Sugar Momma Dating: 3 Exclusive Do's & Don'ts of Sugar Mama Dating

Sugar Momma Dating: Here’s our 3 Proprietary Secrets on Do’s & Don’ts when Sugar Mama Dating

Contrary to what you might believe, dating a more mature lady is not “easier” than dating a younger one. Older women are more experienced than their younger counterparts in almost every facet of life, from bedroom fun, emotional depth and career.

To succeed in Sugar Momma Dating, you will need to up your game a little (or a lot) to get to the level that they’re used to because they will have a standard set based on prior dating experience. Even the way you relay words to them and being able to truly understand the topics of their conversations requires intelligence, both emotional and academic.

With your Sugar Momma trumping you in every other aspect of life, it won’t hurt you to be a skilled player in the bedroom. Scientific research suggests that wealthy women have a better sex life, both in terms of quality and quantity. Rich and successful women enjoy sex, but if you are aiming to hook your Sugar Mama with sex, you better know what you’re doing since they’re used to receiving the best and you’ll have some pretty big shoes to fill (maybe in more ways than one!)

These are just the basics which almost everyone is already aware of. What are some other things that you need to know as a Sugar Baby to maintain a satisfying mutually beneficial relationship with your Sugar Mommy?


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Following from our extensive research and expertise in the Sugar Romance niche, Here are our Top 3 Exclusive Insider Tips on Sugar Mama Dating which you might not be aware of …


1. In Sugar Momma Dating, Your Ego is Not Your Amigo

Some men think that having a wealthy older woman as a walking ATM would be the best thing that could happen to them. For others, that is the most intimidating thing ever. It is not strange for a man to be part of the latter group; after all males are used to being the provider in a relationship and sitting on the other side might deal a blow to their ego.

This mindset could lead to a cascade of self-doubt, making you wonder what is so likable about you, that a woman would be willing to shell out cash in exchange for your company. Stop doubting yourself and embrace the fact that she enjoys your company and chose you above other Sugar Babies.

Having said that, keep in mind that it is a fine line between believing in yourself and being egocentric. For Sugar Mama Dating, it is best to assume that your Sugar Mummy will be the leader in this relationship unless she specifies otherwise, so if you’re a dominant male, keep your dominance in check and under tight rein.


2. Be Prepared to Live Differently when Sugar Mama Dating

You’ve done your research and you’re well aware of the fact that you and your Sugar Momma probably lead very different lives, and common sense says that the two of you might have differing views on what you expect out of this arrangement. Even though you are expecting a difference, just be prepared for the magnitude of the difference so that you’ll not be too shocked when you are expected to accompany her on events which venture into her “world”.

For example, don’t feel daunted when she invites you for an exclusive invitation only wine tasting event when you’re used to visiting the local pub instead. Remember to swallow your ego and let her lead the way so that you’ll not embarrass yourself at these novel outings. Let yourself be indulged at her expense since she can afford it and is willing to do so. You don’t need to do overzealous research and stress yourself out before attending these events. She expects you to be ignorant to a certain extent and will be willing to teach you and guide you into her world as long as you keep a welcome approach towards it.

Your friends might make passing comments when they see you leading an indulgent lifestyle all of a sudden, especially if they find out that a Sugar Mommy is behind the funding. In Sugar Momma Dating, you’ll have to learn to turn a deaf ear to snide remarks and a blind eye to curious gazes if you want to continue this lifestyle. Sugar Mamas differ slightly from Sugar Daddies in that they usually don’t mind being seen in public with their Sugar Babies, and in fact enjoy it. If you express your displeasure at this, you may bid goodbye to your Sugar Mummy sooner than you wish.


3. Tricks of the Trade for Sugar Momma Dating

She knows what she can give you as a Sugar Momma, but do you know what you have to offer as a Sugar Baby? She can very easily prove that she’s interested in you as a Sugar Baby by spending on you lavishly and pampering you with affection, but how do you prove your worth to her?

A lazy Sugar Baby won’t have a Sugar Mama for long. Such an approach towards Sugar Mama Dating is usually not tolerated for long.

Here are 3 of our Proprietary Secrets to help you figure out what you need to do as a Sugar Baby to please your Sugar Mommy and sustain the sparks and longevity in an exciting Sugar Relationship.


(A) Invest Adequately in Yourself & Her

A Sugar Momma is not a fairy godmother. She won’t materialize in front of you when you’re crying over your monetary woes. You need to put aside time to look for your Sugar Mummy, and when you do find her, you need to set aside more time so that you can juggle your schedule, so you can meet her whenever she wishes.

You also need to invest a little money to make sure your appearance is pleasing at the very least on your first meeting with your Sugar Mommy. A wealthy lady is very unlikely to be attracted to a homeless looking young man, no matter how handsome his original features might be.


(B) Spruce Yourself Up to Look the Part

Look in the Mirror. If you see a wild forest of untamed hair all over your face and head, it’s time to get the shavers and clippers out, or visit a barber. You don’t need to slick every single strand of your hair back like Count Dracula, but you do need to look properly groomed.

Whenever you meet your Sugar Mama, make sure your clothes are ironed, shoes clean, and that you’re properly dressed for the occasion. Looking messy and unkempt is a no-no. If you don’t take pride in caring for yourself, why would she want to pamper you? Smelling nice gets you plus points, but don’t overdo it to the point that your fragrance is suffocating.


(C) Follow Her Rules

If you’ve been brought up in a patriarchal household where men make all the decisions, or if you’ve always been the rule-maker in your past dating relationships, it’s time to drop and leave all that in the past.

You’re not in a typical relationship with your Sugar Momma, she is financially superior, and finances play an important role in your Sugar Arrangement with her. Let her boss you around a little as long as she isn’t abusing her power, and drop all acts of dominance unless she wishes you to be so.


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