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1. SugarDaddyForMe – How to Get Started?

(a) First off: Set a few limits for yourself and ensure you stick to them so that you don’t come out of the arrangement questioning your morals. For example, would you be comfortable with a Sugar Daddy who was married? Or one who had 5 other sugar babies? Do not be caged in by what you think others would think of you, just be honest with yourself and play by the rules you have established yourself.

(b) Choose the Right Sugar Daddy Websites: Consider an industry-leading Sugar Daddy Site like,, or Otherwise, you can browse through site reviews and look for sites which have moderators controlling fake profiles and dummy accounts. Do a little bit of research since investing time into 50 different sites won’t be an easy feat. When you know what you want from Sugar Dating, it is time to set up your profile.

(c) Choose the Right Photos for Your Sugar Baby Profile. Use pictures which represent the image you wish to present. Don’t upload trashy pictures and get offended when the men contacting you treat you like a classless escort. Don’t upload scruffy pictures which look like you haven’t showered in days and expect someone to contact you for a date in a fancy restaurant. Be realistic. Sugar Dating isn’t rocket science. Look back on your goals, figure out the path to it, be consistent and stay on track.


2. Tenacity is Key to Find a Sugar Daddy

Ask anyone who’s accomplished success in any form and they’ll be able to tell you how many more failures they’ve had. The same applies to finding a Sugar Daddy who’ll not make you regret your life decisions. There are a multitude of websites available to match you up with your Sugar Dad but finding the right one isn’t as simple as creating an account and expecting your Sugar Dad to magically appear. You will meet several unsuitable individuals who do not feel “right” for some reason or other. Do not be discouraged and go with your gut feel; A woman’s intuition is her best friend!

You might be socially awkward at first, especially for the introverted potential babies out there. It might not be easy but keep your head up and persevere! The more practice you get, the easier it will be to figure out how to act comfortably around your Sugar Dads. Never be pressured into doing something you don’t want to because you’re in a rush. Yes, the bills might be piling up but it is easier than undoing a wrong in your history which you will live regretting. Do not rush into a Sugar Relationship if you don’t feel at ease with the terms laid out.


3. Know What Your Sugar Daddy Wants

So you’ve now found your Sugar Daddy! Before worrying about your debt, bills, allowance, or how frequent you’ll get to peruse designer goods, first you must get to know the man who is going to spoil you with these. Remember that it is supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

His end of the deal is pretty clear. He is a wealthy, successful man. To keep you around he will pamper and/or mentor you, whichever it is you were seeking. What you need to ask yourself is: what will he get out of this? Think of it as a service. What is he paying for? The simple answer to this is to ask questions. How affectionate does he expect you to be? How much of your time does he require you to set aside?
Know the answers to the correct questions and your extraordinary Sugar lifestyle will no longer be a fantasy.


4. Preparing to Be a Sugar Baby

Sugar Arrangements are known to be a relationship where the rich meet beautiful, intelligent people with captivating personalities. It is pictured that way for a reason. Call it body shaming if you please, but most people are attracted to healthy, beautiful women. Set aside time to work out, plan out a wholesome diet. Do your homework, read up on conversation topics catered to what he is interested in. Learn to dress the way he wants. Be it classy, elegant, sporty, feminine or girl-next-door, you can easily learn to style yourself in a certain way with a little bit of internet research.

Separate personal life from the Sugar Dating world. A busy, mature man would not be interested in the mundane things which are fun to text your bestie about. Ask him about his day, if he would like to share the burdens on his mind, rather than ranting about how bad your day has been. In an arrangement where monogamy is assumed, never mention a peep about your lovers on the side.


5. Getting What You Want as a Sugar Baby

Yes, we know you are a Sugar Baby because of the lure of luxury, shopping without worrying about the price tag, or travelling to exotic locations. So how do you ask for these things without begging? Other than dealing a blow to your self-worth, begging might also make your Sugar Daddy cringe and flee.

Put it in a positive light. Casually mention how a gym membership or trips to the beauty parlor would make you look so much more presentable and groomed. Show him how good you look in clothes you try on in the dressing room before encouraging him to buy it for you. Do not, however, drag him out on extended shopping trips unless that is his thing. Your Sugar Daddy is not dumb, be patient and he will understand what you’re trying to get at.

Show appreciation for each gift, no matter how small or insignificant. The more appreciation he experiences when gifting you, the more likely it is that he will be generous with you when the next occasion rolls around.


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