How To Be Committed In A Relationship: Top 5 ways to Show Your Partner You’re Serious Dating and Here to Stay

How To Be Committed In A Relationship: Top 5 ways to Show Your Partner You’re Serious Dating and Here to Stay

If you have somehow been led into thinking that loving couples don’t ever quarrel, you have obviously been lied to.

Squabbles happen in all types of relationships – even the casual and no-strings-attached ones.

The difference between such casual arrangements, and a serious committed arrangement though, is that in committed relationships, the couple has to make a mental note of all the taboos or things that shouldn’t be said or done.

Besides, there are also things that ought to be done to show one’s commitment in a relationship.

Here they are.


How To Be Committed In A Relationship


1. Never issue threats

When you are in the midst of a huge quarrel, and even if you are boiling and extremely frustrated with your partner, and subconsciously you wished he would just disappear from the face of this earth.

Do Not, we repeat “Do Not” threaten him to leave.

Saying things like “I wish I hadn’t wasted all my time on you. It’s best that we break-up!”

Words said in a spur of a moment may just be words said in a fit of anger, and usually, you do not mean these words that you spew in a hissy fit.

However once these words are spoken, it can be very difficult to take them back. Therefore, do not threaten to leave because it can show your partner that this relationship doesn’t seem to matter much to you because you can easily speak about leaving like it didn’t mean anything to you at all.

You may irrevocably hurt your partner in the process and this can make him question your commitment to your relationship.


2. Talk about the future together

The best way to let your partner know that you are in this with him in the long run is to take action into planning a future with him!

Plan vacations together, talk about your dream home and start saving together for one, or even discuss about marriage and kids!

As you both engage into deep conversations about your future, it can be an extremely exhilarating experience.

You would also learn a lot about one another in this process.


3. Know what makes him feel loved – and speak that love language

Make an effort to fill his love tank and always make him feel loved, appreciated and cared for and he would know you are in this with him in the long haul.

Identify and speak his love language – physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation, quality time or acts of service.

Make him feel extra special and keep him satisfied and he would certainly reciprocate and make you feel loved all the same!

It takes two hands to clap and it does not have to be him initiating things all the time, so make the first move and surprise him!


4. Talk about the good times

Let him reminisce the good old times that you both have by revisiting some of the places you both went when you both started dating.

You could head back to the ice-cream parlor or the beach where you both took a beautiful sunset stroll during your first date.

This will surely make both of you beam with joy and you could laugh and recollect about those times you have had.


5. Be there for him

When he has good news to share about his job promotion, celebrate it with him.

On the contrary, when he is upset, be there to support and listen to him.

Regardless of whether it is for better or for worst, always be by his side to make sure he knows that he isn’t alone and that he can always rely and count on you.


Concluding Insights on How to Be Committed in a Relationship

Always remember that commitment is life-long affair.

If you’re not up for it, try shopping around a little first and don’t be in a rush to get into such an arrangement.


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