Best First Date Questions: Top 5 Date Conversation Topics & Conversation Starters for Dating that Inevitably Increase Your Attractiveness

Best First Date Questions which make Fantastic Conversation Starters for Dating

To make your First Date a success, you first need to know what your own personal objectives are.

For some, a First Date is all about projecting a wholesome and impressive image of oneself, while for others, it’s all about understanding their date better.

The trick to a successful first date is to strike a balance between these two aims. You would be excited to know that the following First Date Questions are crafted to do just that …

These 5 Excellent First Date Conversation Topics will definitely help you set the sparks off with her, and leave her with an amazing impression of you, such that she’ll be intrigued and eager to get to know you better after your very first date … Enjoy!


1. Do you enjoy traveling and going on holidays? Which destinations have you traveled to recently?

Increasingly, traveling is a hobby many of us enjoy doing.

Many young adults nowadays enjoy the experience, of going to different countries and experiencing the cultures, food and traditions of a particular place.

You can learn a lot about a person, when she shares with you about the places she’s visited before.

This is a topic that has endless potential and you may end up chatting the entire evening away!

You can even ask her if she has any recommendations for a particular destination or if she was disappointed by a particular place or attraction she’s visited.

It would be quite interesting to hear what she has to say, and this question would usually be a great ice-breaker especially if it’s the first time you’re meeting her.


2. Tell me more about your heritage and history

Essentially, this question helps you to learn more about your date.

Because the U.S. (and many countries and cities in the world in fact) is, a melting pot of different people and cultures, chances are your date may be from a different state or even country from you.

Even if you are both coincidentally from the same place, there would be so much for you both to talk about!

Talk about her childhood, and ask how it was like growing up in her hometown/ country.

The crucial thing is to understand more about her background, and to learn more about her in the process.


3. What do you normally do outside of work?

The information you gather about her interests and hobbies, might just be an excellent idea for your Second Date with her.

Let her elaborate, and tell you more about what she enjoys doing, or is currently passionate about.

Usually people become very animated and engaged, when talking about something they love.

Once she has done her sharing, it would be your turn to take the stage.

Show her how passionate you are at your job, but don’t forget to be humble too.

While you might be overly excited about showing her how awesome you are, ladies don’t like boastful guys.

It’s always good to show some humility; in fact, not just in dating but wherever you are!


4. Have you got any younger or older siblings?

During your one-on-one date, it is important to delve a little deeper into understanding your date better.

This shows her that you are genuinely interested in her as a person.

Initiating conversation topics that are close to her heart is one way of doing so.

Therefore, you could ask her about her family or the number of siblings she has.

Understanding a little about her family dynamics, could lend some insight about how she is like as a person as well.

Ask her if she’s the middle child, the goody-two-shoes or the trouble-maker of the family.

These anecdotes would gradually make her feel more comfortable, in sharing these slightly more personal details with you, and for her to ease into conversation as the night goes on.


5. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Some light-hearted topics would also make her feel more comfortable when engaging in conversation.

Ask her about the genre of music she listens to and if she likes attending concerts, gigs or even music festivals.

In fact, this is the best time to whip out your phone to share your Spotify playlist.

Recommend her some of your favorite ear-worms, and you’d never know if that might become her ear-worm too!

Better still, she might just start to associate that music with you; isn’t that just awesome?

By sharing with her some of your favorite singers or bands, you might also discover she’s a fan of a relatively unknown indie band which you love too!


Best First Date Questions: Concluding Insights on for Great First Date Conversation Topics

At the end of the day, always remember that a date is never about you, OR your partner.

Instead, it should always be about you AND your partner.

Bear that in mind because that’s the way to effectively show that you’re a ‘WE’ kind of person; and that is REALLY attractive to a lady!

Never allow yourself to dominate a conversation; if you find yourself talking too much, perhaps it’s time to let your date have a chance to speak.

Everyone needs to be reminded sometimes, so don’t overestimate yourself!



Last updated: 9 January 2021

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