First Date Ideas: Top 10 Best 1st Date Ideas to Keep Your Dates Coming Back for More

Top 10 Best First Date Ideas to Keep Your Dates Coming Back for More

First impressions are really important, so it is of paramount importance to get that first date right.

If you’re both outgoing mood makers who know how to fix the awkwardness in any situation, there is no need for you to read this article.

However, chances are that you’re not. Very few people are.

If your first dates often play out in a nervous tense mood with long lulls in the conversation and you never see the other person ever again, you clearly need help planning the ideal First Date!

Often, awkward situations result from having too little to do with someone you’re not too familiar with.

If you’ve met through a Dating Site or Dating App, chances are all your interaction has been confined to online platforms.

Meeting someone in real life can turn out to be very different, from your imagination based on texts and calls.


1. Get the Special Shoes Out (Cool Date Idea)

Going to the ice-skating rink or going roller blading used to be really popular classic dates in our parents’ era, but it has become less common these days.

It’s time to revive this “vintage” date idea! It doesn’t matter if you’re both good at it or both equally bad. You can either spend the time showing off your skills to each other, or goofing around together trying to stay standing.

It’s awesome for initiating physical contact naturally and in a non-sexual manner to bring the two of you closer together.


2. Bring out your Inner Jedi (Outdoor Date Idea)

Adrenaline tends to run high on a first date. Running around trying to avoid getting shot (and shooting people) in a harmless game of Laser Tag is a wonderful way to diffuse this tension.

Laser tag is also much less damaging than say, Paint Ball. You don’t want to cover your date in bruises on your initial meeting, after all.

You can talk about the game for the rest of the date and give you a chance to tease each other about how bad (or praise them if they’re good) your date is at aiming and shooting.


3. Explore a City (Fun Date Idea)

If you both live in the same city, it would be a good idea to go to places neither of you have been to, or bring each other to places each of you loves.

If you live in different cities, even better. You can take turns visiting each other and the host will show the other person around.

It’s a great way to get to know each other and find out more about the other person without asking direct questions in a boring manner.

You could explore antique shops, bookstores, or even cafes which one or the other of you frequents.

This also gives the potential for memorable ideas for your future dates together.


4. Introduce Your Pet (Good Date Idea)

For most pet owners, their pets probably rank somewhere in the high standings of things which are important to them. If your date has a pet, you could ask to meet their pet on the First Date.

Most people love talking about their pets and could go on for hours. If you could get them to talk about themselves more on the 1st Date, you’re already a winner in their eyes. If you both have pets, you could introduce each other to your pets!

Getting the pets to meet on the First Date is probably not a good idea before you get to know the respective animals’ personality as some can be pretty aggressive and you don’t want your first date ending in a visit to the vet’s surgery.

If neither of you have pets, you could always pay a visit to the animal shelter together. People often bond over interacting with animals, and it negates the need for constant conversation when you’re both fawning over a cute kitty or puppy.


5. Arcade Games (Chill Date Idea)

This is another vintage date idea you can revisit! Take a leaf out of your parents’ books and bring your date to the arcade.

The key is to ignore the juvenile teens who might be there, and release your inner inhibitions to play most of the games there.

You don’t need to be exceptionally good at any game – you can laugh at how bad you are at something – or everything.

People love being with someone who doesn’t take everything too seriously, so showing your silly side to your date will make them let down their guard more easily.


6. Learn How to Cook (Top Date Idea)

Rather than the boring old dinner date idea, you could instead sign up together for a cooking class.

In this day and age where most young people don’t know how to cook, this is a useful skill to pick up, and is more meaningful than just eating something you bought in a restaurant.

You might discover your inner chef or a love for cooking, which will make future dates and anniversaries pretty interesting.

If you end up hating it, it would still be an experience to remember and talk about in the future. No harm done!


7. Local Sights (Romantic Date Idea)

You can bring your date to a vineyard, a brewery or a distillery. Often these places have a café or restaurant attached, and you can enjoy food paired exquisitely with your beverage of choice. There are also beer or wine tours you can sign up for if you both love alcohol.

Visiting the local farmers’ market, festivals or fairs is another good idea. Often there’ll be interesting things being sold, and you can learn new things about the local community which you never knew before. You can find out about the things which interest your date at the same time too!

You can support your local agricultural community at the same time as having a fun, unique first date with someone you like. What could be better?


8. Engage in Sports (Sporty Date Idea)

We’re not talking about bringing your date for a super intensive, military style HIIT regime, or signing them up for a cross fit membership effective from your first date on.

We’re talking about things like golf (or mini golf), kayaking, or hiking. Being outdoors and sweating a little is a good way to release tension which will be aplenty on a first date.

There’s also something about showing someone your “ugly”, sweaty face which brings you closer together.

After the sporting activity, you could even follow it up by a picnic at the beach, and you could potentially watch the sunset together.


9. Bring Out your Inner Picasso (Creative Date Idea)

If neither of you have never had a flair for the arts, now is a good time to start!

You could choose from going to local art galleries or museums, and have a go at analyzing cryptic art displays or learning about your town’s history together.

You could also buy a few knick knacks from art stores and attempt one of those 5-minute projects (which take a lot longer in reality) you see people making all the time on Instagram.

You can then gift your projects to each other and laugh (or marvel) at how ugly or how nicely it turns out.

You can even sign up for art classes to learn drawing or painting together if your date is up for it.


10. Return to Your Childhood (Best First Date Idea)

Remember how fun board games were when you were a child? Or how excited you got when there were school trips or when your parents took you to the zoo or aquarium?

It’s time to relive these moments with your date. It would be a good time to get them to recollect about their childhood and share it with you.

It’ll be a fun, meaningful bonding activity.

You could even bring out a chessboard and rack your brains together, then replenish your brain reserves with a large serve of ice cream after.


Concluding Insights on the Top 10 Best First Date Ideas

With all the above fun, fulfilling and interesting 1st Date Ideas, you need not worry about entertaining and impressing your date on your very first and most important date with that special her/him.

So bookmark this page, use the ideas above – and remember, if you need to find your ideal dates to enjoy these 10 Best First Date Ideas with, simply go to, and you’re on your way to an amazing dating adventure!



Last updated: 9 January 2021

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