What Is An Open Marriage: Top 3 Characteristics & Advantages of Being in a Non Monogamous Open Marriage Relationship

What Is An Open Marriage: Top 3 Characteristics & Advantages of Being in a Non Monogamous Open Marriage Relationship

If you’re convinced that Open Marriages (and Open Relationships, in general) are bound to fail, you’d be surprised that statistics have shown otherwise.

In fact, the staggering divorce rates in the United States and in the rest of the world, may arguably be tied to monogamy.

Times have changed, and a polygamous lifestyle may actually do more good than you think to a relationship.

So how exactly does being in an open marriage feel like?

These are what those involved in open marriages have got to say –


What Is An Open Marriage

Wondering How is it like to be in an Open Marriage?

Let us share it with you – Together with the Positives and Benefits of such Open and Non Monogamous Relationships … Enjoy!


1. Having External “Affairs” Helps One to Appreciate One’s Partner Better

Contrary to popular belief, open marriages can make the bond between couples stronger than they already are. This is due to the amount of communication and trust a couple have between each other.

Because of the nature of open marriages, couples need to learn how to talk openly about sensitive topics (which may be seemingly impossible to tread into in a typical relationship.

For instance, sex with their flings or hookups, unfulfilled sexual desires with their main partners, protection when they have sex with another party etc…), and they also have to be completely honest with one another.

These conversation topics are extremely hard to initiate, let alone discuss; so only couples that have built a strong and stable foundation can dream about talking so openly about these things.

Recognizing that one cannot fulfill all the fetishes and desires of one’s partner and giving them the autonomy to seek these enjoyment elsewhere is the ultimate sign of trust between you and your partner.

As time goes by, you are both satiated and happy and this brings great satisfaction to both parties. In turn, this would form a wonderful yet unbreakable bond between you two.


2. It is Liberating, and to a large extent, Exciting

Perhaps you feel you’re not ready, or that you are just so sick of getting your heart broken – you could consider being a FWB in an Open Marriage.

However, you have to be clear that his main partner will always comes first, and that his priority will forever be his wife.

Also, don’t start expecting or asking for more, because you definitely don’t want to come between them and complicate things.

There are limitations to being a third party, if you’re not up for it, we say, do not even try.


3. You Learn More from Open Relationships than Conventional Ones

If it isn’t already obvious enough, Open Marriages are a ton of hard work because of the number of honest and heart-to-heart talks involved within the relationship.

If you think a regular committed marriage is already sapping away your energy and time, newsflash: an Open Relationship requires way more!

Numerous open marriages fail because of wrong expectations; especially for men.

Most of the time, the guy would have suggested the idea of a Non Monogamous Relationship, because he likes the idea of having multiple partners and him leading the life of a Casanova.

So, when his lady is getting more attention and sex from this arrangement, he gets upset and calls it off.

This may lead to some irreversible damage to their relationship.

Therefore, don’t think an Open Marriage is all rainbows and butterflies. It’s really far from that unless you are both aware what you’re into and are invested in it.

Besides, there are more life lessons you can gain from a Polygamous Relationship, than conventional Exclusive Relationship ones.


Concluding Insights on What Is An Open Marriage

Haters gotta hate. You can’t convince someone that an Open Relationship is good.

That’s why in most Open Marriage arrangements, the decision is often mutual and needs no convincing.

If you find a like-minded partner, good for you!

Cherish him or her because that DOESN’T come by all the time!


(Last Updated: 31 May 2020)


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