How To Be A Good Sugar Baby? Here's 5 Fantastic Secrets to Attract Your Dream Sugar Daddies

How to be a Good Sugar Baby … Here’s 5 Fantastic Secrets to Attract your Dream Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommies

Hello Lovely Friend, you are a beautiful woman or a stunning young man looking for a someone to pamper you, or perhaps a mentor in your field of work who could propel you in your career.

Maybe you need help with rent and life’s necessities, or maybe you’re just craving for the luxuries in life which you can never afford on your salary alone. You sound like a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma would have a place in your life.

Perhaps you are currently looking for a Sugar Arrangement, or have already found that special arrangement partner for your amazing Sugar Romance.

So what can you do at your end to be a good (and even the “best”) Sugar Baby you can be? How can you make yourself more attractive and appealing to your Sugar Parent, and keep your Sugar Relationship going long term and burning brightly?

Let us share with you 5 well-kept secrets following from our analysis of thousands of successful mutually beneficial relationships …


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How to Be a Good Sugar Baby - How to Be a Sugar Baby

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1. Time Management

The most important thing to remember when you have a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma is that these successful people are VERY busy. Time is literally money for these people. Consider it a privilege that they have set time aside in their busy day to meet you. They could have used this time to relax or spend some alone time, but they have chosen to spend it with you so make the most of it.

Do NOT ever be late. If they have set the meeting place somewhere you have never been before, give yourself some “spare” time to get lost and find your way. It is okay for you to wait for them but not the other way around. If you remember how annoying it is waiting for someone who is late, imagine how your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy feels when they are paying you for your time and you waste theirs instead. Not a good thing.

Set aside some free time in your schedule to shift things around with your friends in case your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy wants to meet up suddenly. This could possibly be discussed so that meetings fit a regular schedule but think of sugaring as your job – you would never tell your boss that you can’t be at work because you made plans with your friends, right?


2. Your Face – Makeup & Skincare

Your face is a tool of your trade, in a way. Find out your skin type if you don’t already know it and invest in some makeup which suits your skin type. You don’t want your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama to look up at you halfway through the date and find your face flaky and dry or melting and caked up like a mime.

For example, if you have oily skin, look for a primer and/or a setting spray which will help your makeup stay put the whole day. If you have dry skin, look for dewy foundations or a more hydrating moisturizer. Experiment and find out what works for you. You are being paid to look good, so put some effort into it!

Most people don’t find an overly made up face beautiful. They want to see your true beauty shine through. As such, don’t pile on more products on your face than you need to. This will also help prevent your face “cracking” with passing time. Choose products which are lightweight but have a heavy payoff. Watch videos and learn how to use your products properly and ask your friends and family for feedback.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of makeup, you need to learn how to take care of your skin. No painting will look good without a decent canvas. For the male Sugar Babies who often can’t hide behind makeup, skincare is especially important. Set up a skincare regime which is easy to stick to and tailored to your skin type and avoid too much processed foods together with drinking plenty of water. Your skin will love you. You will save so much time applying makeup since it will apply easier and there’s less flaws to hide.


3. Body – Keep Yourself Healthy

Think or say what you want, but sugar daddies/mommas are looking for a conventionally attractive person which means you need to maintain your body at a certain standard. Sure, there are those who prefer body types at either end of the spectrum but they are rare, and you will be decreasing your chances of finding a sugar daddy/momma if you choose that path.

Note that we wrote “Healthy”, not skinny or extremely toned or muscular or chubby or fat. The reason is simple; our intrinsic biology makes humans attracted to a healthy person. If you eat well and exercise regularly, you will radiate with a healthy glow and it is extremely attractive to most people. Don’t be affected by what you see/read online and aspire to look like a certain person. Most bodies you see online have gone through some level of posing and editing, and it is not fair on your body if you force it to conform to those edited ideals.

Do not go on crash diets or fad diets since these usually will come with a rebound. Your body will hate you and you will constantly feel irritable and dissatisfied. Your hair and skin will suffer and you’re more likely to snap and go on an unplanned cheat day which will undo everything you’ve done before. Study up on healthy portion control and nutrition and make up a sustainable plan which you can stick to in the long run. Pair this with a regular exercise schedule and you’re well on your way to a healthier body! After all there is no one who knows you better than yourself.

With exercise, you don’t have to copy the famous online personalities who all seem to be into weightlifting these days. Listen to your body. Some people do better with bodyweight exercises, and others prefer weights. Pair cardio together with weights and don’t overdo either. For cardio you don’t have to do HIIT or CrossFit or any current trendy exercise. Some people do well with just a leisurely daily walk, some need a harder workout to feel good. Try out sports or exercises which utilize all your body parts.


4. Conversation Topics

Some Sugar Babies are mistaken in thinking that it is enough that they are good looking and that the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy should feel privileged to be in the company of an attractive person. Well guess what? The ratio of Sugar Daddies/Sugar Mommas to babies on most sugar dating sites greatly favor the Sugar Daddy/Momma.

There is no lack of attractive people for them to choose from, you aren’t special for simply being a little cute, which is why you need to differentiate yourself. So what if you’re cheating by doing a little research beforehand? Life is just unfair that way but at least now you’re tweaking it in your favor.

You are a paid companion. Sugar coat it all you want, but you are being paid to be interesting and likable. Try to suss out what your potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mummy is interested in and do some research on their topics of interest. Yes, it might not be the most interesting thing in the world to read but think of it as studying for a test.

The test will be making your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma interested in you as a person, and the results will naturally be proportionate to how well you do in the test. Find a common ground of interest which you can discuss with your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama and be enthusiastic when talking about your interests or anything at all in fact; remember that you are the one most interested in whatever you’re saying so if you’re bored listening to yourself, it’s likely they are too.

To balance out the conversation, get yourself well versed in current events and comedy. Yes, comedy. Insert some humor into the conversation instead of rapping endlessly about the things you memorized last night regarding your Sugar Daddy’s/Sugar Mommy’s interest. They aren’t stupid, they will be able to tell that you only read it last night.

Try to absorb some form of a sense of humor from watching shows or reading joke websites. Not talking about lame joke book jokes but look up some of the most popular comedians and learn a thing or two from them. You don’t have to be funny enough to make stand-up comedy your career, but it’s a proven fact that people are more attracted to people they can laugh with.


5. Wardrobe

This is a simple yet difficult topic to talk about because it is so diverse and really varies greatly from person to person. You are also very possibly limited by a budget too. Your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma is not expecting you to dress in branded goods. You can still look beautiful and presentable without breaking the bank or relying on expensive branded things.

Find out what style your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mama likes and compare it to what you are comfortable with wearing; then try to find crossovers. Look for inspiration online, such as following fashion accounts of celebrities with styles you like and fits with what your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy enjoys. Of course, you don’t have to buy the exact items they’re wearing since it’s likely to be extremely pricey. Find similar items via google image search and trust your own fashion sense!

Have fun customizing your wardrobe and when the time is right maybe you can even get your Sugar Parent to spring for some new items you want or go shopping together and play a game where they dress you up with items they like. It’ll make for a fun interactive bonding activity which benefits both parties.


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