Good Date Questions: Top 6 Best First Date Conversation Starters & Conversation Topics to Set the Tone Right

Setting the Right Tone with Good Date Questions for a First Date

Feeling the jitters about your upcoming First Date with this awesome lady you met on an Online Dating App?

We know absolutely how it’s like. In fact, things might get even more stressful if you’ve had previous unpleasant experiences.

Despite that, we know things will go well this time round because you’ve found us!

To start you off, you can consider these 6 brilliant conversation starters that would set things right for you on your First Date …


1. Who do you value the most?

This is a question that is highly relatable to most people; so it’ll be awesome to get to know your new date better.

They may say ‘my siblings/my parents’, ‘my childhood best friend’ or even ‘my college housemate’.

Ask them why do these people play such an important role in their lives.

And, this could give you some insight as to how they are like socially and the types of close relationships they have.


2. What never fails to tickle you?

Research have shown that humor is a highly sought after trait in romantic partners.

Therefore, this question is great in ascertaining the types of jokes that tickle their fancy.

Through this, you may be able to tell your date’s character and outlook in life.

Also, you may be able to match your humor compatibility because a famous quote says ‘couples who laugh together, last together’.


3. How does ‘being home’ feel like to you?

This is a rather wide question that leaves a lot of room for conversation.

Home can be where you are currently living, where you are paying rent at or where you grew up in with your family.

Your date can even talk about a place where she has had traveled to, enjoyed and felt at home.

Surely there would be lots of talk about when it comes to this heartfelt topic.


4. Are you the sort who reads reviews first before making a decision, or would you prefer to just take the dive?

A great conversation starter because there isn’t exactly a right or wrong answer; but it opens you to a lot of easy and casual topics to talk about.

You could discuss if you’re someone who reads movie reviews before going to the theaters.

Conversely, you could also share if you’re just a person who eats at some random restaurant just because the food looks good to you.

What’s most interesting is that you can share if you scoured through the web and incessantly read other people’s Google reviews before deciding on reserving this restaurant for your dinner date.


5. What dreams do you have?

This question may not be constrained to her work or career and you could probably have a sneak peek at what her goals, hopes and aspirations are.

It could range from a dream of traveling the world on a campervan or even volunteering to teach English in a far-flung impoverished country.

Not only would you get to know her better, you could also observe if your dreams are both compatible with one another.


6. Do you have a special place that you often visit?

Perhaps she likes to head out to the beach, or go to the gym.

Or she may even share a special vacation spot she knows of where the nature’s untouched.

These talks can lend you some insight as to the person that she is or even give you some information about her mood and temperament.

Who knows, you both might plan your next date based on her favorite hangout!


Concluding Insights on Good Date Questions for a 1st Date

The key is to look past all the past negative experiences you’ve had at previous First Dates, and focus on making things right for your upcoming date, this time round.

It’s very possible (and in fact highly achievable), if you’ve set your mind to do it! And do it well, you sure would!



Last updated: 9 January 2021

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