Casual Relationship Rules: 6 Good Reasons Your Casual Fling Boyfriend is Asking You to Ditch Him

Casual Relationship Rules: 6 Good Reasons Your Casual Fling Boyfriend is Asking You to Ditch Him

If your Casual Fling partner is frustrating you excessively, it might be time to reconsider if you should drop him altogether.

Besides, that’s one of the biggest perks of being in a Casual Relationship – there’s no need to hold on because there’s really no consequences in breaking up.

Let’s just face it – guys always seem perfect before they get into your pants. It’s just their nature and a leopard never changes its spots.


Casual Relationship

If your Casual Hookup boyfriend is giving you these 6 good reasons to ditch him – we say, why not? Just do it! … Enjoy this insightful and excellent article!


1. He acts like 2 different persons

Sometimes you wonder, if he suffers from some kind of split personality disorder, because he acts like two totally different persons.

He could have sent you a text last night at midnight, confessing his undying love and devotion to you.

And the next day, he completely ignores you for 3 whole weeks.

Being in a Casual Encounter Relationship with him, can be compared to a roller-coaster ride.

You really don’t know what you are in for.

We say, stop letting him take you for a ride, because you are definitely worth more than that.


2. He behaves like an immature teenager – (Top #1 Casual Relationship Rules)

Besides the fact that he’s good in bed, he is just a terrible person overall.

He doesn’t act his age, he’s totally immature.

To the extent that sometimes you wished, you could scurry far away and hide your head in a hole, because of the crazy nonsensical things he does in public.

You have seen, how he picks fights at the club with his group of immature guy friends.

He’s rash, not rational and doesn’t think of the consequences (cue the time he conveniently forgot the condom, and still wanted to go ahead with the deed with you. Ughh!).

Since he wouldn’t grow up, you should just stop going out with him.


3. He creates lots of mess for you

He’s had too much to drink, and he pukes all over his apartment floor. And poor you, has got to clean that up.

Or he got into trouble with some guys at the bar, and you got to calm his violent angry rage down.

You realized that you are always caught in the middle; clearing up all the mess he’s gotten himself into.

And you wonder, why you put yourself in such a situation.

You definitely don’t deserve this.


4. He’s always disappearing on you – (Top #2 Casual Relationship Rules)

It’s extremely disconcerting, that he disappears and reappears, anytime and anywhere he wants to.

Yes, we know he is just in a Casual Dating relationship with you.

But he’s got to at least have the basic courtesy, to tell you if he’s going away for a while.

Or, if he’s not interested in you anymore.

Instead of leaving you hanging or ghosting you. That’s just not right.


5. He looks at himself even though you’re naked

Call him a narcissist if you will, but he loves staring at himself in the mirror, for hours on end.

He also enjoys posting half-naked mirror selfies, and also photos of himself at the gym.

He just doesn’t have eyes for anyone, except himself.

Oh someone, help him!


6. He isn’t appealing anymore

Maybe he’s a Casual Hook Up who’s long overdue.

I have seen him for close to a year, and sex is becoming really dull and boring.

He’s just not that cute nor interesting anymore.

Perhaps it’s just time to end this Short Term Relationship.


Concluding Insights on Casual Relationship Rules

Whatever you do, don’t take too long to dump his sorry ass.

Guys get complacent A LOT, and you should never let them see that you’re desperate for them (no matter how good they are at f*cking you, and making you cum).

Even though it’s only a Casual Arrangement, he needs to at least show the basic respect you deserve.


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