Date Conversation Topics: Top 7 Exclusive First Date Conversation Topics & Best Conversation Starters for Your Dating Success

Date Conversation Topics: Arming Yourself with the 7 Best & Essential Conversation Starters for Dating Success

Have you ever been impressed by someone, whom you’ve just met for the very first time?

Besides, you can’t really explain why is it that you felt that way about that person?

That’s the power of first impressions – and first impressions are deepened most during conversations.

For this reason, conversations are an important aspect of life because it could totally break or make an impression of someone.

Similarly, the same rule applies when it comes to dating.

Over here, we share with you some of the best ways in which you can manage conversations during a first date so that you can establish a good first impression of yourself …

Use the following 7 First Date Conversation Topics and Essential Conversation Starters for Dating to leave an Impeccably Good and Excellent Impression on your First Date!


1. Where are you from?

While this may seem like a mundane question, you’d be surprised how long a conversation this simple question could sustain!

This is especially so in the globalized world that we live in – people’s identities are increasingly diversified, and it would certainly be interesting to find out more, about this aspect of your potential partner!

Be sure to share about yourself too.


2. What do you do in your free time?

Not only is this a great conversation starter, it could also allow you to find out more about your potential partner’s favorite pastime and hobbies.

That way, you’d have new information to plan for the next date if all goes well this round!

You could even pick up that hobby yourself, to show your sincerity!

Hobbies are important – you’d want her to know that even if things get serious and romantic between the both of you, you’d both still have a personal space to retreat to occasionally.

And there’s definitely no wrong in that!


3. Do you have any siblings?

Regardless of how your partner’s relationship with her siblings are like, she would definitely have stories to share.

Before you know it, both of you would probably be exchanging stories of your siblings, and laughing over the most ridiculous things ever.

It’ll be fun! Just remember that it’s only polite for you to share information about yourself once she has done so.

A conversation has to go both ways, otherwise it might as well be termed a monologue!


4. Do you enjoy reading?

While not everyone enjoys reading, this question is still worth a shot provided you are an avid reader yourself.

Wouldn’t it be great to know of her reading habits and favorite authors?

That way, it would make gifting a slightly simpler task in future.

Besides, you’d have a sense of what sort of genres she’s into and that tends to span into other areas beyond books!


5. What makes your tummy tick?

Food is the ultimate conversation starter, and it’s always good to make it a point to bear in mind what she has to say to this question.

It will REALLY impress a lady if you remembered what she said because that would set you up as someone who is sincere and genuine.

If she says she isn’t into fine dining, be sure not to plan that in your itinerary the next date!


6. How does your typical week look like?

This question would really allow your date to share a little bit more of herself as well as her work life.

You’ll get a sensing of how much she enjoys her work, and furthermore you’d get a pretty solid idea of her work schedule.

That will surely facilitate your planning for the next date if she decides to give it another chance!

If possible, you could also share with her a little about how your work schedule is like, and perhaps what you love about your job.

If you are truly passionate about your job, be sure to let that come across! Ladies love it when they know they’ve got a dependable man to rely on.


7. Which countries have you traveled to, and where are you looking to explore next?

If you sense a deep chemistry between you both, why not suggest the possibility of going on a trip together and see she how she reacts to it?

In fact, this is probably one of the best ways to determine if your date is interested in you.

That said, even if she seems apprehensive, don’t feel too dejected yet.

After all, you’d never know how the rest of the night would turn out (and she might just change her mind!).


Concluding Insights on First Date Conversation Topics

With so much resources on the internet, one might be inclined to ask: shouldn’t people be particularly adept at striking good conversations?

While the internet has made self-help resources readily available, it has also resulted in people becoming over-reliant on social media.

In the process, they lose their ability to communicate face-to-face since they are always stuck behind a computer or phone screen!

So, to end this off with a final tip, HEAD OUT and talk to somebody!

You can only get better, especially with the essential conversation starters we have provided for you here!



Last updated: 9 January 2021

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