Casual Dating Advice: Top 4 Things to Note When Transiting from Casual Relationship to Serious Relationship

Casual Dating Advice: Top 4 Things to Note When Transiting from Casual Relationship to Serious Relationship

At some point, in the midst of your Casual Relationship and No Strings Attached lifestyle, you might start to consider the idea of settling down with someone whom you’d consider soulmate material.

This transition could be more tricky than it seems, because you’ve got to be absolutely sure about your decision.

The last thing you’d want to happen, is for you to screw up your chances of meeting potential Casual Sex mates, AND hurt your partner at the same time.

In any case, once you’ve made your decision, here are the 4 Essential Casual Dating Advice you should bear in mind, to transit from Casual Dating to Serious Dating.


Casual Dating Advice

4 Essential Casual Dating Advice to transit from a Casual Relationship to a Serious Relationship … Enjoy!


1. Your Casual Dating Footprints Won’t Just Disappear

Take the initiative to contact your Casual Relationship partners and Casual Encounter lovers, if you are certain about an exclusive relationship you would be entering.

Your Casual Dating partners have every right to know. We are sure as hell you wouldn’t want both of them to stumble into one another, while you are out with your new beau.

Because it would be really awkward, uncomfortable, and you would be labelled a total prick.

There is also a chance, that your Casual Fling may get to know this from someone else, and things wouldn’t be pretty then.

Make sure you’re the one breaking the news to them. You owe that to them at the very least.


2. Ensure Clean Breaks With Your Casual Relationships

Hold your horses, before you decide to post a lovey-dovey photo (filled with public displays of affection), of your new bae on your Facebook or Instagram.

Think about how you want to break the news to your Casual Fling partners first.

Some things to consider are: Whether you have known them for a long time. How well do you know them, and are they good friends with you as well? How is the relationship like with them?

These may affect how you wish to break the news to them; through a phone call, text message or a meeting face-to-face.


3. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Be open, honest and cordial when speaking to your casual partners about your current relationship status.

Let them know that you are seeing someone seriously now, and be sure that they understand fully your current stance towards casual relationships.

Those that will stay will remain as platonic friends but mostly, Casual Flings come to an end without sex in the equation.

Don’t be so hard on them or yourself, because it’s probably the right time to move on.

A word of warning though, try to meet to speak to them in the day as sometimes there can be mixed signals when you meet someone at night.

The key is to avoid any misunderstandings or wrong signals sent. You certainly do not want any sort of drama ensuing with your Hookup Fling at this point in time.


4. Be Committed

With a renewed sense, leave your past of Casual Hookups, One Night Stands and Flings behind.

Whatever happened in the past, stays in the past.

Sure, there will be times when you wished you could just text someone for a booty call.

But always remember, that you have made this decision to enter into a Monogamous Relationship, and you should be responsible for it.

For now, you are starting a Romantic and Serious Relationship with your partner. Be sure, that you are prepared to invest in this Long Term Relationship and make the most out of it.


Concluding Insights on Casual Dating Advice

Going from casual to serious is an exciting change.

At the same time, you should also be prepared to lose some of your freedom, since you’re essentially tied down with someone else, and you’re expected be committed.

All the best, as you switch from a Non Monogamous Relationship to an Exclusive Relationship!


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