Your Best Guide to Lesbian Hookup: Definition, Culture & Tips

Maybe you’re curious or you’re getting ready to have your first lesbian casual sexual encounter.

It doesn’t matter why you want the inside scoop of lesbian hookups.

What’s important to know is that lesbian sex comes in all forms, just like heterosexual sex.

If you are confused on what a hookup is, where to look for a lesbian hookup partner and how to have a great first lesbian sex, you’re not alone!

With all the confusion and huge influx of information that may not be accurate, it can get pretty nerve-wrecking when you want to experiment.

Let’s break down what a hookup is, the culture and some great advice to have an amazing first time lesbian hookup experience!


Hookup Definition



The term “hookup” has been thrown around pretty frequently.

And you may have noticed that it is confusing as hell with the barrage of different definitions and meanings.

And because everyone is different, it is an expression that can mean different things to each one of them.

So what does a hookup mean then?

According to a research paper published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institute, the definition of a hookup is inconsistent.

It says that college students differ greatly in their use of the term when referring to the sexual behaviour that occurred during the hookup.

The paper noted that some students defined it as “having sex”, but many has said that they are referring to something less than intercourse such as kissing, sexual touching on or underneath clothing.

In another study in the the same paper, it noted that half of college students define hooking up as having sex, while 9% described it as not involving sex.

So to keep it simple, hooking up means being sexually intimate with someone and this could range from making out to having sex, minus any long-term commitments!

Now, let’s dive into the lesbian hookup culture.


Hookup Culture



The hookup culture has a deep root as it started in the 1920s but truly picked up in the 1960s as young adults became more sexually liberated.

The hookups in 1920s started with the popularity of automobiles and novel entertainment including movie theatres and they were able to go out without a chaperone, A.K.A. the parents.

But it became more widespread in line with the spread of feminism, birth control availability and college parties!

In a Times article, it noted that it has become true that “love is no longer a prerequisite for sexual intimacy; and nor, for that matter, is intimacy a prerequisite for sex.”

In the same article, it said the most important sexual ethic is not about who or how you have sex, but more to do with the open-mindedness of the person.

Hookup culture has become more open than ever and is changing everyday.

Casual sex or hookups have been heavily plastered all over the media over the years, whether on TV or movie screens, literature or popular music.

Although more common and no longer much of a taboo than it used to be, it still gets a bad rep due to the lack of commitment, zero emotional connection and the risk of STDs.

It does have its sunny side up though and positive reasons on why hookup culture could be great.

This include exploring your sexuality and determining your sexual identity without anything to tie you down as long as you practice safe sex!

At the end of the day, do what is comfortable for you and not for the person next to you.

Everyone is unique and has different needs and desires in their lives.

If you think it is for you, we got you covered with our top tips and tricks on what you can do with this.


Lesbian Hookup: 5 Tips For Your First Time



Lesbian hookups have been known to be “cruising” to some as finding someone to have casual sex with.

It is considered a gay tradition and in favor of radical expressions of queer sexuality.

The term has been said to have started from queer folks “cruising” around town searching for casual encounters at places such as local gay bars, dance parties or even a book fair!

Now, lesbians have shifted to modern cruising online too via lesbian hookup apps to find their right fit.

Whether you’re into other women or even bi-curious and wondering how to get it on with another lady, you’ve come to right place!

If you’ve been looking to dip your toe into the all-women pool for the first time, here are our top tips in hooking up for the first time!


1. Feel Confident

If you’re getting the jitters to meet your potential hookup from a hookup app, always remember that everyone is drawn to different types of people and bodies.

Wear something that would bring out your inner lady boss and you feel your hottest!

If you workout, do a workout that makes you feel the sexiest at the end of it and make you feel invincible.


2. Be Straight Up

After bringing in your A-game in flirting with someone you’re interested in, be straight up about your intentions and that you’re attracted in them.

Sometimes you may be unsure if that pretty girl is into other girls or if she is a top or bottom.

Our best advice is to just go full speed ahead and tell them so you don’t miss out on what could be an awesome hookup!


3. Be Intuitive

So, now both of you are butt naked and suddenly you’re thinking what to do.

Sex is a very intuitive activity no matter the genders or sexual identities.

Be open with your partner and tell it’s your first time and if you’re unsure of anything, just be direct with the person and tell them what you have in mind!

The results may pleasantly surprise you!


4. Be Open to Experimenting

There are many different things you can try such as fingering, oral sex, scissoring, dry humping or penetrative sex.

If you’re unfamiliar with the different positions, check out this lesbian sex guide on the basic different positions or things to explore with your partner.

Don’t get too caught up on what should be in your first time as it may lead to overthinking and instead carrying you away from the sexual joy right in front of you!

Open a conversation with the other person if you have doubts and tell them what you’re thinking of and keep an open mind of the new tingling sensations you may experience!


5. Practice Safe Sex

A popular misconception is that if a woman is having sex with another woman, it is considered safe sex.

This is far from the truth and you can get a STI from a casual hookup with another woman if you don’t take precautions!

When body fluids and genital contact is involved, there is always a risk of an infection!

When both of you have shown interest in having a hookup together, ask them if they have been tested recently.

Use dental dams if you plan on going down on your female partner.

Wash any sex toys ahead of time and between uses to avoid an infection.

If you are curious for more tips, check out our hookup guide!



(Last Updated: 10 November 2020)

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