How To End A Casual Relationship: Minimizing Heartache When Ending a Hookup Relationship

How To End A Casual Relationship: Minimizing Heartache When Ending a Hookup Relationship

Ending a relationship is never an easy thing to do, even a Casual Dating relationship.

People often have misconceptions about Casual Relationships, and assume that there’s no heartache whatsoever when ending such Casual Arrangements.

That’s not surprising really, since people often view such Short Term Relationships in a negative light and see those involved as heartless, horny creatures who are just in for the sex.

The truth is, ending an Open Relationship IS a painful process for at least one party, and that’s why it’s important to do it the right way.


How To End A Casual Relationship

Here’s how to minimize the heartache when ending a Casual Relationship … Enjoy!


1. Use some intellect

Words can hurt like a b*tch if they come out wrongly.

And sometimes, you wished you didn’t say something, and it’s already too late to regret it.

Be absolutely mindful of what you say, even though it is crucial to be truthful and honest too.

For instance, you could be stupidly blunt, and say: “actually, I’ve found someone else, and I don’t see the need for you anymore”.

Or you could be tactful and smart, and say: “There is someone whom I am seeing seriously right now”.

This way, you are being direct yet truthful to your Casual Dating partner, so she gets the hint to scoot off.

Because you have decided to be in a Serious Relationship, and she has no more business here.


2. Don’t avoid her – (Top #1 Advice on How to End a Casual Relationship

Don’t ghost her or do the slow fade, and think that you can just gradually slip out, and exit out of her life so suddenly.

If you’re not interested in a Non Monogamous Relationship with her anymore, just let her know straight out because that’s the least you could do, and she definitely deserves to know.

Tell her “hey, I had a great time getting to know you but I don’t think this Casual Fling relationship is going any further”.

Trust us when we say that avoiding her is a dumb move; the issue is not going to go away on its own and it WILL come back to bite your a*s someday.


3. Keep things straight to the point

Keep it short and simple.

Because this is a Casual Relationship, it doesn’t require the arduous heart-to-heart talks or conversations people have, in order to have proper closure when they are in a Committed Relationship.

However, say something to them (even if it is a white lie) so they can move on with their life; be it finding another One Night Stand or Friends With Benefits partner, or take steps to cut you loose.

No matter how short and fleeting the Open Relationship has been, some emotional attachment could have been formed between the two of you.

The least you could do, is not to disappear on your partner entirely.

Don’t be such an a**hole. End it off with your head held high.


4. Break the news at an appropriate time

Always bear in mind the importance of timing when ending a Short Term Relationship (even a Casual Dating one).

Don’t drop her the bomb 30 minutes before your ‘netflix and chill’ date with her, or drunk text her after midnight telling her that you don’t need her anymore because you have found someone hotter.

Don’t tell her right after you have f*cked her brains out, during one of your spontaneous booty calls.

Similarly, don’t tell her, when you know she’s going through a tough time at home.

Choose the right time when things are not so dramatic or intense, to break to her the news.

Whatever you do, don’t try and stall it unnecessarily.


Concluding Insights on How To End A Casual Relationship

If the above is too much of a bother, consider other forms of Casual Relationships (such as One Night Stands instead).

That way, there could be absolutely no way of creating any emotional bond with your partner (and that is perfectly okay for Hookups and Flings). And that means no heartache for everybody.


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