – they are just not saying it.

Let’s set the record straight, you’re not the only person who’s ended up in bed with a total stranger.

In fact, surveys show that 3 out of 5 adults have engaged in Short Term Relationships and Casual Sex in their lives. It really isn’t as uncommon as you think.

It’s just that people don’t go around announcing this to the world, so you may feel like you are doing something totally out of the norm.

Remember, we are living in the 21st century.

With the proliferation of Casual Dating Apps and Hookup Sites, also our more liberal belief systems and that people are more open-minded, fun-loving and spontaneous, Casual Dating is no longer as rare as it was, back then in the olden days.

You should embrace this and exclaim “oh, what a time to be alive!”, because you are surely a lucky lady/lad.


4. Stop being old-fashioned. Hooking up doesn’t make you a jerk. – (Important #3 Random Hookup Dating Rule)

Don’t you obsess and start reprimanding yourself for engaging in casual hook-ups because this doesn’t change the person that you are innately.

You shouldn’t be ashamed or be called a slut because you have multiple sex partners or be labeled as an as*hole just because you had a Booty Call.

Understand that this is merely one aspect of what makes you, you and should not be a defining factor of who you are as a person.

Obviously, engaging in Casual Flings also doesn’t make you any ‘dirtier’ than any regular person.

A famous quote summarizes this very easily, ‘those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter’.


Concluding Insights on Random Hookup

There you go – just go through this list a couple more times, and it won’t be long before your brain accepts that reality – i.e. a hookup is definitely good for you.


(Last Updated: 30 May 2020)


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