Casual Relationship Meaning: Top 5 Reasons Why You're His Casual Fling & Not a Potential Girlfriend

Casual Relationship Meaning: Top 5 Reasons Why You’re His Casual Fling & Not a Potential Girlfriend

If you have hinted to your Casual Dating partner about the possibility of a Serious Relationship on more than one occasion, and nothing has happened thus far, it could very well mean that he just wants things to be status-quo.

Clearly, he is not interested to venture into anything more than a Casual Relationship with you. And, he is in fact hoping that you would stop talking about such matters altogether.

You can’t help but wonder, why he’s not the least bit interested in taking things to the next level with you.

Well, here are the possibilities – let us explore them with you in this article, to help you better understand the Casual Relationship Meaning and Casual Relationship Definition.


Casual Relationship Meaning

Here’s the Top 5 Reasons why he would never consider you as his girlfriend … Enjoy this insightful article!


1. He knows you have been sleeping around

Deep inside, he longs for a pure, innocent girl as his girlfriend.

Not a wild and promiscuous lady who knows what she wants, and sleeps around for pleasure.

He’s heard about the number of men you slept with, and he knows that it’s way too many for his comfort.

As such, he would never consider you as dateable material, because you are just too wild for his taste.

Call it double standards if you like, since he’s had his fair share of women he’s slept with too.


2. You are in his “friends with benefit” zone

You are fun to sleep with, but not the kind of girl he would bring home to mom.

It’s sad but you fall into that illegitimate category; never to see the light of day.

You are just his dirty little secret, so expect nothing more than being his f*ck buddy.

Throw away all your hopes on becoming his girl, for you are just his stand-in One Night Stand sex partner.


3. The timing isn’t right

You are ready to commit, but he isn’t.

This is a classic case, of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

There could be many scenarios that led to this.

It could be, that he just got out of a bad break-up, and isn’t ready for a real Long Term Relationship anytime soon.

Or perhaps, he’s just too caught up with work, to be able to commit himself to Serious Dating, and an Exclusive Relationship.


4. Commitment is just not his thing – (#1 Top Casual Relationship Meaning)

You remember him mentioning, that he has never been in a long term Committed Relationship, with anyone before.

In fact, he has mentioned quite a number of times to you, that he isn’t looking for anything serious right now.

So settling down for him, is totally out of the question.

However, he expects you to be there for him, have sex with him, and do everything that constitutes a classic Romantic Relationship.

It would seem like he is manipulating you, and using you for his own pleasure and benefit.

We say, don’t be silly, and think that you would ever be able to change him, nor win his heart.

A leopard never changes its spots, so leave while you can. Before things get out of hand, and your heart gets broken.


5. He just doesn’t see a future with you – (#2 Top Casual Relationship Meaning)

Apart from the fact that the sex is great, your personalities clash.

He doesn’t think you both would do well as a couple.

Therefore, he thinks it’s best that things are kept sweet and simple as a Casual Fling, and nothing more.

On hindsight, this might be a good Casual Dating arrangement.

Because we all know how ugly things get, when couples brawl and fight all day. And things can become downright nasty.

Sometimes, forcing Mr. Right Now to be your Mr. Right may not be the wisest thing to do.

So, just enjoy the fun and sex with him, until the real right one comes along for your serious Romantic Relationship.


Concluding Insights on Casual Relationship Meaning

Frankly speaking, it’s going to be a tall order to get your Casual Encounter partner, to change his mind and perspective about you.

Instead of wasting your time and effort, you’re better off enjoying the sex, and making concrete plans for the next potential man you meet.

Take this Casual Relationship with your Casual Fling as a learning experience, so that you can make sure you portray a more desirable “good girl” image of yourself, in the future.


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