Find A Sugar Baby ... 10 Things Sugar Babies Find Very Attractive in Sugar Daddies

Find a Sugar Baby … The “TOP 10” Things Sugar Babies Find Very Attractive in Sugar Daddies

Today, we show you 10 qualities that Sugar Babies find extremely attractive in their Sugar Daddies. It’s no secret that the list of things that women like in men seems long and at times, contradictory.


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Find a Sugar Baby - How to Find a Sugar Baby

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And while there isn’t a secret recipe for all Sugar Babes, there are a few things that most Sugar Babies are drawn to, that you need to know.

So, to help you a potential Sugar Daddy crack the code and find your dream Sugar Romance, here are the 10 Exclusive Tips for you that every alluring and gorgeous lady will find irresistibly attractive in a man.


1. Being Yourself

It may sound cliche, but if your goal is to attract not just any Sugar Baby, but one who is ultimately going to want to really be around you …

The most attractive thing you can do as a Sugar Daddy is to be yourself.

Now obviously, it’s important to be yourself … but what makes it so attractive?

Well, in short: You can’t be something for everybody.

Your sense of humor, sense of style or your interests aren’t always going to be a match …

But that’s OK! Because when you find a Sugar Baby who really gets you, you’ll experience a level of attraction and real chemistry like never before.


2. Stability

Sometimes the things women like are contradictory. Just like Sugar Babies like the excitement of being adventurous, there’s the other side of the coin that’s equally important to them – and that’s stability.

Being able to provide a sense of stability is hugely desirable in a Sugar Arrangement.

And a Sugar Daddy who can provide that stability has always been in high-demand.

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to be ultra-affluent or work all day long, but being successful and holding a steady job, and working towards even greater long-term financial stability can go a long way.


3. Willingness to Try New Things

Whether it’s your Sugar Baby or a potential Sugar Baby you’re just getting to know, one of the biggest turn-ons for women is a man with an adventurous side.

Don’t get us wrong: dinner and a movie is a classic for a reason. But it’s also probably something she’s done countless times.

So what’s your best bet? Shake things up a bit: Take her on a spontaneous weekend trip (outdoor or travel), eat something new, or go dancing …

Even if it’s obvious you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, a willingness to walk on the wild side every now and then won’t go unnoticed.


4. Kindness & Empathy

Pop quiz: What is it that makes ladies like guys with pets?

Ok sure – a cute puppy can be a quick way to get some women’s attention.

But it’s likely that those women are more into the dog, than into you.

But for most Sugar Babies, what they really notice, when they see a Sugar Daddy with a happy pet, is a caring, empathetic guy who knows how to recognize the needs of others.

Don’t have pets? No problem. Because they are countless ways to show you care.

Not only do Sugar Babes pay attention to things you do like holding the door open for others, but they also take notice of how you treat two specific sets of people in your life: (i) wait staff and (ii) your mom.


5. Good Listening Skills

The reason listening is such an attractive quality in a Sugar Daddy is simple …

Not only does it show a Sugar Baby that you care about what she thinks, but there’s also no way to fake it.

So if a Sugar Babe sees you can listen, she knows she’s got a good Sugar Daddy.

Because just like you want to feel heard, valued and respected, so does the lady you’re talking to.

Ok then, so how do you show your Sugar Baby that you’re listening?

It’s simple: All you have to do is to ask a thoughtful question about something she said.

Because while asking questions, you show that you’re actively listening to her. It will likely also keep your Sugar Baby actively attracted to you.

And builds closeness, bonds, chemistry and emotional connection between both of you to take your Sugar Romance to a much deeper and longer-lasting level.


6. Confidence

Even though it’s hard to pin down precisely what it is, confidence is unquestionably one of the top things that Sugar Babies look for in their Sugar Daddy partners.

There’s just one thing to keep in mind when thinking about confidence: And that’s there is a pretty thin line between confidence and arrogance.

Because while confidence is far and away one of the biggest turn-ons for women, there might be nothing that turns away women faster than arrogance.


7. Dress Your Best

Among the amazing, scientifically-proven benefits of dressing better, is something that a surprisingly few Sugar Daddies know …

One of the absolute best and easiest ways to get a potential Sugar Baby’s attention is to dress well.

Not only can the right clothes actually make you look even better to her, but they can also show her that you take pride in your appearance.

And don’t worry, dressing well doesn’t mean you have to take on a whole new style.

In fact, it means quite the opposite. Because half of it is just finding comfortable clothes that work for you.

To start, just remember to wear clothes that fit, and avoid graphic t-shirts.

These 2 small changes will immediately make you more appealing to ladies.


8. Passion & Ambition

Why do you think women like guys in bands?

Is it their “badboy” persona? Is it their sweet serenades?

Maybe for some, but for many women, it’s more about an undeniable willingness to chase their goals.

Because in a world where so many people don’t get to do what they want in life, seeing a Sugar Daddy who is making his dreams a reality, is actually pretty rare and refreshing.

Now you don’t need to join a band. But choosing a more prestigious career path or succeeding in a business does help. At the least, find a job, hobby or goal that you’re passionate enough about.

Not only will you be pretty contented with your life, but your charisma and enthusiasm will also shine through to any potential Sugar Baby you talk to about it.


9. Sense of Humor

Ever wonder how some guys get girls who might seem a little “out of their league”?

While there isn’t a definite reason why, it’s likely because that guy knew how to make her laugh.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to be cracking more jokes, but one thing you can start doing right away is not taking yourself too seriously.

So before you start practicing your stand-up routine, just try to laugh the next time you do something silly like spilling ketchup on your shirt.


10. Leadership & Initiative

While you might think that in order to be a leader, you need to lead others. The type of leadership that Sugar Babies really find attractive, is a a Sugar Daddy’s ability to lead himself.

In other words: You take initiative, and you’re a man of action, not just words.

Not only does taking initiative show her that you mean what you say, but it also shows that you don’t have to depend on others to get things done.

And the reason it’s so attractive to ladies is crystal clear and obvious: Sugar Daddies who lead the way and have a plan make their Sugar Babies feel cared for and protected.

For example, here’s one of the simplest ways to show a little initiative to your Sugar Baby …

If you tell her that you’re going to call, then do call her!


And whilst we have shared all the Good Things about what attracts Sugar Babes to a Sugar Daddy, here’s the No. 1 Thing that is almost guaranteed to turn any potential Sugar Babies away from considering you as their potential Sugar Dad:

11. An Insincere or Dishonest Sugar Daddy

If there’s one thing that’ll make almost every lady walk the opposite direction, it’s about a Sugar Daddy being insincere, non-committal or dishonest.

Basically a time-waster. Or a salt daddy. Or a “ghost” sugar daddy who disappears (or is uncontactable) as he wishes.

What makes such a Sugar Daddy so effective at literally repelling women? At best you could be seen as someone insecure and desperate. Not a man of your word. Or perhaps, you cannot commit and don’t know what you want. Or at worst, you could come across as just another man who will say anything to get a girl.

Which is exactly why it’s so important to be sincere, committed, and your genuine self. IF you want your Sugar Relationship to succeed, and be a most fulfilling and exciting one.


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